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[PS4, PS5] July 2021 PS Plus Games - A Plague Tale: Innocence, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds


As usual, available from the first Tuesday of the month.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is July’s PS5 game.

Full credit to Billbil-kun

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    A Plague Tale Innocence should be the PS5 freebie as it launches same day. Nice.

  • Glad it wasn’t UC Lost Legacy as predicted cos I already got that game on sale…and Predator predicted at another site. 😃

  • +16

    Plague Tale Innocence is an absolute quality game considering it was made by a small studio of approx 40-50 people. One of the only games in recent memory where I played it start to finish without switching to another 'pile of shame' game. This is a guaranteed replay on PS5 before the sequel arrives!

    • I was close to buying this in the last sale for 19. Glad I didn't.

    • Right on!
      I was amazed at the level of detail in the locations.
      I will likely replay it on the PS5

    • I got the game when it was released not really knowing what it was and I was blown away by it - the visuals, storyline, voice acting and gameplay (ok it was a bit simplistic but got good towards the end when you get more abilities and powers).

      Wasn’t expecting them to announce a sequel at E3 either.

      Definitely replaying this on PS5!

    • +1

      Also on Game Pass!

  • +2

    The link doesn't say anything about the games you posted being free.

  • +3

    Great game and two duds (just 2 duds for those with just a PS4 though :( ).

  • +2

    Plague Tale was such an unexpectedly great game.

    Really good story and great acting.

    Will definitely play it again on PS5.

  • Any PS3 games? Can you add PS5 games without a PS5? I am planning to get it in a few months.

    • +3

      PS3 games were stopped a while ago and yeah via mobile app or website

    • +2

      Yes, just add them to your library.

    • +2

      Get the playstation app on your phone and sign in then you can add them

    • +1

      don't think you can ''plan'' that with PS5

  • +2

    Playinf Plague Tale atm on pc. Brilliant game.

    • +5

      And just finished it. Highly recommend!

      • +3

        That’s one short game

        • +2

          Haha been playing last few days. 10 hours long perhaps?

  • +2

    Excited to play plague tale. Had somehow completely missed it. Have looked at reviews and sounds really interesting.

  • +1

    How jumpy is A Plagues tale? I could just about cope with Until Dawn.

    • +1

      Not jumpy at all. You will be fine.

    • A Plague Tale is very unsettling, largely because you're playing as a very young teenage girl. I don't recall any jump scares. You won't have any problems like that.

  • +6

    I swear I get given all of the Call of Duty and Battlefield games through PS+ , I seem to have most of them but have never bought them

    • That cause in a span of 1 and a half years of ps+ we got 4 cod and 2 battlefield!! It's ridiculous!
      Was hoping for the rumored jedi order -_-

      • do you think they might have Jedi order next month?

        • +1

          No clue, but here's hoping!

  • +2

    A bit disappointing on the ps4 games but plagues take is a game I haven't bought yet and looks good.
    How scary is a plagues tale. I don't like a game that focuses too much on horror and gore.

    • +3

      It's gory in that you will see for example people being devoured by rats, or the remnants of those that have been attacked or died from plague. There's an element of horror in the number of swarming rats sometimes but it's not generally a ghostly thing, just lots and lots of small animals determined to eat you.

  • +3

    Thumbs up for A Plagues Tale but offering up COD BO4 is a joke… As on 3yr old "online" only game with no campaign, people won't be able to even get a game on the server. Anyone wanting COD BR is playing the already free Warzone.

    • so i take it BO4 is dead?

      • COD just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. Played Cold War, cool campaign, but offensively short. Played a few games of online and did not enjoy it. Same with warzone, hated it. Maybe I'm just being a nostalgia stooge but I remember Modern Warfare, World at War, MW2 (and even MW3) more fondly…

        • so do I, its the young ones running around with a sniper killing people at the other end of the map that has ruined it for me haha. Thats not how you are meant to use a sniper :P

        • Played Cold War, cool campaign, but offensively short

          It's a similar length to all other CoD campaigns, they're all pretty short. At least Cold War has a bit of replayability since there are different endings you can get depending on your choices.

          • @deadpoet: I guess so. MW/WaW/MW2 just felt longer.

            I thought I was just getting into the midgame or epilogue, and then it all abruptly ended. Might go back and replay on a higher difficulty and get a different ending/knock off the side missions sometime.

            • @CheeseBeans: It's definitely short if you don't do the "side missions", that's true. I feel like they're basically mandatory, even though they don't flesh out the story much.

        • You seem to have not mentioned online multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2019. It's the best feeling MW compared to original MW and MW2. I agree Cold War online sucks and I can't get into Warzone much but the normal online multiplayer for MW is awesome!

    • +1

      BO4 only worth it for zombies

  • +3

    Plague Tale being PS5 only is a bit of a kick in the balls.

    Also, please stop giving us CoD games. Please.

    • Agreed. In a span of 1 and a half years of ps+ we got 4 cod and 2 battlefield!! It's ridiculous!

  • Does Black Ops 4 still have a big community of players?

    • Yep, I find it's quicker to find lobbies than MW and CW. I think they were less strict on skill-based match making in BO4 and more focused on ping/connectivity.

  • +2

    Virtual Fighter is also available again for this coming month.

  • I was so surprisingly pleased with A Plague Tale that I bought it (on sale), despite it being on Game Pass. Glad it's getting a sequel.

  • Plague tale; how is it? Saw it on xbox game pass and wondering if it's worth a go

    • +2


      • For the low low price of free I might give that a go. Cheers!

        • +1

          its worth its R.R.P, I really enjoyed it, will play on ps5 as well.

  • +2

    I was waiting for Plague Tale because I heard the rumour it was coming to PS+, such a shame it's PS5 only. I get that Sony want to promote the PS5 but a lot of people still can't get one. Terrible PS4 games, BLOPS 4 was the worst in the series and is very much a dead online only game.

    • +1

      I really liked BO4, the multiplayer was intense and Blackout was amazing.

  • A plague tale is available now.

  • +2

    PS4 has a 'trial' version of A Plague's Tale available for free - any idea what limitation the trial is?

    • +2

      I added it via mobile app and I came see that it's a trial. Just checked on console and also appears to be full version, can anyone confirm for ps4?

  • Anyone know if its worthwhile getting a month membership just to get these games to play later?

    • Plague Tale is wonderful, but you'll need to renew your subscription to play them when you get around to them.

      If you have a PC, it will be free on the Epic Store in a week.

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