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Sony Zeiss 55mm F1.8 $708 Delivered ($608 after $100 Cashback) @ CameraPro


Ridiculous price for a really sharp, well built and lightweight 50ish mm lens for Sony FF bodies. The autofocus on this lens is lightning fast.

Only negatives for this lens are the CA and focus breathing. If those aren't deal breakers for you, this is a steal at this price.

Sony cashback post

CameraPro now appears to have this on Back Order, with ETA of 4-6 weeks.
Should still be able to price match at Sony Store if you wish to get this sooner.
Camera Clix also adjusted their prices to $705

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    Hell yes good buy

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    "Focus breathing is a term that describes the change in focal length that occurs as a result of adjusting the focusing distance of a lens."

    Prime lens has a constant FL, so please correct me if I am wrong but no focus breathing by definition.

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      A lot of prime lenses have focus breathing, including this one. It is relatively slight differences in focal length, but they exist. Can be quite apparent when shooting video.

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      Here is an example of how much focus breathing exists for this exact lens

      • Thanks for the link. It is not as bad as it may look like though cause when you refocus during video your picture changes dramatically and on the top of it in 99% of cases it involves camera movement or angle change, all that stuff masking focus breathing pretty well.

    • A prime lens has adjustable focus, but no zoom adjustment. The nominal focal length of the lens (55mm in this case) is defined as the distance from the lens centre to the image plane when the lens is focused on infinity. The focal length does change (by a small amount) when the lens is focused on close objects.

  • Good price for a good lens. Was out shooting with mine today for the first time in a while and had forgotten how much I enjoy using it.

  • Really good price!!!

  • +2

    its a keeper.

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        Sony Planar T FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA

        Sony FE 50mm f/1.2 GM

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    I’ve had this lens for about 7 years and I bloody love it. My favourite portrait lens. Many say it’s overly sharp and lacks character rendering. But I like the look I can usually spot pictures taken with this lens quite easily. I paid almost double for mine, steal at this price. That Zeiss micro contrast really pops.

  • Excuse my ignorance but what kind of photos do you use this lens type for?

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      Usually for portrait style photos. Only problem is its fairly zoomed in so you'll need a good distance back from the subject. It wouldnt be very good indoors unless you're in a large room. I've got a 42.5 I use for portraits and I still have to get back a few metres before I can take anything. Unless its just headshots then its fine. Waist up, further back. Full body shots, look over your shoulder and keep going. I'll be honest, I personally dont enjoy it. But its about the photos.

      • I primarily use it for street photography, I used to use around 35mm equivalent for it but now use almost exclusively the 55mm or an 85mm.

        • What's the difference (for street photography) between the 3 options?

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            @jaygee: Focal length. A 35mm is going to be wider, so will either have more going on in the scene or require you to be closer to the subject. A 55 will be the midground, and then an 85 will force you to either frame very tightly and specifically in on details, or shoot from a distance. I started shooting at 85 more when I was living in Hanoi, as the smoggy sky meant that it was always blown out in images, so I instead framed tight, focusing on subjects and keeping the sky out of it.

      • On cropped or ff body? 50mm has always been the standard everyday prime for 35mm film /ff, 30-35mm fl for cropped sensor.

  • Excellent lens if you like 55mm focal length. I'm a wide angle lens person so unfortunately couldn't enjoy this lens while I had it. But it's extremely sharp and autofocus is extremely fast. Nice Zeiss 3D pop and micro contrast are added bonuses. Very nice bokeh too. I didn't personally like the mediocre close focus distance, you need to forget about close subject photography.. Other than that the best 50-55 mm F1.8 lens in any system hands down.

  • Can this be a good combination with mirror less cameras? I have an a 7iii and looking for a portrait prime lens. Thanks

    • Similar question from a noob, i got a Canon EOS RP

      • +3

        Perfect companion for the Sony A7iii.

        For the Canon EOS RP I'd look at native lenses.

    • 100%, this is great for it.

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      This(55mm) to 85mm f1.4 for decent subject seperation, bokeh…

      • +1

        The Sony 85MM F/1.8 is excellent too.

        Amazing value for the sale prices it has gone for recently.

        • +1

          That 85 is superb value. It is my most inexpensive lens, and by far my favourite. Something about the images it produces just have a lovely feel to it.

    • As an E/FE lens it is only combinable with mirrorless cameras.

      A7iii would be perfect for it. Good portrait lens, especially at this price.

      Hashtrid, you'd be better served by adapting an older EF lens if you want an economical solution, or Canon have some incredible (expensive) native glass…

  • +1
    • If you use 2.5% cashback via Shopback then CameraPro is better.

      • Price match with Sony, Cashrewards has 6% cashback that ends tonight.

  • far out OP, if i didn't have the 85 1.4 i would have jumped at this without thinking about it.

