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Free Delivery No Minimum Spend with Club Catch I Free 30 Day Trial of Club Catch @ Catch


Club catch gives you access to:
Free delivery with no minimum spend
Access to some discounted gift cards
and exclusive club catch deals

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    Grrr. Just bought 1month of Club Catch for the 1st time last week.

    • why?

      • +4

        Kids needed school shoes, so to get the cheaper delivery, I paid for the Club Catch. To rub salt in the wound, the shoes also dropped 50% in price this week too. Also I got the wrong sizes. <crying>

        • Also I got the wrong sizes.

          I was about to ask how do Club Catch check their size…

  • +23

    just a heads up that cancellation is not as easy as clicking a link. They expect you to call them or fill up an online form and wait for a response.

    • jesus so where does one go to find this online form? luckily i signed up with a prepaid card

      • +8

        Try here.

        FWIW, I contacted them straight after my membership renewed, and they cancelled it and gave me a refund unprompted. So I was impressed with that.

    • Yep pain in the ass, filled out online form to cancel.

    • +1

      I read this and checked out the help section.

      This page had instructions which I followed and it was very quick to cancel my membership right after I signed up for the free trial.

      • Thanks, armaboo. I'll give it a go then!

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    jv is slipping!

    Any bargains currently on Catch .. to get shipped for free!?

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  • What is everyone buying from Catch?

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      what ever you buy, pay through PayPal, i paid for something via my catch gift card,seller delivered at some different address, escalted to catch and waiting for over a month …never heard from them…Luckily item was worth $15.00 so cant be bothered..pretty sure if i have had usesd paypal, atleast i would got funds back…

      • +2

        Lodge a dispute through fos, $15 is $15. If I did that to a 100 people I'd be wrapped

        • Just under my current dispute with seller, there was option to escalate to catch, which I did twice ( twice because it doesnt raise ticket or anything, thought i got it wrong on first attempt but no..that's how they operate).

  • Please check your local woolworths. I think I saw 10% off on selected cards and catch was included in that list.

    • Can it be used to pay for a new mobile plan?

  • Checked ozbargain about 7 hours ago for a free trial and couldn't find one so paid up :( did it for 5% off Jetstar. Is there anywhere else to get that other than joining club catch?

    • +1

      I reckon if you contact customer service and ask for them to give you first month(cause you didn't know there is an option for free trial) free before your paid bit starts, they'd do it.

      • I contacted them already prior to seeing this saying I wanted to cancel before the end of the month, got an email this morning saying it had been cancelled and $6.50 refunded which I didn't even ask for. Thanks catch! :)

    • I tried the chat but got "Sorry but for the Club Catch subscription we can no longer refund the $6.50 subscription fee since the order had been placed."

      • I only purchased a gift card which looks like it goes through a separate purchasing channel so perhaps they did not notice.

  • Don’t forget 10% off catch gift cards in woolies till cob tomorrow

  • -1

    I hate subscription trials like this.
    They always end up charging me automatically after the trial is over.

  • This used to be the normal deal, everyone could cancel in the first month and get a refund but then they changed it. I guess that didn't work out well for them so they had to change it back.

    • +2

      I guess that didn't work out well for them so they had to change it back.

      Amazon Prime did the magic. They also lowered minimum spend by $5. Hopefully they learn and make minimum $0

  • It's still a minimum 3 month term, right?

    • This is my question too. If it's minimum 3 months, then the term "free" would be misleading

    • I no longer see this requirement in the conditions. It was the first thing i looked for.

    • Not anymore since about 2 or 3 months ago :)
      Signed up for the free 90-day sim deal back then and canceled before the next renewal.

  • +1

    The sucky bit with Club Catch is that you need to spend at least $45 ON SELECTED ITEMS to get the free shipping.

    • Free delivery with $45 spend

      So more of an after-thought
      Would'nt go out of my way

  • When is the black Friday? When is the best season to make use of this offer? Thanks

  • is it for for new catch members or new catch club members?

    • New catch club members

  • Does Catch no longer have referral program?

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