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Mistral 3.5L Air Fryer $36.75 @ Woolworths (Online Only Special)


Good morning folks,

Woolworths has an online-only special for this OzB-popular air fryer. (Posting from VIC, so can confirm the pricing shows $36.75)

Available for click & collect at certain stores, to save on any delivery fees.

Having missed out on the previous deals, I have finally decided to join the club of air frying!

Product Details:
Hot air technology for healthier frying
1500 Watts
3.5 Litre capacity
Detachable non-stick basket with rack
Adjustable temperature control 80-200°C
Power & heating indicator lights
30 minute timer

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  • +5

    Its pretty small - good enough for 2 people.

    • +8

      or enough appetizer for one average ozbargainer.

    • +7

      I think you'll be hard pressed to fit one person in here, let alone two. One infant max

    • what's the better size?

  • Anyone got one with any reviews?

    • +4

      I have and I have no complains. It is not big like others, but it is enough for 1 or 2 people.

    • -1

      It's very small but it works well.

    • I have one. It does the job well enough and defo worth 36$. A bit bulky in my opinion.

    • I've got one, it does frozen hot chips pretty well - crispy on the outside soft on the inside. Just need to give the chips a bit of a toss an spray oil halfway through the cook.

    • +1

      i have one and can confirm it is GREAT. compared to my sisters $400 phillips one its a bit agricultural but in terms of actual air frying absolutely zero complaints.

    • yes, please don't get this. I've had a few cheap ones before and this burns your food way too quickly, and is also much MUCH louder. The fan runs louder than my stovetop's cooking exhaust fan.. it's ridiculous..

      Everyone who says it is great clearly has not owned any other airfryers out there…

      • +7

        Completely agree about the fan. It's loud and rattles. As for burning the food too quickly, well that's why there's a temperature dial. No issues about that for me.

        • +1

          Cheers for replying, more people need to know how loud the fan is.

          Maybe the temp dial isn't calibrated as well for mine, cause all the other airfryers i've used i always set it at 180c, but this one tends to burn my food way quicker. I can cook my food a lot longer without burning with other airfryers I've had.

          Actually now that I think about it might be the distance between the heating element and the food tray. So this one might be a closer than others.

          • @jimaiwr: bought this for the camp kitchen.. hopefully noise doesn't scare away the wildlife =)

  • -2

    I ve been using it for a year, and cook the food well.

    I also put the basket in the dishwasher with no problem

    Didnt bother cleaning it, at this price would just get a new one.

    • +22

      Bit contradictory there. How about you clean it so there's less needless landfill.

  • +3

    I saw at least 5 of them on display at a discounted price next to the sushi bar in the Brisbane Mt Gravatt store yesterday. The basket inside looks very small so it can probably only hold a single serve of food when taking into consideration you’re supposed to leave room between each item for the air to circulate, rather than filling the basket up full.

    • $36.75 ?

      • +1

        Can’t remember exact price but was below $40. Haven’t been back since lockdown started so not sure how many left on display.

  • +2

    Bought one for $38 from last sale, we are using it every day since day one :)

    • Yep its a great buy for $50 so $38 is amazing

      • its $36

        • +5

          Actually it's $36.75.
          If you're going to be anally pedantic, at least do it right.

      • Mine carked it two days ago after 8 weeks use. Yet the one I got for mum for Christmas is still going seven months later. I'm going to take it back to Woolworths. Not sure they would replace and give me the $14 difference than I paid($50) If I get another one.

    • Might be silly question, it reads dishwasher proof (safe), does it go in dishwasher along with Handel ? Metal basket is screwed to that plastic silver handle…

    • +2

      Every day?! What does your diet consist of??

  • Anyone else getting the message it's 'temporarily unavailable'? It's showing in stock in multiple stores around me, but when I click into the item, unavailable.

    • So if I connect without login to WW, it says it's available and in stock at stores everywhere near me. If I login, it changes to unavailable and all store show no stock. What is this sorcery?

      EDIT: Turns out I had my pickup set to a store in a different city somehow

  • +3

    Anyone use different type of these like this basket style one then maybe upgraded to the front flap ones which have more features like the rotisserie and chip basket?

    Here I am shaking my own chips like a sucker …
    (But otherwise loving my cheapie Kogan one)

    • +2

      I've heard the rotisserie ones are a pain to attach and detach and most people end up cooking the chips just on the tray anyway - in which case a basket with a handle is better because its easier to shake…

  • +2

    Would this item be considered an essential purchase during COVID lockdown?

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Kmart version?

  • +4

    These are great, highly recommend. Steal at this price.

