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[Afterpay] Bosch SMU46GS01A Serie 4 Dishwasher $691.90, Bosch SMU66MS02A Serie 6 (Sold Out) $969 Delivered (Metro) @ AO eBay


Bosch SMU46GS01A Series 4 Under Bench Dishwasher $691.90 Delivered (Metro)

$36 cheaper than the previous deal and $5 less than the popular deal in December.

Some handy comments regarding this Dishwasher: Choice rating, Reviews, Series 4 difference. Google Shopping Link - Reviews/Prices etc. Bosch website more info/pictures.

6 Programs
4 Star Water Rating
4 Star Energy Efficiency
14 Place Settings
Under Bench
Stainless Steel
Series 4 (Made in Turkey)
2 Year Warranty
Antiflood Protection
Fingerprint Resistant with Display Screen
Includes Stainless Steel Kick Panel
No cutlery drawer

Note - Postage Excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

Bosch SMU66MS02A Serie 6 Under Bench Dishwasher $969 Delivered (Metro, Excludes Adelaide) Sold Out

Advantages over the Serie 4: Made in Germany, Includes a cutlery draw, 5 star water rating vs 4 star. For those looking for a bit extra.

$230 cheaper than the previous deal.

You can use discounted gift cards for your purchase, as long as part of the balance is paid by Afterpay (as per comments in original deal and my experience purchasing a $260 item with $200 gift cards and $60 afterpay).

Original Coupon Deal

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  • good post! I installed the series 4 this two weeks ago, runs like a dream!

    I went to good guys and compared both the series 4 and 6 side by side. Cosmetically couldn't tell much of a difference really, apart from the plastic base, I wouldn't be able to justify an additional $277 for the series 6.

    • Is the 4 German made? Also does it have the cutlery rack at the top?

      • +1

        No and no

        • series 6 underbench has cutlery tray. Yes it is german made. I bought one back in April

      • There is another version of the series 4 with the cutlery rack for an additional $100 but for such a small dishwasher, I rather have vertical space for larger dishes, pots and pans.

        • Yea you can also get that with the 6 ;-)
          I was just pointing out for not much more you get a much better dishwasher.

  • +1

    How did you find the item from AO ebay?
    I am interested in SMS46KI01A but it is not showing up on the ebay even thought it is on the AO website.
    I clicked seller's other items and it shows nothing.

    • Ah I had the same issue , I thought it was just because I'm in Adelaide. I found it via Google search.

      • Oh nice.
        Thanks for your help.

        • And no luck.
          No delivery to WA.

    • weird - I noticed the same thing. Cant find any items AO are selling on ebay

  • Anyone know if that cutlery draw is removable so I can wash tall wine glasses on the top shelf?

    • +1

      Yes it's removable, comes with a spray head that you put in place of the top rack too .
      I will add though I'm saying this based on the series 6 but I'm sure it would be the same for series 4

      • I'd check that, I purchased what was the bottom of the range bosch dw a few years ago and it didn't come with the kick panel, the large item spray head that fits when you take out the glasses rack, and also didn't come with a cutlery rack (but I think it supported putting one in if you got it separately)

        Edit: just realised this one is not the bottom of the line

  • seems AO have revised the quantity for both so there isnt much stock eg serie 6 only had one left if stock (which is now OOS)

  • Yep I missed it :/ DAMMIT (series 6 sold out)

  • AO are assholes at the moment. Playing games with stock levels.

  • If you aren't in too much of a hurry the new wifi enabled one is only 899 on preorder from the good guys: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/bosch-60cm-freestanding-dishw...

    • That's a completely different model.

      • It is, but it's got wifi and this one doesn't

        • +1

          It would be much better to spend an extra $70 to get a much better dishwasher though. Why do you need wifi on your dishwasher?

          • +1

            @onlinepred: I use a wifi power switch on mine to run it during peak solar generation. I don't have a timer on my current old washer, and solar can be variable on some days so I would find wifi in-built useful.

            • @Tock: how does the unit actually start washing just by putting the power on?

              • +2

                @Jackson: Requires manual load and start, then turn off the wifi switch. This dishwasher resumes the cycle when powered back on which is handy!

          • @onlinepred: Is it much better though? i used to have the bottom of the line one and it was excellent

            • @Jackson: We have series 4 in a rental while we are building a new house, and we own series 6, series 6 is MUCH quieter, also we are finding many things like Tupperware/plastics are not entirely dry/clean after a normal cycle. The inside of the series 4 is plastic, while the 6 is metal. There are also more settings on the 6, which I didn't think I would need, but now I can run 1/4 loads without using much water. According to the water efficiency rating, the 6 will also be cheaper to run.

              • @onlinepred: the plastics are not entirely dry/clean on the 4 or the 6? I had the 4, and they were quite dry, but I always just let it air out for a couple of hours before I put anything away if I need to

                • @Jackson: On the 4 they are not dry. On the 6 they are dry once cycle complete. Anyway, if wifi is more important than other stuff I can see why you want the wifi one.

  • Hmm, looks like Appliances Online's eBay store isn't shipping to Sydney/NSW area atm.

  • Weird that as soon as the afterpay sale ends, AO have replenished stocks

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