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[VIC] AraucoPly 2100x 900x 30mm Clear Pine FJ Laminated Panel $68.72 (Was $136) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings


Seems cheap for large laminated panel for any upcoming projects

I/N: 0290007

Large size makes it suitable for a wide range of applications
Raw timber ready for painting or staining
E1 emission rating
This Laminated Pine Panel is the perfect option for quickly constructing non-structural wooden items such as tabletops, wall panelling and more.

The clear finish allows the pine's natural beauty to shine through, while its solid 900 x 30 x 2100mm measurements ensure its versatility through a wide variety of applications.

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    Showing as $136 for me when I follow the link (QLD)

    • Me too

      • Me too.

    • +2

      Hmmm Must be VIC only.

    • +1

      $68.72 for me (VIC)

  • Showing $136 in Sydney.

  • $136 ADL

  • $136 WA

    • Showing $68.72 for me when selecting harrisdale location

      • They must be watching! It's gone up to $136 at Harrisdale.

  • +1

    Was $68 until I choose the location.
    Sydney tax made it $136

    • God's way of punishing Sydneysiders for spreading Covid to every state/territory in Aus!

      • +1

        This time it's Queensland that spread COVID to NT, and from there to SA and WA.

        • -2

          Oh - I thought it came from Sydney?
          Serves SA right for giving it VIC recently (and we're still in restrictions from it!)

  • Showed 68 initially, but changed to 136 when I used my postal code (VIC)

  • +3

    These are great for shelves. 30mm thick makes them look and feel solid. Get them cut to size at Bunnings for dollar a cut, or free if you come upon someone friendly.

    • Bunnings can cut to size for $1 per cut means 1 cut on length + 1 cut for breadth =$2 ?

      • +6

        Theoretically, yes. But my experience is otherwise.

        I've had lots of cuts done at Bunnings and they generally don't charge for all. I come with all my dimensions sorted and get the cutter to do it all - it means no mess at home and the cuts are always good quality on their huge saw. They might do say 20 cuts all up and charge $5 or so. YMMV depending on how nice they are and how nice to them you are. I also usually bring along a tape measure to confirm while they're cutting.

      • +1

        from what I know, first cut for each panel is free, then $1 for each extra cut

    • They wouldn't cut these as they are too thick. I think they said max cut was 18mm not sure if all Bunnings do that tho.

      • i bought this a couple weeks ago and they managed to cut mine, but i do remember them saying something about it being potentially too thick. Oh and they refused to cut it longitudinally, so mine was only cut transversely.

        • I had no issues cutting mine both ways. Did longside then short side

          • @shadow131: which bunnings did you get your cuts done?

            i got same issue as planeproof, they refused to cut because of 18mm thickness

            • @edBARGAIN: Kingsgrove nsw

              Call your bunnings and awk if they have a vertical panel saw. Thats what mine used

    • Wish my place had an extra storage room. I had an eye out for panels like this to do some DIY study/gaming area for my kids. Would have been fun getting that done.

  • How would this go as a desk with multiple monitors? I see it's rated for use in furniture, but not sure on load capability.

    • +3

      Would do it with ease

      • Thanks mate. Appreciate it

    • -1

      IMO 900mm is a bit wide for a desk, I think 600 - 750 is best. I used their 2200 x 610 x 26mm Oiled Karri Laminated Panel for a desk with 2x Ikea Alex drawers and it's perfect.

      • Yep, will probably get it cut to size

      • +3

        Depends on what size your monitors are, if you are running standard 27' setups then it might be too wide, but if you are using 32' or 34' ultra wides with 27's then it should be fine. This 900mm would be perfect for those runnign LG's CX48 48' OLED TV as a monitor.

      • Hey, how to you place the drawers? Like did you use nail guns or stick them somehow?

    • +3

      I have done this. Easily hold me (70kg) with no problems.

      Bigger question is how your legs mount onto the table. This is a softwood so it should idealy be supported around the base and not just have 4 legs drilled into it.

      side note, buy tasman oak siding 30mm rounded edge and glue it onto the edge


      • Brilliant post link.
        Does this panel require polishing or oiling or painting to be used as a desk? Or can it be used as is after cutting to desired size at Bunnings?

        • scroll up on the linked comment. I posted a guide based on what i did

          • @shadow131: Yep read the post it details the procedure.
            What I meant was is it necessary to process the panel which has been cut to size at Bunnings before drilling and fixing to table frame. Or is it usable comfortably just like ikea’s untreated wood bed frames etc.

      • +1

        Really well done. Thanks for sharing, I'm thinking of doing the same.
        What are your thoughts on just varnishing without adding the rounded edges? Will it still be smooth to the touch after sanding down?

        • +1

          I added the rounding as its softwood. Knowing myself, I would have dented it multiple times. Think of it as a bumper on the car. You don't need it if your are careful.

      • Awesome job you did. Looks like a bought one.

    • I bought one to build a workbench out of. Feels very solid, I cut the length down by 30cm though but I don't think it would have had a noticible difference if I didn't.

  • Better off with Merbau for $120 or Spotted Gum for $140 .. although they are 600mm wide

    • Doesn't Merbau bleed or something so you can to hose it down a few times first?

      • +1

        Mine is fine inside the house

      • +1

        Doesn't bleed naturally, bleeds when washed or exposed to rain/water. Put a nice varnish on, seal it up and it'll be perfect.

    • +1

      In case anyone's interested in my desk story…
      I bought the 2200 x 600 x 26mm beech panel ($109) the other day from Bunnings, cut it shorter, oiled it with the recent $2 hardwax, and put on 4 Ikea Adils legs at $5 each. Looks good!

