Greater Sydney Lockdown - Things to Do?

Hey guys

Most people are aware we are going to be in for a lockdown for the next 2 weeks.

I'm not going to be going into work. So what now?
Any suggestions would be great! Also feel free to post what you'll be doing during the lockdown and share your plans.

Eg. Cooking
Gaming (consoles, board games)
Any indoor activity


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    Reading, watching, cleaning, sleeping.

    Just as well I have much reading, watching, cleaning and sleeping to do …

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      Yep. I develop an obsessive cleaning habit every time a new outbreak is declared. It serves 3 purposes:

      1) Keeps me busy/distracted
      2) Keeps me physically active
      3) Kills covid

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        You sure it isnโ€™t OCD? (-VI)

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          A little bit!

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      Higher, better, faster, stronger

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    Perfect time to pick up a hobby and learn something new. Maybe look at those Udemy courses (although most are junk), learn 3D modelling, learn new language, learn some new IT skills, develop a website, get a Raspberry Pi and lots of sensors kit and learn programming and robotics etc…

    I'll be working through PS5 backlog personally. Need some brain dead time after several months of work stress.

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      Having time to actually look at the Udemy courses due to lockdown is what allowed me to realise how junk most of the courses are lol

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    Revolt against tyranny!?

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      Avi Yemini? Is that you?

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        Correction: Mini Avi

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          THATS mini AVI DOT COM and stand with me against TRANNY

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      "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy!"

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        Satan Klaus?

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          Your bug ration will be delivered by drone.

    • My wife is too strong.

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    Something you might find interesting is learning a language online.

    Can find pretty cheap tutoring, say $10-$15 an hour for a native speaker to teach you via Zoom/Skype.

    Sites like are good for that.

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      Can you at least find something to get to the average wage that is over double that BillyBoy ?

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        Not sure what you're asking…?

        You can easily pay $50+ for private tutoring here in Australia so it's pretty cheap to pay, and can get a native from Japan or Mexico or anywhere in world to teach you. These people are NOT in Australia if that's your concern about underpaying them? So it's a bit more about what the local economy you're being tutored from is like.

        Otherwise $10-$15 is a steal? Some will be more as they have more qualifications/experience as they set their own prices.

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    Learn TA, WFH and don't worry about the rat race that is happening outside.

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        I'm assuming they meant technical analysis, as in learning how to interpret trends on trading charts for stocks/crypto trading/investment.

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        Tight Arseness

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    Use a tissue or 2.

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      Username checks out

    • how this didnt get more likes ill never understand.

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    buy toilet paper
    omg horde people
    don't need food
    don't need water
    don't need anything.
    horde toilet paper, everything will be good after 10000 rolls

    • How did you know my secret lol ?
      Key is only limited shelf space so very easy to clear out the supermarkets with the bulky item .

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        it cures cancer, covid, solves world peace and is better than bitcoin

        sell sell sell

        why buy houses by toilet paper

        off to buy my shares in quilton now

        • is better than bitcoin

          Why of course! The future is clearly DOGE.

        • Literally paper hands

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      … Try to return hoarded toilet paper to the shop for a refund ๐Ÿคฃ

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    Open and use/play with those deals bought from OzB posts :D

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    People spend $$$$ to go to Maldives or similar to do absolutely nothing. You get to do it for free.

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      Absolutely nothing under the tropical sun

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    Browse ozbargain

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    Anyway when I first heard masks on public transport days ago and not indoors .
    My initial though was how stupid is this Premier !
    Previously I admired the management of the pandemic by her but you don't ~^ around with Delta .

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      Delta is that person you didn't invite to the party but who showed up anyway (West Hoxton looking at you)

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      It does make sense from a contact tracing perspective to wear masks on PT. It's so hard to know where an infectious person on a random bus or train sat and who exactly was exposed. Also the environment the virus spreads in is much faster in an enclosed small area with next to no air circulation and also the fact most PT has recirculated air. Then take into account the staying in the same area as an infected person for anywhere from 5 mins to 1 hour plus increases the exposure many times more. They also touch and potentially leave the virus on surfaces for days in a much larger area.

      A mask is only a small preventative measure anyway, there is so much to the virus we don't still know. It mostly stops infectious people from spreading it as much and reduces potential exposure. Just try not to touch surfaces and keep hand sanitising up.

