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[Afterpay] realme 7 5G 128GB Mist Blue / Flash Silver $271.14 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Even better than this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633474. I've had an hard time finding the item allowing Afterpay payment as other Realme 7 5G phones on eBay would not include the payment options. This one is the only I could find. Use the Afterpay referral to get another $30 off.

Realme 7 5G (Dual Sim 5G/4G, 6.5'', 128GB/8GB, 5000 mAh) - 5000mAh Massive Battery | 120Hz Ultra Smooth Display | Dual Acceleration | 30W Dart Charge | Super Power Saving Mode | Ultra Image Stabilization Max Stable as a Rock | Super Nightscape Mode

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    I’m getting $271.14.

  • Indeed, made a mistake in the title, I can't change it though…

    • Managed to change it now…

  • At $217, is it a good bargain though? Genuine question…

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      At that price (especially if it does include the Buds Q), yeah it's a very good price indeed.

      My post that's linked in the OP has 58 upvotes for it at $319.

      • Noice…cool thanks! Yep, defo had a typo ($217) before!

  • Can't find bonus buds

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    This doesn't make any mention of the Buds Q…

  • Where are the buds bud

  • Anyone have this and feel 5G is fast?,.. wondering if the 5G Realme 7 would be as fast at download speeds as my 5G Note 10 plus

    Edit: it's missing the 4G band 40 which Optus only uses might effect download speeds when carrier aggregated with 5G

    Dual SIM, 5G/4G3G 3G/HSDPA,850,900,1900,2100
    4G Network4G/LTE:
    2100 (B1),1800 (B3),850 (B5),2600 (B7),900 (B8),800 (B20),700 (B28)
    2 Years Warranty

    Don't see any mention of the free Buds either would they be worth much?

    • Just got this phone from Mobileciti previous Monday for $358 so this is a good price

      As for the question of 5G speed, here is my personal experiment (both phones on Telstra Prepaid 5G) download speed test a couple mins apart

      Last week Location 1: Realme 7 5G 610Mbps down vs iPhone 12Pro 580Mbps
      Today Location 2: Realme 7 5G 620Mbps down vs iPhone 12Pro 280Mbps

      I am pleasantly surprised how fast this beast goes.

      Love the 5000mA battery life. Charged up Monday night started using phone Tuesday. Set phone to auto off at midnight and auto on at 9:30am. By Sunday modning when phone started up it is at 40%. That is when Android 11 got push down and I had to put it on charger while I update the phone's Android.

      My SIM2 is on AmaySim and never gets 5G. Speedtest on 4G is nothing to write home about 60-80Mbps when I test them. Maybe lacking band 40 is to blame

      • Actually very good speeds I've done over 1000Mbps on my Note 10 though that's finding the right spot close too the 5G tower

        Reason I asked I might as well sell my Telstra Wifi Pro mu500 5G modem while it's still sells over $350 on eBay and buy this cheaper

        I'm confused how many days you got out of the Realme 7 phone? you started using Tuesday and what still had 40% juice on Sunday?

        Anyone confirm this has the free Buds either way I've messaged the seller, hopefully they get back too me soon👍😁

        • Well I setup an AUTO OFF and AUTO ON schedule on my phones.

          No point in keeping phone on when I am not actively using it :-)

          By my calc it was ON 15 hours x 5 = 75hrs works out to be roughtly 3 days?!
          But for my use case I can pretty much charge it once a week ;-p

          • @bs-a: Wow very good battery life,..

            Now I can't decide between this and the Moto G 5G here,..

            Though leaning towards this Relme 7 5G well I don't think the Moto G 5G has dual sim which is handy too have primarily gonna use it mainly as a replacement for my Telstra Wifi Pro Modem and be my spare 5G phone

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    Tempting, but a quick google search and it seems like there isn't much development around custom firmware for this phone (or even anything on rooting it).

    Most people wont care about that kind of stuff though

  • I thot I net a bargain when I bought it from JB Hifi for $499 3 months ago with a pair of earbuds, pffffft

  • doesn't seem to come with free buds..

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        Participating Retailer means realme Australia official online store, official eBay store, official Amazon store, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, Kogan, Catch.com, Mobileciti, 5GWORLD in Australia.

        • It should be eligible for the buds offer

    • +1

      Comes with free buds, got dispatch email saying 'with buds'

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    This or Moto G 5G?

    I’m more inclined toward Moto mainly because of the stock Android and the brand itself

    • +2

      Actual brands are Lenovo VS Oppo

    • +1

      It depends on what functions you prefer.
      Actually Moto G 5G Plus is somewhat weaker than Realme 7. Processor similar speed. But RAM 6G to 8GB, charge 20W to 30W charge, display 90Hz to 120Hz.
      On both Antutu8 and geekbench5 test Moto G is around 3-5% slower than realme 7.
      But what's good on Moto is it has a larger screen at 6.7" and it has dual front camera including a wide angle lens.

      • +1

        Also, you should review the camera performance if it matters to you… Moto G 5G is slightly bigger (I prefer smaller…). The lack of custom ROMs for the Realme 7 5G is a downside. There are custom ROMs for Realme 7, not sure if compatible though. All in all, both seem to be good options.

  • Reply to me from eBay Mobileciti_estore



    Thanks for contacting us.

    The Realme 7 5G would come with the free wireless buds.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Kind regards



  • Just to confirm, only 3 hours battery life when using 5G right? There's 5g in my area so 3 hours just doesn't cut it. I'd prefer to use that over my NBN connection when it comes to using my phone.

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    Got it for $241 with $30 afterpay offer, with free buds its an amazing deal i reckon.

    • What’s the afterpay offer?

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        New user get $30 credit

        • did not get that new user credit

          • @belrose: did you use the referral link? I used it, maybe that's the reason I got it.

  • Did anybody got the tracking email ?

    • I did, straight after the order from both eBay and eBay - mobileciti_estore.

  • +1

    Just received my device on Mon and have had issues where the phone doesn't connect to my mobile data unless I restart my phone.

    I called realme tech support and apparently it's a common issue with those on the Telstra network.

    For anyone experiencing the same issue, here's the solution that was provided to me and seemed to fix my issue:
    1. Go to "Settings"
    2. Select "Sim card & mobile data"
    3. Select the appropriate Sim e.g. "SIM1"
    4. Select "Access point name"
    5. Press the "i" on the appropriate internet e.g. mine is "Telstra Internet" under the "Global" heading (It was the preselected option)
    6. The "APN Protocol" should be "IPv4" by default. Change this to "IPv4/IPv6".
    7. Press the tick on the top right and save the changes.
    This should resolve the issue. If it doesn't then go to Step 6 and change the "APN Protocol" to "IPv6" and save the changes.

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