      • Do you have any pics? :)

        • +1

          Sure - photos here and here.

          The "clear" finish still gave it a bit of a golden hue. You could use something different if you wanted to retain the pale colour of the beech.

  • Anyone know where I can buy cheap hardwood for a table top? Around 1800mm x 700mm? Bunnings seems too long, and don't have the tools to cut it down and finish it myself

    • +2

      Hardwood is never cheap, but Bunnings have a Merbou version for $219. I doubt you'll find anything cheaper.

      • Thanks this looks like a good option. Seems to be out of stock though. I've also been eyeing some ikea veneer table tops, which are priced at $250. They've also been out of stock for the last 2 weeks. Agree that I probably won't find much cheaper.

        • Try chairforce
          They have some veneer tops on sale (1200x800) for $59. Can query them and ask for larger sizes.

        • Ikea tabletops look great, but they are a (thick) veneer over a composite wood (either MDF or chipboard, I'm not sure which). This means you can't cut them down or you will expose the composite interior. It won't lose any strength, but it will look ugly.

          • @DivZero: They give you 2 strips of the veneer to stick on the cut edges.

            EDIT: This is for the kitchen countertops that people regularly use as desks.

            • @Hintswen: Oh that's good to know. I don't think they do that for their table tops.

    • Bunnings does offer cuts for board purchased from them. Find one with a cut shop

      • Thanks that's good to know. How do they finish off the edges?

        • They don't.

    • Bunnings will cut for free .. sandpaper is $3

  • +2

    Manufacturer is AraucoPly. Item is not Ply.

    (Never seen good Ply at Bunnings, but $68 for 30mm ply would have been amazing!)

    • +1

      Yes, it's one of those sheets made from blocks glued together. It's a bit cheeky of them to call it ply, though it would be obvious the first time anyone saw it in the flesh.

      • The term for that is laminated, it's in the title and photos so they're being pretty clear it's not a solid piece. Most hard wood panels at Bunnings are laminated panels, though most of their actual ply is single piece.

  • i actually need to knock up a pantry door
    would tgis do… or what would u guys suggest

    was gonna finish in white/spray rattle can?

    • Buy white melamine board instead. It's already finished in white

      • Go ikea as is section and find a white board lol

    • Buy a normal hollow core door (72 or 82 are usually the narrowest). Cut it to width. Retrieve the solid edge you've just cut off by peeling off the hardboard faces. Slot the solid edge back into the exposed edge and fix with glue/pin nails.

      That's what I did for our pantry. Bit fiddly but worked fine and looks like it was made to fit new.

  • +1

    Probably some dumb questions but:

    • Which part of it is laminate? Is this panel where its made of something inside, but has a 'pine laminate' on the surface? Or does finger-jointed laminate refer more to the way different pieces of pine are joined together sideways? (But if so, where does the laminate come to play?)

    • Relating to the question above, could I cut this to half its length (i.e. to two pieces of ~1m)? If it's a 'laminate surface', I'd be worried at the part where I cut in off. But otherwise if it's all hard wood, then I'm guessing it's okay to do so?


    • +1

      Laminate refers to the way it's joined. This is supposed to make it stronger than just a cut timber board.

      This is pine so it's soft wood not hard wood.

      It'll be fine to cut into smaller pieces.

      • +1

        Ahh thanks cool. So just to confirm, it's a solid timber panel?
        In terms of pine being a soft wood - thanks for clarifying. Would this then be suitable to be used as a table top? Or is it probably too soft? (and will dent/mark/scratch easily?)

        • Will dent relatively easily. However if it's for an pc office works space, it should be fine. You pay for what you get right? For 69 bucks, this is a bargain, even if it ends up with dings later on.

        • It is solid timber but it is soft and will dent.

          Having said that, I'm already using these panels for a BBQ table and a shed work bench.
          I sealed them both with Linseed oil.

    • +2

      Finger joint refers to the butt joints. Of you think of a straight piece of timber, glue sticks very nicely if you glue the long edge to a long edge. However, but to but (or end grain to end grain) is terrible. By making it a finger joint, you get less of a butt to butt joint.

  • I've just been thinking of building a workbench for myself. Would this be suitable for the top or should I go ply

    • I used it for my workbench.
      Looks nicer than ply, particularly if stained (I used Linseed oil).

      Doesn't matter if it gets dented as that adds to the character

  • Tried to get one of these today, but my local Bunnings said their cut shop blade won't be able to cut it down as they need a finer saw?

    Anyone in VIC had success getting these cut at the cut shop or have reccos on how I can get this cut down to 1800 x 800 mm?

    • +2

      They can cut it, but they'll have a rip cut blade so it'll be rough and you'll need to tidy up with sandpaper

      • Awesome, ok that makes sense. I'll give it another crack tomorrow and see how we go. Thanks.

  • Has anyone been successful getting bunnings to cut this.

    They told me max thickness is 18mm that there machine can feed the wood too cut


  • I live in Vic, bought this in Jan 2021 to build a floating desk/shelf for growing kids, light sand and finish, not too worried about dents and scratches because I assume thats what the kids will be doing. I had no problems getting it cut at Bunnings, although I did choose to go at a quiet time to increase my chances of success. I went back to get another piece today to make another desktop but I haven't decided on final dimensions yet so I didn't have it cut. Generally never had issues getting things cut, even sent my non English speaking mum once. In general I avoid asking for cuts on weekends when they are flat out and more likely to say no.

    • Thanks for the feedback

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