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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard $169.15 Delivered @ digiDIRECT ($160.69 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


A pretty good price for the Logitech Keys keyboard as part of their EOFY sale. Even better is the free delivery, given most of us are in lockdown (thanks Gladys)

You can also try and contact Officeworks for their price beat to get it for $160.69 however you might be waiting a while to get through to them.

Logtech MX Master 3 also available for $126.65 delivered or $120.31 with PB at Officeworks - thanks to Prubie for the heads up on this one

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    Is it a good keyboard for heavy use?

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      It is like typing on a Thinkpad keyboard. Quieter than most keyboards, nice looking and nice to type on once you get used to it, but I think it is absurdly overpriced. Good if you want a tax write off though. Also handy being able to pair with 3 devices.

      • Yeah plenty of positive comments on this keyboard for previous deals posted.

        I've currently got the Logitech K800 keyboard & MX Master 3 mouse and I decided to grab one of these so that I can use both the mouse/keyboard via 'Logitech Flow' which will allow me to move between my work laptop and my desktop PC with ease whilst WFH

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    $154.53 Delivered at Harris Technology's eBay store with code PAYAFT15 if you don't mind using Afterpay. Can reduce price further using some discounted Gift Cards, but must pay some of the balance with Afterpay.

    Officeworks price is not bad if you want to grab it locally.

    • Is HT part of the afterpay sale though? I couldn't see them listed as one of the participating sellers.

      I can see Wireless1 are and also have this keyboard, although it's slightly more. Plus the Wireless1 listing has "Get 15% off with Code PAYAFT15 (Afterpay) T&C Apply" at the top of the listing, but the HT one doesn't - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264766577102?epid=7037559099&has...

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        It works. No mention of it on the product page. The only way to know is to go through to checkout, see if you can select Afterpay as the payment method, and apply the code.

        Works for other sellers that you might not expect too.

        Feel free to add to your description.

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    Any recommendations for something similar in compact size ?

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      From what I can tell, people have been hanging out for a TKL version of the MX Keys since it was released. You can even find a response from Logitech on this from 3 days ago..

      The Logitech G915, while not of the same ilk as the MX, is as close as you get if you want wireless, compact and low profile ('ish) keys but it's $$$. Others have suggested the Apple Magic KB or the Microsoft Designer Compact KB as viable alternatives to the MX in TKL form-factor

  • Anyone getting this error for afterpay on eBay? Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

    • Yep. No longer work

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    Got one tonight from Officeworks. $160.69. Thanks for sharing.

    • price matched?

      • I would say yes given the price is 5% cheaper than the digiDIRECT price.

        I've just returned from Officeworks and did the same. I purchased one on Thursday on Digidirect's website, but I couldn't get a hold of them today and I wanted to pick it up today. Given Officeworks is across the road from digiDIRECT I tried my luck there and scored one for $160.69. Just gotta cancel my digiDIRECT order now.

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    thanks OP pricebeat at Officeworks for $160.69 today

    • How did you do it? Do you just show them the website?
      Wouldn't they charge for the delivery?

      I'm in qld

      • I was at officeworks and showed them the digidirect website. They have a store in Vic so was able to pick it up in person

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          Perfect thanks. Digidirecf have a Brisbane office so I went to Officeworks and got them to match

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    They also have the MX master 3 for $126.65

    • Good spot - will add to the description