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Samsung Portable SSD T5 USB 3.1 1TB (Black) $139 Pickup Only @ Centrecom / $132.05 with Price Beat @ OW


Samsung Portable SSD T5 USB 3.1 1TB (Black) Pickup Only for $139 at Centrecom (Low Stock)


For $132.05 with Price Match at Office Works (Plenty of stock as per the person on their hotline 1300 633 423)

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    whats the difference between the t5 and the t7? shopping around for my first hard drive

    • Speed

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      T5 access speed 540mb p/s
      T7 access speed 1050mb p/s + fingerprint sensor

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      tee seven is zo fkn fazt homes, twice as fast as the tee 5ive.

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        Voice input?

      • Red is fast.

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        I must have missed out learning a new language at school

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      T7 is good if you intend to copy less than 240gb at a go otherwise the T7 will overheat/crap out and transfered data fall behind the T5.

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      Go for T7 only if you have USB3 gen 2 port available. Most of the common laptops / desktops don't have these ports and T5 fares equally sometimes even better then T7. I have both of these drives and just sharing my experience.

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    Good deal!

  • Anyone used one with their PS5 yet?

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      Yep, super fast, zero issues.

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        Cheers legend, will pick one up.
        Has been a drag with having limited install space on the standard storage, more games ftw!

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        do you just plug it into one of the USB ports or do you need to mess up with the internals? ( like the HDD switching on PS4 )

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          You just plug it into one of the USB ports, but remember that it is mainly for PS4 games or PS5 games that you are not using, as you cannot play PS5 games from the hard drive.

        • You plug it into the USB-C port at the front of the PS5. This is an external, portable SSD.

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    Are portable SSDs fast enough for gaming via USB3?

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      I've got a 500Gb T7 (non-touch version) hooked up to a USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C) port and it is definitely fast enough for gaming. Machine is a Dell XPS 13 with a 3070 eGPU driving 3440x1440 (ultrawide) generally at 120Hz. In practice I forget which games are running from the internal 500Gb SSD and which are on the portable drive, but benchmarks show the internal one clearly faster. Can't speak for the T5, but I think that in real world use it wouldn't be too much different despite being technically slower.

  • Looking for december deal like binglee 119 one to get another one. Got one for 119, happy so far, fast, and comes with usb c and usb a cables.

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    I run one of these as my PS5 external drive. No issues. Seems fast enough to me.

  • These are the ones running mSATA drives - can be shucked for an old laptop (has a failed drive)?

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    how exactly does OW price beat work?

    Do we just go into an OW, show them the Centercom website and they'll make it $132.05?

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      they might give you an issue if centrecom is not in your state though

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      The best option would be - call their hotline and place the order for pickup or delivery (if no OW nearby).

      The only difference is when you place an order through their 1300 line, you pay them at the same time, can’t pay in-store.

      Good thing is - They seem to care less than store staff. Personally I never experienced failed Price Beat at OW in-store or 1300 line.

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        thanks just went to my local OW and did the price beat in person using the Centercom website, thanks

        • R u in a different state? Im in NSW not sure if they can do it lol. Gonna call them and check

          • @sauce2k: Yes in a different state, also NSW

            • @GReeeeN: lmao gave up was on hold forever. If this is still on tomorrow I will pop into a shop.

      • I had opposite experiences. I guess just pure luck with who you had on the phone. Once the lady on the phone won't price match the 15% off iTunes GC over the phone because she needs to see the final price online, despite Coles don't sell them online and I pointed her to the catalogue.

        For this SSD, the person on the phone said it's in-store only, so they won't match it even I live in Vic. Just went to my local OW and the staff didn't even care.

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          Yea true. I think it is just case-by-case basis. Also depends on who you talk to

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            @CrazyBargainer: Yeah been lucky dip for me also when it comes to getting pricebeat @ OW.

        • How are they with finding links/sites online? I can't imagine guiding someone through to the correct website and page to show them where to look (but I've worked in IT support, so my bar is not set very high…)

          • @aragornelessar: Their staff are familiar with the common retailers like Harvey Norman or binglee for example. Other retailers you can mention the company name and they can find them ok most of the time.

            Or you can show the company website for not so common retailers on your phone.

  • Are these portable drive good for running and storing VMs?

  • FYI: no stock in Bundoora Centrecom.

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      But you can pickup from Preston OW. I just did an hour ago with Price Beat.

      • That's exactly what I'm going to do shortly :)

  • Is it possible to claim this for tax purposes?
    Like whats a dumb excuse in order to claim this.

    • Maybe only claim it if you actually need it for work purposes?

    • Working from home due to covid lockdown? Generally works for most things at the moment.

    • Well if you are storing work files in it why not? But if you are storing ps5 game saves in it. Perhaps not.

  • there any 2tb models ? say with NVME drives that would work with the PS5 ?

    • The T5 comes in 2TB variety.

      • not cheap tho ?

        i missed the Amazon Prime sale …….

        • Well yeah. Don't expect it to be.

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    Tried and denied at Doncaster Office Works.

    Attendant there said there was no stock at Centrecom Nunawading so he wouldn't match. I said that Elsternwick and other stores had 'call' or 'low stock' to which he replied that it has to be in the store for them to match it. I asked how can I confirm with him that stock is available if I call, or should he? He realised the conundrum as I asked 'if they say they have stock, is that okay for you?'

    He said no, he'll need to talk to them.

    Perhaps avoid having 'Darren' at the store assist with the price beat.

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      Sounds like Darren is Karen’s male counterpart confirmed

    • I managed to price match at Officeworks Glen Waverley. I said it stated low stock at Bendigo store and the manager approve.

      • I said the same thing, but the worker replied with 'its in store'. Not sure what that actually meant as I said they had stock, but low. I suspect he was referring to proximity of needing to go into Centrecom store in Bendigo.

        It was clear he didn't want to price beat so I just let it go.

  • Same experience as a few other people in the comments. Went to OW Kellyville and asked for a price beat. Got denied on the ground that apparently "in-store" availability means they don`t have any stock.

  • Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it…

    ….still not as cheap as the eBay $79 Samsung Portable 1TD SSD Deal

  • When do Officeworks close up for the night on their price match phone line I wonder?

  • Pretty much OOS everywhere.

  • I called their hotline this morning. Basically unless you're in Bendigo, they won't price beat anywhere.

    • Maybe you’re in Bendigo and then you need to leave Bendigo so you have to call up and change your pickup store