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[Afterpay] AMD Ryzen 9 5900X $731, 5950x $1032, Ryzen 7 5800x $548, Ryzen 5 5600x $365 Delivered @ HT eBay


Greetings everyone, some killer deals on Ryzen tech at Harris Technology eBay this morning :)

Other Deals:

Stack with further discounts by bringing the price down using discounted eBay gift cards and Afterpay as partial payment.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Stack with further discounts by bringing the price down using discounted eBay gift cards and Afterpay as partial payment.

    isnt that bug fixed?

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      The bug to pay fully with gift cards is, but you can still use gift cards to reduce the balance and pay the rest with APT.

      • thanks, Suncorp has ebay cards at 3% off, with a max of 500$ per month

        anyone else knows any live ebay gc offers?

      • And the discount still applies to the gift card portion?

        • +2

          Yes, for example of the 5900X in this deal. The coupon discount applies $129.12, then the gift card reduces the total from there. You just need to spend some money on APT for it to go through, can't cover the whole balance anymore.

  • Why would someone go with oem tray CPU and not the original for just 9$ difference?

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      Someone who already has a CPU cooler?

      • +4

        Neither comes with a cooler

        • Yea I can see there is no fab mentioned in the contents. That's a shame

        • +1

          Depends which CPU. For example the 5600X OEM they're selling comes with a cooler just like the retail product does (as noted on the listing). In each case (specifically for these listings) the cooler isn't the difference between the OEM vs retail, it's just pretty packaging and warranty.

    • The stock cooler is pretty crap, works but noise and thermal limits apply.
      Personally would just pay the 9$ anyway

      • Don't know who downvoted you but guessing they haven't used the stock cooler, it is indeed crap, it's noisy and throttles a lot.

    • +3

      $9 is $9

    • Are you implying tray is not original, OEM literally means Original Equipment Manufacturer? I would put your question differently:

      Why would someone pay $9 more for the same product? (5800x doesn't come with cooler either way)

  • Is 5600x worth it from a 3100 or should i hold out until the Zen 3 refresh?

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      It was definitely worth the upgrade from 2700x

    • +2

      depends on what you do with it, but i'd say yes, if you can run it.

    • Thanks all. Bit the bullet. About time to move on from 4 cores.

      Also just read the refresh isn’t a performance refresh. That would be Zen 4 next year.

    • I want to know if its worth upgrading to a 5600x from a 3600x.. Or should I just spend the extra on the 5800x

      • Again, depends on the stuff you want to do. But generally, there isn't much difference, unless you're gaming - even the performance increases are the greatest in Esports titles. Go for the 5800x, if your budget allows it.

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    Nice, got the 5900x on special, which is the most expensive component of my build.

    • +3

      Yeah the 5900x is well worth it at this price. I got mine at retail price (I think $850) few months back. Mine seem to respond really well with Curve Optimiser as well.

      • +1

        Good to hear and thanks for the info!

        I also just bought the motherboard from the same seller (asus ROG Strix x570-e). Pretty happy camper :D.

        Only issue now, is that i'm trying to find this exact memory from someone in aus because of the CL16 latency -> F4-3600C16D-32GVKC (G.Skill Ripjaws). Seems no one in aus is stocking these and I may have to go up to the CL18 ram modules :(.

        • Checkout Newegg, they are very good for buying ram international. Shipping rate is reasonable and delivery doesn't take too long. I bought from them multiple times and often has been cheaper than buying local stock and they have access to the more exotic kits nobody here gets.

          • @Agret: Yeah I saw they had decent prices. Only issue is it's international and if i had to return faulty sticks, it would suck. Generally when I see people build (and I've seen it personally myself), RAM tends to be the one component that fails most often, so i don't wanna take that risk. Someone found the part i need at CPL, so I might get them there.

