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Star Wars: The Force Coding Kit (Kids STEM Education) by Kano $10 + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


The next best price I could find from an Australian stockist was $75 @ Microsoft eBay. US stockists are generally cheaper, with prices from around $43 (delivered) @ Amazon US. The Kano Frozen 2 coding kits were as low as $15 previously.

Stack with 20% cashback @ Cashrewards thanks to Ycm.
Note: Appears to currently be tracking at 20% even though it’s listed under educational electronics.


Little masterminds and fans of Star Wars will love the Kano Coding Kit! Build your own Force sensor plate, and use it to code adventures with your favourite Star Wars characters. Wave your hand & see the effects on your screen - swing lightsabres, levitate X-wings, pilot starships, make Force lightning, Force push stormtroopers, and heaps more!


Kano toys
Design: Star Wars The Force Coding Kit
Colour: Black
Pack contents:
1 x sensor plate
1 x power button
1 x light plate
2 x AA batteries
1 x top case
1 x bottom case
1 x instruction book
1 x sheet of stickers
Compatibility: Compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon tablets, Mac and Windows computers

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  • +1

    thanks OP
    great find

    however wrt cashrewards

    Electrical, Electronics, PCs, Gaming is just 0.7%

    wonder if this comes under "gaming"
    or do they mean computer games

    edit this is listed under educational electronics so I would assume 0.7%

    • +2

      CR tracking as $1.82 for me

  • Awesome OP. Thanks!

  • -2

    Hmmmm good to know
    Does catch allow cancelling orders like Amazon does?
    Hoping to save $1.80

    • Am I being negged because I want to save $1.80?
      Have made purchases on Amazon before and then suddenly remembered cashback, so cancelled and reordered

      First time dealing with catch , so just asking if it is possible

  • +1

    My kids have this, as well as the Harry Potter and Frozen one. They got bored of it pretty quickly, but it’s decent

    • I thought as much, but still felt it was worth the $10 if they can get to try all the activities to the point they get bored of it?

    • How old are they? Bought it for my brother in law who is 8 for Xmas

      • my kids are 6 and 8… it's ok. For $10 its decent, i paid $60USD for all 3 when i was there a few yaers ago

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up for school holidays!

  • -3

    thanks op. bought 6, one for my daughter and several for Xmas gifts! :)

  • Seems to be OOS now

    • Just ordered.

    • Back in stock…says 23 Left

  • Back in stock. Just ordered one

  • -3

    Thanks OP. Wasn't greedy and ordered just the one for my little man. Still a few in stock but decided against being an asshat and ordering more for cheap Xmas gifts.

    • hes not re selling them, jesus get a grip

  • OOS again

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