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Free Catch Connect 90 Day Mobile Plan (102GB) w/ Club Catch Membership


All Catch Connect 90 Day Mobile Plans free for Club Catch members (membership is 6.50 per month).

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    You can buy one of each of the four 90 day plans and get them all for free :)

    • How would this work? Port number to them, and then do these packs come with codes? or do you plan to swap numbers every month?

    • Note: You must activate your SIM within 30 days of purchasing your plan or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier).

      Only good for sharing with family and friends.

      • Also good for home broadband. That's a lot of data for $19.5, good for 90 days.

        • Indeed, precisely what I purchased them for.

    • Has anyone tried to purchase all 4 of the 90 plans with one Club Catch Membership? I'm not currently a Catch Club member but will join if this is proven to be doable.

      • If only email addresses were free to sign up for.

        If you're not part of a sub-division and have a normal street address (eg not a 2/50 Example St Exampleville), you can make new accounts indefinitely and the postie delivers all of them to your mailbox.

    • Damn, I already bought the 102GB and it won't allow me to apply it again for the other plans :(

    • +1

      it worked! thank you so much, now i got 199 gb data for three months for less 20!

    • Look like they fixed it, keep saying purchase limit reached when i try to hit add to cart again. Edit: Only one per customer now

  • Could I just take club catch for one month @ 6.50 and buy multiple 90 day plans?

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      Club catch has a 3 month minimum term unfortunately, so min spend would be $19.50

      • Thanks doweyy. But could I still buy multiple 90 day plans. Have visitors from overseas coming in few weeks, could activate them relatively soon.

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          Seems like you can according to headphonejack's comment! Might want to be quick though because they might patch it

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          Make sure you buy them all in one transaction, as the code can only be used once.

          And be quick because the deal expires in <15 minutes!

      • What if I use disposable (debit) card? Was charged only for the first month.

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        Are you sure? I just signed up and it didn't mention that anywhere.
        In my account it says now:

        We'll charge your card above $6.50 on Thu 28 Mar 2019 unless cancelled prior to renewal date.

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          It says here

          Membership options

          $6.50 per month (minimum 3 months, total minimum fee $19.50)
          $69 per year (save 11.5%))

          • @doweyy: Seems to have disappeared, just says $6.50 per month now.
            edit: someone already mentioned it oops

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          I am also wondering the same. Before, in the app it had min 3 months in small print. It’s gone now. And when you click the T&C’s link there is no mention of a 3 month minimum.

          EDIT: I used online chat to ask. There is no minimum!!

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      I bought it for one month in the same transaction as the same 4x 90 day plans and used FREE90 promo code and only paid $6.50. Next charge is in a month for $6.50 but I won't cancel until I activate the sims just in case.


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    Hope will have the Kogan $1 deal back soon.

  • Anyone in Sydney with a club catch membership I could use ??

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      I have membership, got one.

      • Please pm me if you can order a few extra and I’ll pickup from Sydney or lay you for postage.


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          Maybe if you were Johanne.

  • Does Catch allow same or next day port out and in?

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    Club catch is on the level of eBay Plus crap.

    • I think it is worse than ebay. The site rarely ever has any good deals, the free club shipping applies to orders only above $45 and so many damn popup & banners!

  • Anyone have a spare I can buy off them?

  • would love one of these if anyone has has a club catch membership and not buying one . Cheers

  • Putting my hand up for someone who has club catch and has no use for this sim. I'm happy to pickup anywhere in Melbourne.

  • This is a bonus if you were looking to get the discounted yearly club catch membership with the code Club30.

    • This code doesn’t worked just tried now

  • I just paid $15 x2 for this yesterday. Did I have any options?

    • Contact catch customer service. They are pretty good.

      • edit: I was able to cancel previous order and place new order

  • I just got all 4x for free, current club member. Pretty good deal!

  • -1

    Hi is anyone a club catch member in adelaide? Hapoy to pick up anywhere

  • does it work for previous customers? currently on the 90 day kogan deal, previously on catch deal.

  • -2

    Anyone have a spare willing to give away?

    • For a cheap as chips price sure.

  • Tried joining Club Catch but they're too retarded to make a website with a working login without identifying footpaths for Google's awful, shitty ReCaptcha service.