          • @Agret: newegg or memoryC. purchased many sets from both. fast shipping (but not had a doa set, which might be a pain)

        • Try searching for Crucial Ballistix 16/32GB 3600MHz CL16 Dual Rank sticks. I got mine from Amazon for cheap. It is an E-die and I have no issues running in 3600MHz C16.

  • killer prices!

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    Does using Afterpay impact your credit score? I'm on a hunt for a home and don't want to take a hit on my score.

    • +2

      Nope. Doesn't come up at all on credit. Only zip

    • I've heard that it does but I don't know if that's an old wives tale.

      • It doesn't. Doesnt come up as a line of credit.

  • Im still not sure if I should upgrade my 7700k for a 5900x. Most games don't hit 100% CPU. Suggestions?

    • +3

      I had a 6700k overclocked to 4.5GHZ all cores, very similar to your current CPU. I upgraded to the 5900x 6months and I got like 20%+ more FPS on Warzone out of my 2070 super. Depends what your usage is, I rarely hit high utilization on my 12 cores unless I am running a virtual machine or two. One other option could be the 5800X because 8 cores might be the sweet spot for gaming these days.

    • +1

      I'm on a 4770k and just upgraded using this deal. I personally don't think you NEED to, as you've rightly spotted, CPU isn't the bottleneck (and it wasn't for me either). I don't want to claim that to be true for sure because I could be wrong, but if I'm running a system 3 years older than yours and only just upgraded, I think you'll be ok for a little longer. Really just depends on budget. CPU single core clock speeds haven't really had a massive boost in recent times and if you're primarily focused on gaming and don't do any productivity work that requires more cores, you might not benefit as much as you think and it may be worth just waiting it out a little longer. This is because games (even recent ones) don't take advantage of all of the CPU cores. You're more paying for the newer architecture and with AMD absolutely smashing intel, it really depends on budget vs performance boost and if you're willing to spend to build an entirely new PC.

      • Clock speed isn't the be all & end all. I upgraded from 2600k to 6700k to 3900x and each time there has been big FPS jumps. If you benchmark the 3900x to the 5800x in gaming benchmarks it's also 15-20% better in games.

        • That's pretty interesting, I thought the same but every video I watch about gaming, they tend to say you won't really see a massive boost because the single core speed matters more as games don't take advantage of the extra cores. I'll see for myself very soon as i'll be upgrading from a 4770k to a 5900x. I fully expect to be blown away :).

          • +1

            @th3cookie: I would say single thread performance matters, not single core frequency - they're loosely related but not directly comparable on different architectures.

            I've upgraded from a 4790k to a 3900x and there's a significant difference in high frame rate performance, and in consistency of frame rate. Obviously it completely destroys the 4790k in non-gaming scenarios, but that should be quite obvious.

            These deals on the 5900x are getting into tempting territory… But I don't need one. I think. Or do I?

            • @Zedster: yeah you're probably right. I don't know too much about hardware components to talk about them, but I always found it odd that core clock speeds haven't increased much but every benchmarking video i see always shows some improvement over the previous gen.

              I bought the 5900x and I'm running a 4770k and know my average FPS in some games, so I can't wait to see what happens. I fully expect to be blown away.

    • +1

      i would hold out. im rocking a 4790k and it still runs games like a champ; it's not as fast as today's cpus in gaming but it's good enough for me. are you happy with the performance you're getting? if so, hold out. if not, upgrade

      • +1

        Upgraded from a 4790k to a 5900x and its was a hefty upgrade. Definitely helped eliminate a ton of microstutters etc.

        Biggest gains were in the actual workstation usage - productivity workloads, virtual machine usage, code compilation etc. The old rig is now sitting in the garage till I can repurpose it to something else.

        On a side note, I was able to take advantage of newer tech like much faster RAM, nvme (my old mobo was all SATA), ARGB (lol)

    • Are you gaming only or do you use your PC for core-heavy workloads as well?
      If it's just games and light applications there's really no reason to get the 5900x over a 5600x.

