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8-in-1 USB C Hub PD 87W, [email protected] HDMI, Ethernet, USB Port, USB C Port, SD/TF Card Reader $32.64 Delivered @ HARIBOL Amazon AU


USB C Hub, HARIBOL USB Hub with HDMI [email protected], 8 in 1 USB C Adapter with PD 87W, RJ45 Ethernet, USB Ports, PD Charging, SD/TF Card Reader for MacBook/Pro/Air (Thunderbolt 3) and Type C Windows Laptop
The original price was: $49.88
Lightning Deals Price: $42.39
After code is: $32.64

Triple Display USB C HUB with 2 HDMI [email protected], 8 in 1 USB-C Laptop Docking Station with 87W PD, 3 USB3.0, SD/TF Card Reader for iPad MacBook Air Pro Samsung and More (Triple Displays Only for Windows)
The original price was: $56.98
Lightning Deals Price: $48.43
After code is: $39.23
Code: M7XNIRJ8

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  • Can I use one usbc for pd power, and the other for a HDMI to usbc cable monitor? As my laptop only has one usbc port, and I only have one monitor which doesn't support native usbc, i have to use a cable from HDMI to usbc, but it doesn't have power supply alone.

    • highly doubt this can be done.

    • +1

      No, it can not work like that

  • Compatible with Samsung Tab S7 Series or just Samsung Tab S3 Series?

    • Hi,

      Compatible with Samsung Tab S7 Series.

      If the USB C Port is USB-C 3.1, it all can work

  • Will this work with Chromecast with Google TV?

    • No, it can not work with Chromecast with Google TV. Please note it.

      • Why not?

        • Dunno, why don't you buy one and complain that it should?

    • I bought this when it was on special and can confirm it works with chromecast with google TV.

  • +2

    should note this does not offer gigabit ethernet (only 10/100)

    • It is 100M

  • Thanks op

  • Has anyone tried connecting this to a Samsung Galaxy phone to use DeX?

    • Your phone must S8 or above, so it can work

  • +1

    I've tried this one before. I think the reason I returned it was it was not gigabit ethernet.

  • I'd be interested to know of anyone who can get the triple display at 4K working.

    I can only ever do triple 1080p, from my Dell 7550.

    • How did you get triple? Laptop to hub to two monitors?

  • +1

    I'm pretty this is only 100mbps ethernet and USB2.0. Good apart from that.

    I think this is a better product (albeit out of stock at the moment). I am using this one with my M1 MacBook Air at 4K 60hz.

  • Has anyone owned this before and confirm if it work well?

  • HDMI [email protected] is a big winner for this hub, most hubs only support [email protected]

    • please be careful to note that the host device needs to support this feature. most other usb hubs have an additional chip to provide HDMI, this [email protected] requires that your USB-C or whatever port supports displayport-alt mode, it's basically just the hub passing these signals through to a physical HDMI port

      • I bought this last time it was on sale… Tried outputting [email protected] from my Surface Laptop 3.. couldn't get it to work. I used a hdmi 2.1 cable too. Was only able to get 30hz

  • Nah no gigabit

  • Can I connect the following at the same time:

    • HDMI to my monitor's HDMI
    • USB to my monitor's USB hub, with my Logitech keyboard/mouse receiver plugged in
    • USB to a webcam?


    • +1

      Yes, all the ports can work the same time

      • Thanks!

  • Some reviews seems to be quite negative
    one said the 87w PD pass through causes smoke and burns the hub

    • They manage to activate the hidden feature. 😂

    • Especially with MacBook m1

  • Would I be able to connect my 2020 MacBook pro to two monitors with this?

    • +1


      Yes, this one can work for two monitors, but for MAC OS, it does not support a triple display. Please see the product details description.

      Triple Display USB C HUB with 2 HDMI [email protected], 8 in 1 USB-C Laptop Docking Station with 87W PD, 3 USB3.0, SD/TF Card Reader for iPad MacBook Air Pro Samsung and More (Triple Displays Only for Windows)
      The original price was: $56.98
      Lightning Deals Price: $48.43
      After code is: $39.23
      Code: M7XNIRJ8

      • Thanks OP, I just ordered one for my new unit.

      • The promotion seems aded automatically. Bought one.

        I hope no issue with 2019 Macbook Pro 16"

        Usbc charging passthru is what I am worried if it can supply power to macbook pro 16" and the hdmi compatibility as I tried a HP USBC Dock G6 (it says compatible with MacOs) on macbook pro 16" but display won't work and worst it crash my MacOS when i plugin / out the hdmi cable.

  • I have one, works great, only downside is no HDCP.

  • Hi OP,

    What refresh rate would the "Triple Display USB C HUB with 2 HDMI [email protected]" run at if I connect 2no. 2k monitor to it?

  • I was keen to try one of these but the reviews say you need to plug it in multiple times to get connection…

  • Do you have dual [email protected] with usb 3.0?

    • I cannot apply the promotional code.

      I keep getting The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase

  • They are not compatible with MacBook Air M1?

    • Hi,

      It compatible with MacBook Air M1

  • Can I have one 4k 60Hz monitor to HDMI and use USB-C PD charging simultanously?

    • That is how it is suppose to work, your hdmi connected to your laptop and able to it also for charging your laptop/mac and other USB and USBC.

      Few things I encounter:
      - sometimes the external monitor is not detected by Mac (not sure if Mac specific issue or also happens on windows laptop. no issue about detecting the monitor once it is plug and you do not take it out. Once I unplugged the Haribo usbc from Mac and use it somewhere else then I plug it back in to Mac, Mac doesn't detect the external monitor but it detects the other USB bluetooth dongle, I have to unplug and plug the hdmi from haribo and remove the USBC power cable from haribo adapter then attach hdmi back then Mac will detect the hdmi and then plug back in the USBC power cable back to Haribo.

      • KB and mouse Bluetooth lags at times. I have to re-insert back the Bluetooth dongle or reconnect bluetooth or could be an issue with Mac as I notice once all kb,mouse and wireless headphone are connected, the mouse pointer starts lagging (most of the time). Sometimes the KB are delayed or the headphone audio is not good.

      At times I feel like going back to a wired connection due to this bluetooth performance connectivity issues (the mouse or kb or the headphone is lagging once they are used at the same time). Could be a MAc issue and not the usbc-c adapter.

      Atleast the Haribo usbc adapter does crash the Mac OS unlike what happen when I connect the HP G6 dock.

  • Any plans to do a deal again Rep?

    And can you confirm [email protected] over HDMI + USB C PD charging on Macbook Pro M1 will work?