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[eBay Plus] Kathmandu Pocket-It Men's Hooded Water Resistant Packaway Light Rain Jacket $39.98 Delivered @ Kathmandu eBay Store


kathmandu_official_store on Ebay is doing their $20 off the jackets for the Ebay Plus tuesday deals.

Red has the most sizes left otherwise black and navy XL

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    Are these twice as good as the no name/generic ones you can find on Aliexpress for ~$20?

    Also $60 in store at the moment by the way. God I hate Kathmandu and their BS RRP.

  • Anyone know what these would be like for running in?

    • +10

      a sweaty mess. They don't breathe and they have poor waterproofing, so you'll be wet from the inside and out.

    • +1

      Found this to be pretty good as I use it for running. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/active-mens-outdoor-jacket/...

      • +1

        Thanks have requested cancellation of my order for the Kathmandu jacket and will try this instead.

    • +2

      You'll feel like a steamed dumpling.

      For running you need something waterproof but breathable and light (e.g. Kathmandu's ngx fabric), unfortunately good jackets are not cheap.

      This pocket-it jacket is more to carry for a backup if it suddenly starts raining or for a short stroll in the rain, it's not made for running.

      • Usually a fan of steamed dumplings but would rather not have mine steamed while out for a run :(

  • -1

    Perfect rubbish for the common ozbargainer

  • Anyone can comment on the patagonia houdini?

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