      In terms of the 7700k, it really depends on your GPU/resolution/target fps.
      Check out some GPU scaling videos like this (the 7700k would be somewhere between the 2600x~3600x for most games).

      If you're playing at 1440p or 4K the 7700k isn't really gonna be an issue even with a 3070.

  • +1

    Must… hold… off… fom… prchasing… the… 5900x ,🥴

    Have a perfectly working 3700x system, someone please talk me out of it!

    Should I or shouldn't I ?

    • +5

      Saw awsome increases from 3700x to 5900x and 3080. Well worth it

    • +3

      Well, both AMD and Intel is getting ready for the next Gen CPUs with whole new DDR5 RAM etc. maybe saving the money for the next Gen? It's working fine now, anyway.

    • +2

      You should. It is only $731 and you will become a much much better gamer.

      • +1

        I got much higher k/d in apex legends with this cpu and also more head shots

  • +5

    Thank you! Purchased the 5900x, will upgrade my i7-2600K, finally… the only thing left is to find decently priced matching 32Gb (1x16) RAM… any suggestions, please?

    • +1

      I'm literally in the same boat haha. So I just bought the ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E Motherboard just then as well (same exact deal) and I plan on getting these ram sticks -> F4-3600C16D-32GVKC (G.Skill Ripjaws). The reason being that they're 3600mhz (perfect for the infinity fabric on the 5900x according to LTT), and I also want them to be low latency (CL16 instead of CL18). The only issue is, no one in aus is selling the CL16 sticks unless you buy 8gb version, but then i will need 4 of them and the motherboard is only dual channel anyway, so there's no benefit to having 4 sticks over 2. I'm also choosing these sticks for the low clearance to fit the noctua NH-D15 fan (it's huge).

      In short, depends on the motherboard you have and that ram is what I'm hunting for in aus. Worst case scenario, i may just have to go for 4x8gb 3600MHz CL16 kit, that leaves no room to upgrade to 64gb in the future :(.

      Let me know how you go with your search as I'm keen to know if there are better options.

      • Will do. I bought the MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi (with this year FW) not long ago, and there is a good variety of sticks on Amazon..

        The G.Skill DDR4 Ripjaws V 64GB (2x32GB, CL16-18-18-38 1.35V) 3200Mhz Desktop RAM is a good choice, but I am reluctant to pay ~$550

        And Amazon AU (non-AU stock) has the 32GB G.Skill DDR4 PC4-28800 3600MHz Ripjaws V CL16 (16-19-19-39) Dual Channel kit (2x16GB) for $386.91

        • AMD boards seem to care more about clockspeed than latency, here's CL16 though:


        • +2

          Whatever you do, avoid Patriot. The 64GB 3600 kit I purchased couldn't boot at their advertised specs. Swapped to Crucial Ballistix and worked first go.

          • +1

            @tkdbboy: Same, avoid Patriot. Bought G-Skill, runs at 3600MHz with 16-19-19-38 latencies (at 1.4V).


        • The Patriot sticks are the best for AMD

      • +1

        no one in aus is selling the CL16 sticks unless you buy 8gb version

        Obviously you didn't look too hard https://cplonline.com.au/g-skill-f4-3600c16d-32gvkc-ripjawsv... (third result in Google)

        Newegg is slightly cheaper though at $310. Seems super expensive considering I got my Crucial Ballistix 2x16GB 3600 C16 for ~$223 at Amazon last year (dual rank too fortunately), but DRAM in general is expensive right now.

        • omg, thanks for this! apparently i am not good at googling.. I saw the newegg ones, but was reluctant to get them because they ship from US and don't want to deal with internation returns if they're faulty. I have been looking at others, but because of the NH-D15 fan, I kinda need them to be low clearance.

          Again, thanks for this!

          • +2

            @th3cookie: Check these out (also 3600 C16) https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/g.skill-trident-z-neo...

            Will be $279 + shipping tonight at 8pm

            Surely a much better buy even if you don't want RGB which you can just leave off.

