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[PC] Steam - FF XIII $9.25/WORLD OF FF $11.40/FF T0 HD $17.98/Chr Trigger $8.97/AoE $5.61/Room 4 $8.67/Ryse $3.62/Ben & Ed $4.35


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  • Fantasy 13 graphics is so amazing, but the gameplay and storyline is pretty shit :-(

    Anyone recommend a game with f13 graphics but better game play of story line hehe?

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      ff 15?

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      Ah, the generation who only care about graphics

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      AoE, nostalgia. Is this AoE better than AoE 3?

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        Personal preference but the common ranking for people who played the games in release order seems to be AOE2, AOE1, AOE3. However AOE3 is probably the most differentiated in the series. At <$5 I think it's worth getting AOE1 DE

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          2 is the sweet spot IMO.

          And why doesn’t anyone like age of mythology anymore :(

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: No idea, I hope it gets a DE version as well after AOE4 is out. AOM was my favourite when I was younger

    • Seems all three of them have definitive editions now aoe 2 hd seems like a waste

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        Wasn't a waste, proof of concept for the series to have more resources pumped into it to get the DE version for all 3 games and soon AOE4

        • I am always for more progress and research in the development of the classic RTS genre.. Join us and we can make gaming great again!

          So many worlds and universes waiting to be built, conquered and explored!

          Just think of any cool game or universe and now think about turning it into a classic RTS game.. I say classic because the great name of the RTS genre has been defiled, corrupted and butchered to mean other things in very recent times.. The name has been misbegotten.

          Death to those who defile the great name of RTS death to those!

          Ok bye remember to villager rush if you get bored oklolbye

      • AOE2 HD set the scene for the community to redevelop. From that people were interested in it again and created Userpatch and played on Voobly. It's popularity there is what led to definitive edition

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      I don't play computer games these days, but I can particularly remember playing Age of Empires one night over 20 years ago. I was totally lost and engrossed in the game and was surprised to hear the twittering of birds to signal dawn was upon me. I was probably a tad tired going to work that day.

  • Well, I'm kinda shocked - Final Fantasy games at more than a 50% discount. At the same time, they are offshoots from the main series I suppose, but it's still a first.

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