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    Practice 40 hours a day

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      Ling Ling does that even before the lock down.

      • Can double down to 80hrs.

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        Who negged this?! Probably a viola player…

        • Or violin with 5 strings.

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      y not scout the internet for deals for 40 hours a day?

      it's EOFY!

  • Set up mi band 6 from the deals here. Set up orbitkey (already done). Set up Lenovo Xiaoxin pad pro 2021. spring clean room.

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    Make a baby

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      Sure, if ypu wantvto ruin your life and lose all your friends and money.

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        After getting married and having 2 kids and a mortgage.. I agree

      • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      • They need to teach this in school. Babies are bad for your physical health, finances and mental health.

        • what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

          watch out for babies with knives …

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        babies are good, when they grow up and look after you
        when you're old & don't understand the new technology.
        in this individualistic society, the baby grows up into an adult and leaves you,…
        so, not only did you lose your time, friends & money,…you lost your tech support too.

        • Negative. Babies are not good. Except at producing excrement.

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    Nintendo Switch prices are probably going to go Insane Again

    • Because one city locks down?

      • Well Perth and Brisbane too,

        Plus probability this lockdown in Syd will extend..

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    Checking ozb more often?

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    I'm going to visit a friends house… in Animal Crossing

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    Volunteer computing with BOINC and/or [email protected]
    Download Torrents and watch those movies. Your local library where you used to borrow DVDs is closed during lock down.
    Play video games

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    Hmmm… Perhaps question how politicians that allow this stuff up to happen, get to keep their job?

    People who come into contact with recent international arrivals in NSW are supposed wear a face mask and be immunised against COVID-19.
    However, that public health order did not extend to private drivers until it was updated yesterday.


  • Is bushwalking considered exercise?

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    As a doctor …. work goes as usual.

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      As an IT guy, work goes as usual + extra work tbh… :|

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      What if you are a doctor of love?

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      I don't think you understand how behind Australia is in vaccinations.

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          Hmmm… i thought Israel was still in front.
          Yep, Israel 57% of the adult population fully vaccinated, Japan 9.2%

          Oh, we're at 4.7%

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              @cfuse: The problem is that Australia has no plan whatsoever.

              Close the borders but stupid exemptions for the rich or sport players, and inefficient/incompetent hotel quarantine? No vaccination because "it is not a competition"? That's not elimination.

              Both Pfizer and AZ reportedly protect against around 90% of hospital admissions, including Delta variant. But with less than 5% of the population vaccinated, Australia might have missed the timing to make sure we can eliminate the virus and have the population vaccinated and protected. That's a shame.

              • @this is us: We could vaccinate everyone tomorrow and it wouldn't fix the problem because the problem is evolution. It doesn't matter if it is original flavour covid or the new hotness of Delta and Omega because we simply cannot keep up.

                The only plan that can ever work for dealing with endemic illness is accepting it. People die from pneumonia every single day, but we don't cower in our homes over that, do we? Diarrhoea is one of the world's leading killers. Malaria has literally killed more people than any other cause. Someone can cough near you and you can get myocarditis and die, should you never leave the house again? Yes, covid can kill, and it can even give you permanent damage, in exactly the same way thousands of other illnesses can. At what point is it reasonable to turn to your neighbour and say Suck it up and get on with your life?

                • @cfuse: Vaccines reduce infections, hospital admissions, and deaths. You can't play the card that vaccines are useless because there are mutations. Pfizer and AZ both seem to be effective against the Delta variant.

                  Some vaccines can be updated to include variants from time to time, similar to what is done with the Flu shot.

                  Yes, we have to accept that elimination is impossible unless we actually close the borders without exceptions or exemptions. Vaccines are not perfect, but they are not useless either:

                  • @this is us: If you set impossible criteria of zero infections for domestic and international borders to open then failure is assured. With or without vaccines that criteria is unreachable. Ergo, for the purposes of that particular goal vaccines are useless.

                    Even in the event of the equally impossible scenario of a 100% effective vaccine being administered to 100% of the population there's still the fact that vaccine development is reactive. One new variant and we are right back where we started.

                    What's the endgame for you here if it isn't permanent lockdown?

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        Yep, we are behind many 3rd world countries