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Splunk Cloud Administration US$1000/~A$1318 (Was US$1500), Transitioning to Splunk Cloud US$500/~A$659 (Was US$1000) @ Splunk


"Splunk Education is offering a $500 price reduction on two of its best cloud courses AND an exam registration fee of only $75 for the all-new Splunk Cloud Certified Admin exam"
PDF leaflet

Note: Splunk Cloud Certified Admin is NOT the same as Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

Transitioning to Splunk Cloud

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Good luck and best wishes to all

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  • +1 vote

    Ya big hunk of splunk


    So this sits in-between FUN1/FUN2 and Enterprise Admin?

    • +1 vote

      No it's on a par with ent admin I'd say .. with additional splunk cloud Q's
      Best resource on what to expect is in the blueprint

      (I've done it)


        Nice this sits more in-line with the certs I'm building up and unlike the Ent Admin I won't have to shell out big bucks or get a company to pay for it.


          Ok I guess the price updated overnight…back to seeking a company sponsor for this course…

  • +3 votes

    wow splunk on ozbargain, noice :-)