  • +2

    Shame my store doesn't have it. The 15 bucks delivery fee ruins it for me.

  • Can i make salmon on these? the basket looks like its for chips/

    • +2

      You definitely can! They fit in the basket, and only needs about 12mins @ 180c for perfectly cooked salmon, flipping halfway. If you want crispy skin, you can brush a little bit of oil/butter on the skin beforehand.

    • I've done salmon in it, works well.

    • Yep we cook Salmon in this all the time

  • +3

    Is this an airfryer for ants?

    Our 7.9 litre airfryer never seems big enough.

    • +2

      I now have a Philips XXL as well as this Mistral one. Yes the XXL is more convenient sometimes but tbh I never really struggled with the size of the mistral.

      We use both at the same time now… e.g. Salmon in the mistral and chips in the Philips

      Or if we just want to air fry up some fish fingers or ikea meatballs for our young children, we tend to use the Mistral as we are happy to chuck the whole basket in the dishwasher as we dont care about the paint fading etc, whereas we're a lot more delicate with the Philips and tend to clean by hand which takes much longer

  • Limited stores for pickup it seems.

  • Just bought a 7.9L on amazon yesterday for $100 fml

    • If it hasn’t shipped, you can cancel order.

      • -1

        should have only paid $73.50 =]

  • +2
  • +4

    I was skeptical of these because of the bullcrap "healthy frying" claims.
    It is a oven, not a fryer. You can cook chips in any fan-forced oven.

    BUT am now a convert. It makes a great 2nd oven. No waiting to pre-heat. Easy to clean. I can put potatoes in this while the meat etc cooks in the main oven at a lower temperature. The air "fryer" is perfect for heating a couple of ham & cheese croissants. Or some fast pork ribs. Who says it is "healthy"? :-)

  • +1

    Had to take one of these back to Woolworths because the door wouldn’t shut/slide in properly and was making it hard to get the seal so it would start cooking but was pretty sure I just got a dud.

    • did you request replacmeent?

      • Nah I just got a refund. Easy process.

    • Mine only slides in 100% if I push it down when sliding it in. Other than that, everything's working great.

      • This was more of a left right line it up perfectly or it wouldn’t go in and start kind of thing. Doesn’t sound like yours is that bad and tbh, the price is right

  • This is a lot louder than many other airfryers out there, just be weary before buying..

    • +1

      It's not that loud

      • If you haven’t owned other airfryers you will not think its loud. But damn this is loud

    • Volume is not an issue at all for me. Great unit!

    • +2

      imagine being negged for giving advice :,(

  • +1

    A friend of mine bought one for 1/2 price, which was $24.00, I think, roughly. Good price for a decent "portable-oven"

    • yea might of been at some rural stores on clearance. but most ppl dont live in middle of whoop whoop so slightly irrelevant

  • Awesome thanks.

  • Right after I bought one from Catch! Darn it

  • Bought one last time they were on sale. Works great but too small. Used it a few times then sold on marketplace. I bought the 10l one when it was on sale at Woolies. Much better size

  • May be better deal here as 3.5L might be too small.

    Kogan 6.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer
    $69.99 Was$149.99 You Save $80 (53%)

  • Is this in stock or not? It says it's in stock when I'm logged out but no stock in all of Syd when I'm logged in.

    Seems like you have to pick direct to boot for it to be in stock but now it's forcing me to pay $1 for a bag.

    • There’s two at west ryde. They tried to give me an opened and clearly returned one saying it was the last they had, but it was not fully marked down ($47, $2 off) in the corner.

      • Yes I also see in store ticket says $47 which is only saving $2 from the rrp so I guess $36.75 probably is online offer

    • There's a stage in checkout where you can select "BYO bag" and it removes the bag charge.

  • Are we supposed to keep the four rubber grommets on the inner tray? Just seems like it'd bake.

    • +1

      Yes, they are made of silicone and help keep the tray in place

  • Can anyone order it for Sydney Click and Collect, otherwise won't bother signing up to a Woolies account?

    • seems to be free for me when logged in

      • Free as it there is stock in Sydney for pickup? :)

    • +1

      It's not available for me in sydney. No stock

  • +1

    can't order it online for sydney

  • Does anyone have this airfryer and know whether it fits a small 1.5kg chicken, please? Thanks! EDIT: found the manual online and it's much too small for that.

    • You'd want the 10L one for that https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636055 it's out of stock now but has been going in and out of stock all night.

      • Do they have the 3.5L on discount now? I kinda need one urgently as the airfryer I bought from Kogan served me well for two years but finally stopped working last week. It was good for daily use at only $33 so I'm looking at New one in a similar price range.