            • @CompulsiveOzB: Yeah I was looking at those but figured I didn't need the ram and the ripjaws had lower clearance so I wouldn't have to lift the fan of the Noctua NH-D15 fan up as much. Apparently they will still have clearance for the fan, so I may go with these. Just unnecessary RGB that I wont see and contribute to the heat inside the system. But they are cheaper.

              Edit: Just read you can turn the RGB off. Damn, this might actually be better then. Thanks for your help, I might get this kit instead!

            • @CompulsiveOzB: I've 64GB version of this and it runs at 3600 at C16..

        • Hmm.. found an interesting set on Amazon AU (US stock) - MD4U1640180BRLDE, for $300

          it is on my MB compatibility list (MSI), it is OLOy DDR4 RAM 32GB (2x16GB) 4000 MHz CL18 1.4V XMP 2.0 2666MHz SPD

          I have never had any experience with OLOy sticks.. any ideas? Pros - Amazon, good support, Cons - who are you, OLOy?


  • +1

    Very tempted to start building a new desktop with a 5800X.

    • +1

      More future proof to go 5900X. Its a lot harder to change CPU than GPU. So plan/expect CPU to last 2 generations of GPU.
      Pay now and don't regret later.

      • +1

        I don't usually upgrade my old desktops as I prefer to build from scratch every 7 years or so. But yeah I know what you mean.

        • depends what you use it for, i've had both. no (noticeable) difference in gaming on either.
          extra cores on the 5900x is nice if you use them.

  • Would it ne worth it to upgrade from 8700k to 5900 or 5950? Or should I hold on and upgrade GPU first (running a 1080ti atm).

    • +1

      i'd wait a bit until gpu come down then review position.
      i already have a 5800x and are waiting for the 3D cache version of the 5900x, hopefully later this year. or just keep the 5800x if its not much different.

  • How much of a pain is it to sign up and use afterpay? Do they just direct debit the amount owed in a few installments?

    • Becareful.. I am currently out $170+, due to Harris Technology and Afterpay..

      for the sake of $10…

    • never used afterpay, but also have a question. can you pay it all off at once?

      • yes you can pay it off early

    • +1

      yeah they just take it in a few instalments, you can even pay with credit card

    • I'm thinking the same thing, I'm so ceebs signing up lmao

  • Warning about Harris Tenchology

    Purchased a motherboard from Harris Technology, with an afterpay 15% coupon,
    Harris Technology send out the wrong motherboard (non wifi version)..
    I returned it.. expecting them to send out the correct board..

    Instead they choose to refund, (even though they had stock of the correct item).

    They claim they have refunded the amount.. however the funds are not in ebay, afterpay or on my credit card.

    Harris Technology has washed they hands of this, and so far neither Afterpay or Ebay responded.. and are pretty much impossible to get hold off

    Service has just been appalling…
    If you contact Harris Technology directly they try to wash they hands their marketplace team..

    After months of buying stuff.. without too many issues.. (receipt issues only).

    this has occurred.. never again want to deal with this mob..

    • +2

      I had a return with HT eBay, funds were returned without issue.I think once they've issued it via eBay portal, balls in eBay's court.

    • Is it really necessary to neg with a duplicate comment on 4 separate deals?

      I can't see how that's the fault of HT at all for the refund. They have followed due process to process a refund on their end, you need to follow up with eBay for them to process the refund if it hasn't come through yet.

      • +4

        HT should have sent out the correct item, in the first place.

        or sent out the correct item, as requested, when I sent the wrong item back..

        I have had no signficant issues with Harris Technology until now..

        After contacting Harris Tenchonology Support,

        who tried to get rid of me to the marketplace team, despite, their contact details on the receipt..

        Both the Customer Support and Harris Technology Marketplace team, have basically wshed their hands of the issue..

        I don't take complaining about a retailer lightly… their support is absolutely appalling..

        This is first time in time in my decade of EBAY / shopping from major e-retailers, where I haven't been able to resolve such as striaght forward and simple issue.