    • +2

      Why not have both?

  • +1

    Saw this last night and purchased. Been after this lens for the past 3 years. Thanks OP!

    • -1

      looking for 3 years?…..hahahahaha

      • hahahaa, yeah. Been using the standard 50mm f1.8 was waiting for a 'great' deal like this LOL

  • +1

    One of the sharpest lenses out there, I really enjoy it.
    Best is to PM at sony.com.au then get the 6% cashrewards.

  • Does Sony Cashback work with the Sony price match?

    • +1

      I can confirm yes.

      • Thanks mate

    • Does this include Sony ebay store?

  • This lens + Using "Sony camera as webcam with the Imaging Edge Webcam software" - oh man. That would be the sharpest zoom conferences on the planet.

    [Granted you have to have the space and be able to position this camera far away as it's 55mm].

    • no point as you are not zooming at 8k.

      • Still could be fun.

        Even though we don't exploit the full camera/lens capability when we display photos on instagram, it is still much better overall than the phone camera.

        End result is that you can tell when a photo is on a dedicated camera vs phone.

        • +1

          I get your point. I use 20mm G with my A7s3 for zoom (mainly for other productions), it was quite impressive. Just that a 55mm is literally useless in an indoor zoom set up since the camera is too far and you have to hook up wireless mic etc. And the "Sharpest" statement is kinda irrelevant because of the low stream quailty.

    • Which lens would be suitable for online conf. calls, ie mounted on say the monitor or close to it?

  • I've got an a6300 that I don't use nearly enough with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime… Trying to decide if this is worth it and mainly getting swept up in all the hype here

    • Focal length is roughly equivalent on an A6300. The sigma is good in itself plus an extra couple of stops to boot. Probably not worth it unless you are intending on ug to ff…

      • Damn, I was hoping to use a comment as random justification for an impulse purchase…

    • +1

      Why are you not using the a6300 with the 30mm? If it's because it's too wide of an angle for what you want to take photos of? If so this might help.
      I personally find myself using my a6400 more after moving from a 30mm prime to 16mm Sigma for what I use my camera for (but I also had the older 30mm f/2.8). Can't imagine getting any use out of a 55mm on an APS-C personally.

    • I would say get it if you're wanting an 85mm equivalent on your crop sensor and you also plan to upgrade to ff down the road. Otherwise the Sigma 56mm 1.4 DG DN is slightly cheaper and almost a stop brighter if you're wanting something tighter than the Sigma 30mm.

  • +2

    “Your order has been received and unfortunately, the Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 Prime E Mount Lens has just sold out. We do however have more coming, and they are currently on back order with our supplier with an ETA of at least 4-6 weeks. Please let us know if the time frame is okay with you.”

    • Ouch, will update the OP.

  • +1

    Is this a good complimentary lens to a Tamron 28-75mm 2.8? I know that this a prime lens compared to the Tamron but I’m not sure if another lens would be a better fit for my Sony A7iii.

  • Looks like CameraPro is out of stock as I ordered last night and just received an email stating that they're backlogged and will deliver in 4 - 6 weeks. Have called and cancelled my order and price matched it to Sony directly, which they were happy to do.
    Also, don't forget to go through cashreward if you're going through Sony directly… you'll get about $38 back as well :)

  • If OOS / Delay in order - You can buy from the sony store directly and request a price match.

  • +1

    Wont this OOS/ Delay in order cause me to miss out on the cashback? T&C's says i need to submit the serial number details by 15/7? So i would need to receive it by then?

    • +3

      Price match Sony store and cancel order. You'll get it quicker, and get better Cashback rate.

      • Seems there is no need to submit the claim for the CB if purchased through the Sony online store. Anyone tested this?

        • When I bought my a6400 I still had to submit the claim.

    • yes this is their plan muuuuuhahahaha

      • How long did it take for Sony to get back with pricematch

        • a bloody long time, so don't bother trying to save a buck

          • +1

            @9hundred: They’ve got back to me fairly quickly the few times I’ve tried. Few hours tops.

            Not sure if that’s your definition of long or was longer than that, but seems alright to me when I tried.

          • @9hundred: It's never taken me more than a few hours for Sony to get back to me with a price match and I have requested them at least 5 times in the last few weeks.

        • This would be my second time with a Sony price match and it has taken on both occasions roughly 6 hours for them to get back to me.

        • Just requested PM at 8:30pm then got approved at 9:15pm.

  • I got approved for my price match from Sony but it doesn't show in cart ? Anyone share how it worked for them ?

    • +1

      You will need to be signed in to Sony Store with the same email address that you got the price match confirmation on.

  • Anyone noticed cashrewards reduced the cashback for sony website to 2%??

    • I believe it was a promotional increase that was going to expire last night.

  • Thanks OP. Had this one on my list and just ordered one. Cheers

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