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Deposit $200/Month (Was $1000/Month) to Unlock Bonus Savings Interest Rate on Balance up to $150,000 @ 86 400


Received this via email today -:

Earning bonus interest on your Save account is getting even easier

Yes, you read that correctly! We've always been about helping our customers earn bonus interest, not trying to catch them out with extra steps or complex rules. From 1 August 2021, we're reducing the amount you need to deposit to earn bonus interest.

Deposit just $200 a month into any of your 86 400 Pay or Save accounts and you'll earn bonus interest across all your Save accounts! You can have up to 3 Save accounts and can also save with a friend to help hit those shared savings goals.

Our Save rate remains one of the best in the market, at 1.20% p.a. including bonus.

Note: This rate is variable and subject to change. It's made up of a base rate of 0.10% p.a. and a bonus rate of 1.10% p.a. The bonus rate is paid on balances up to $50,000 per account. Interest is calculated on your Save balance daily and paid monthly.

Sure, today's interest rates are $h!t3 and there are better ways to grow your wealth, but this is not bad for very minimal effort (assuming they don't touch the interest rates anytime soon….).

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    The bonus rate is paid on a max of $50k? That's lame.

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      Max $50k per account. i.e. you can have multiple "Save" accounts.

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      Included that in my OP, but thanks for sharing.


      nvm - I see it there now..

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    Similar tactic to UBANK, I think this happen after UBANK taken over 86400?

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    Right now, id be investing 50k into some ETF's rather then storing 50k into a 'savings account' or at least having it offset a mortgage.


      Any suggestions on ETF's ? I am new to it.

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        This is some minimum info you should understand if you want to invest in ETFs:



        Spaceship app. I've turned $3500 into nearly 5k in just under a year using spaceship alone. There is no fees under $5k and you can invest as little as you like and only pay 0.1% yearly balance fee over 5k.

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          Spaceship does not invest in ETFs, they invest in individual shares.


            @Ghost47: Yes and thats called an index fund, the same thing as an etf.

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              @Skinnerr: Actually no Spaceship is more of a managed fund. I suggest you Google the differences before trying to educate others.


          I never heard of Spaceship until reading this post. The website does not explicitly say what they do with the cash we put in. Doing a bit more digging it looks like:
          - "The Spaceship Origin Portfolio is an index fund investing in listed Australian and global shares in amounts according to their market capitalisation." IE it seems to act like an non traded ETF (to be honest I have not checked to see if there is an ASX code for the Spaceship Origin portfolio but I assume not.)
          - "The Universe Portfolio offers a chance to invest in companies hand-picked by the Spaceship Voyager team." This screams managed fund to me
          - "The Spaceship Earth Portfolio, the newest kid on the block, allows you to invest in 50 of the leading companies that are not linked to high levels of pollution, animal cruelty, nuclear power, weapons, gambling, tobacco or alcohol." Managed fund to me here as well.

          Looks interesting but I can find similar publicly listed products without having to join Spaceship and lock my money there. Spaceship seems to be like a low fee baby brother to a place like Vanguard except you only have the choice of 1 EFT and 2 managed funds and cannot trade shares.

      • +5 votes

        Some ETFs (or LICs) for your reference.

        ASX 200 / Index
        BetaShares Australia 200 ETF (XASX:A200)
        iShares Core S&P/ASX 200 ETF (XASX:IOZ)
        SPDR S&P/ASX 200 (XASX:STW)
        Vanguard Aust Shs Idx ETF (XASX:VAS)

        LICs (Not ETFs)

        Bear Market ETFs (ETF designed to achieved the inverse of the market performance)
        BetaShares Aus Eqt Bear Hedge (XASX:BEAR)
        BetaShares Aus Eqs Str BearHdg (XASX:BBOZ)

        Special Industry/Markets
        ETFS Battery Tech&Lithium ETF (XASX:ACDC)
        VanEck Aus Banks ETF (XASX:MVB)

        Environmental / Corp Governance
        BetaShs Aus Sustainability Ld (XASX:FAIR)
        Russell Inv Aus Rspn Inv ETF (XASX:RARI)
        VanEck MSCI Aus Sstnb Eq ETF (XASX:GRNV)
        Vanguard Eth Cnsc Aus Shs ETF (XASX:VETH)

        BetaShares S&P/ASX Aus Tch ETF (XASX:ATEC)

        ETFS S&P Biotech ETF (XASX:CURE)
        VanEck Glo Healthcare Ld ETF (XASX:HLTH)
        iShares Glbl Hlthcare ETF AUD (XASX:IXJ)

        Morningstar Int Sh Active ETF (XASX:MSTR)
        Platinum Asia (Quoted Mng Hdg) (XASX:PAXX)
        Fidelity Global EM (Mng) (XASX:FEMX)
        WCM Quality Gl Gth (Qt Mng Fd) (XASX:WCMQ)
        Magellan Global-Open (Managed) (XASX:MGOC)
        Magellan Global Equities CcyH (XASX:MHG)
        Vanguard FTSE AsiaxJpn Sh Idx (XASX:VAE)
        iShares Asia 50 ETF AUD (XASX:IAA)
        BetaShs Asia Tech Tigers (XASX:ASIA)


          Good selection there. I've got ETFs like BetaShares Australia 200 ETF (XASX:A200) for just the long term hold and manged ETFs like:
          Betashares Australian Dividend Harvester Fund (XASX: HVST)
          Betashares Australian Top 20 Equity Yield Maximiser Fund (XASX: YMAX)
          …for the monthly/quarterly income and a bit less volatility.
          Of course I also jumped in and got normal shares like Woolworths (XASX: WOW) early this week as a hedge on Covid effects hanging around a bit longer.


            @danielh: thanks! added to my list :D


              @lawyerz: The 'dividends' for these just paid off so expect a drop today.


                @danielh: cool thanks :) not buying today, just adding to the list for future reference.

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      An ETF can't be compared to a savings account as it's not capital guaranteed :)

      Not saying your strategy is wrong, but it is still prudent to keep an "emergency" amount of savings in cash.


        Exactly 50k could be six months emergency fund


    Ubank 0.1+1.0 ($200/m deposit)
    86400 0.1+1.1 ($200/m deposit) + $20 once off on referral signup

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      Also AMP 1.25% ($250 deposit in prior month)


        Is this real and permanent? They still try to extort me for bank fees long after the RBE!

  • +1 vote

    Please update title to reflect the minimum 3 account mess, thanks!


      Mods already updated the title to what they felt was most appropriate.

      • +2 votes

        MyState Bank does that (1.2%) a lot less messy and yes 250k are guaranteed!


    I wonder what are the chances for Ubank to pull up thier rates to 1.20% total… One can only dream huh I suppose…


    Good bank and nice features though. Usually something new every month.