        • I've had many problems with ebay since the start of the year. Not receiving fund is one, even though it is showing on their system. Then accusing me of being dishonest on another matter even though everything was documented. Trust me it's ebay and their system. Can't expect seller to refund you twice.

          • @craving: Phew, funds arrived back today, after contacting, ebay, Harris Tenchology and afterpay..

            Harris Tenchology have offered a discount to repurchase the item or on my next purchase…

            … haven't seen any details.. but I have indicated I am happy receive any disocunt..

            … we will see what they offer for the, 2-3 hours of wasted time and emailing / telephoning and returning the wrong item..

      • Honestly this could be HT's fault for not refunding it through the proper channels. I was worried a similar thing might happen when I tried to refund a Techfast system that I paid with Zip pay. Fortunately, Techfast refunded the purchase to my bank account instead of back to my Zip pay so a mistake like this would never be able to happen.

        Not sure if it's the same situation here but I can imagine something like this can definitely happen where the retailer refunds it back to Afterpay and it gets lost somewhere along the way/Afterpay does not credit his account properly or doesn't receive the refund request from the retailer

    • Mate, has happened to me before. As someone mentioned check with ebay not the seller. They have record money refunded but not given to the buyer for some reason.

  • Guys, whats a good motherboard and AIO cooler for this?

    • b550 Gaming Edge is one of them. If you don't need wifi, b550 Tomahawk is just around $150 these days.

  • Thought the 1950x would drop in price even the
    thrreaddripper first edition sellers will not let it drop, especially knowing this deal exists.

  • 5950x $1032. really. I bought it at 1160 and thought it was a deal. about 2 months ago

    • Bought 5900x for $899 + shipping :(

  • +1

    Could anyone explain / help.
    Tried to buy the cpu but ebay is not accepting the code.
    It says it is not eligible.
    I have an after pay account (although never used) and my eBay account was originally created in the UK but all my details including address and payments are using Australian details.
    Anyone else have this issue?
    Tried on many other items as well with the same error. 🤬

    • +2

      From what you have mentioned, it’ll definitely be because you created the account in the UK. You need to contact eBay live chat to get them to change your account settings to Australia to be able to apply the coupon. I have seen this hundreds of times with exactly the same error, for some reason accounts created overseas don’t allow coupons to be applied.

      Alternatively, you can checkout as a guest and apply the coupon that way too.

      • thanks.. my account had to be fixed too!

    • Did you open the UK account using a VPN to take advantage of the offer they had over there0? If you did that's the problem. Every region has their own promotions. Generally, people who do it already have a local account.

  • All these deals on various PC components, yet that one component - freaking expensive graphics cards - is the only thing holding me back from buying a new build.

  • -3

    THE 6000 LINE OF NEXT GEN CPU WILL BE OUT SOON (PCIE 5, DDR5) so Ill wait and get a flipped, hardly used 5950X for under half the RRP, for my build as its the way of the OZB… It will be good enough then for another 2 years… and by then DD5 will be cheap and worth buying…. It was ages before DDR4 was better then DDR3 and worth the new sticker price!

    • +1

      Doubt anyone will be flipping the 5950x for under half the RRP, it's the top end of this generation so will hold its value much better than that. Also there will be another CPU refresh between now and the 6000 line.

    • Lol are you high? The 3950x released for about 1200 rrp. 2 years later tell me where you can find it for half that price? It's still selling for 900 lol. And you think 5950x which is an even bigger upgrade over last gen compared is going to have even bigger price discounts in only a year after release???

      People really are delusional these days

  • Thanks OP. Picked up a Ryzen 5600x and Asus Tuf Gaming B550m board for $503. Great bundle price.

  • Managed to get the Gigabyte M27Q monitor for around $280 ($368.80 - 15% off, $30 off and various eBay GC discounts).

  • Phew, discount expired kept thinking of buying the 5900x