  • +1

    There is no free trial for Club Catch, it look like?

  • If you join club catch, you might also be eligible for this offer

  • So they stopped the free trial?

  • Does this still work?

  • How is it legal to mislead people on savings? "SAVE $400!" when every other shop has it for the same price or cheaper as their normal price (My Genie ZX1000)

  • So just to be clear, will they charge the $6.50 once or every month?

    • Once every month.

      • How do i stop it after one month?

        • Submit a request.

        • -1

          Minimum is 3 months

  • can you buy Club Catch Members, activate the sim card for 3 months and cancel the club catch membership? Also, if you have used catchmobile before, are you still eligible for this promo?

    • Club catch needs to be subscribed for 3 months. Not sure about second question

  • Looks like it is now $15 for club catch members.

    • you need to enter coupon free90

  • +3

    Anyone know how to cancel the club catch membership?

    • +1

      I couldn't find an option on the website. So i thought I'd check out the mobile app and sure enough, there is an "End Subscription" option at the bottom of the "Club Catch" page in small text.

      • Nice

      • I can't see it :(

        • Are you on the mobile app?

          Navigate to: Account>> Club Catch >> Bottom of the page has the "End Subscription" button.

          • @0FoxGiven: I'm on Android and couldn't see anything at the bottom of the page… would be great if you can take a screenshot!

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  • I add a code, and it doesn’t work :(

    • Me too….

    • I did sign up last night in the last minutes, the code appeared in my screen was all capital letters FREE90, unsure if that matters but it worked for me

    • Is working again!

  • Anyone knows how fast is their delivery?

  • still working. got me one.

  • could only use the promo code one time - guess they closed the loop hole

    • +2

      You could always use it only once. But you could get 4 different plans and apply teh code once to get them all free. That loophole is still working

  • So the free 90 code has finished but this is still a pretty good deal isnt it?

    ~$21 for 90 days with 102GB

    • I could sell you my 102gb plan for $15 :P

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    Anyone got the voucher code yet? (Already have an unactivated sim card)…

    • +1

      thanks for the reminder, i almost forget about it. No, i haven't received any email or sim card.

    • Upon checking my order, it has already been shipped on the 4th March. I ordered on 28th Feb. Customer service told me it would take 5 to 7 business days to receive the sim cards.

    • What about the promised welcome email from catch connect? The details stated we would receive one in three days. The three business days are up and I have not received any email.

      • I was told the code is in the mail. I remembered my previous mobile plan purchase from catch connect doesn’t come with the mobile code in email separately from SIM card like Kogan.

        I just bought 2 mobile plans again using catch10 and I didn’t receive any code in email.

  • I have not received any welcome emails or codes but have received the sims. It’s now about a week since I first ordered it. Pretty ordinary service so far.

    • Can you activiate the sim?

      • I haven’t tried because it doesn’t state on the sims I got which ones had which data limits so I figure it must be only on the codes from the welcome email where we get told a specific Code for each data plan

        • Have anyone receive any welcome email yet?

          • @spedohero: I haven't received any emails (only the sim), but when I click on activate, there's no options for codes. It's just sim number, address and activate. Is this correct?

            • @sean85: I havent received my sim yet. I was told through chat to just complete the activation. I presume the code is already tied to the sim. There wouldn’t be any code in email.

              My previous mobile plan purchase didnt have the code in email too.

          • @spedohero: I have received the sim as well, have not seen any code any where. I also received an email as a tax invoice for the purchase but no code in that email either

  • I just received my sim yesterday morning in the letter box. There is no code with the sim so i assume this a only a generic sim as there is no value indication with the sim.
    Anyone purchase this before can you shed some light on how do we get the code for this 90 days plan? Is it sent by email like kogan or they mail it to your letter box after the sim card was sent?

    • I just activated the sim this morning. It automatically defaults to the 90 day 102gb plan. I don't believe there needs to be a code..

      • Oh ok. Thats great then. Thanks

  • Wow, it defaulted to a 54gb plan on mine. Son of a…..

    • +1

      Oh crap… so if you got all 4 sims, you wouldn't know which one you popped into your phone till you actually activated it? Thats messed up!

      • Yeah, I got mine yesterday and have no clue which is which.

  • You can ask them through the webchat. The tech support will email you ach SIM card's plan

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