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[VIC] EGO - Blower - with Charger Kit - 5.0Ah - LB5804E $355 @ Blackwoods Scoresby


Listed at $355 however when adding it to cart the price is $589 so I called blackwoods and purchased it over the phone @ $355 for pick up, collected it yesterday.

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    Easily the best battery garden tool range on the market

    • -3

      I have everything they make. The battery tech is good. Ergonomics are crap and the mower is shit.

      • It would be good if they released their dual battery mower here - I have a feeling it is more powerful than the current top of the range

  • I saw EGO and my brain naturally thought this was LEGO?
    Anyone else too?
    Ok just me then…

  • +1

    Not available at Wollongong branch.
    Almost worth it for the battery alone.

    I see other EGO products on sale that I cannot add to cart;

    Steel Deck mower with 7.5Ah battery - $751
    Backpack blower with 7.5Ah battery - $450
    Backpack link with 7.5Ah battery - $391
    Multi tool pole saw kit 2.5Ah battery - $250

    • I have been after the multi tool pole saw, it is a bargain at $250! but unfortunately they are out of stock

      • Yeah I also want the saw, and asked Scoresby when I was buying the blower. But there is no stock dammit.

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    None available to purchase in my Brisbane postcode unfortunately.

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    Can't find any postcode where these deals show up

    • I think they only have stock at Scoresby which is BW Melbourne, website stock level indicates they have 20. This is updated overnight as they had 21 before I purchased mine.

      EDIT: Looks like the QTY is updated more regularly, 15 left.

      • Yeah that was me. It was showing 16 just before I bought mine.

  • So what can this do that my $20 ozito bunnings blower can't do?

    • Lower your bank account? Blow like hell maybe:)

    • For starters, there's a link to this deal, whereas your $20 deal is imaginary.

      Cheapest deal Bunnings have ever had in here was for their 2 x 18v Ozito Jet Blower - skin only for $30. Was still a great deal, but you needed to have or purchase two more batteries to it to be able to use it.

      • -1

        I'm talking about corded. Lol. Imaginary lol.
        I would bet my $20 blower does more than that $355.
        I uses mine every year when my whole 1000sqm house is filled with leaves, it does the job quite well.

  • This mower is excellent but really heavy.
    Good price too , I paid over $1k when it was released about 4 years ago.
    Battery lasts long enough to do an old fashioned big backyard with heavy buffalo grass.

    • Agreed. I got the newer plastic 51cm SP with the 7.5Ah battery. I went plastic deck because the steel deck was very heavy. Can confirm it does do a great job on my old fashioned big buffalo/kikyu block. I don't think there any stock left though, only the blower kit.

    • Obviously it won't be as heavy as any traditional petrol mower

    • A mower should have some weight to it, especially dealing with thicker grasses, i dont see that as an issue

      • +1

        Plastic deck is very heavy. Steel deck must be insane.

  • /cant seem to pay for the mower .. am i missing something ?

  • I grabed the last mower yesterday, was only one left so didnt bother posting here. It was a great price, and yeah the steel model is heavy, but been self propelled should be ok?

    ++ The Blower - with Charger Kit deal is great, worth it for the battery alone!

    • The blower chews batteries like they are lollies.

  • Just put an online order in and hope there is stock. I had one from Masters years ago for less than $200 and it is still going.

  • Thanks OP,

    Ordered one of the blower kits in Perth.

  • Don't forget the Battery redemption they have on offer if you spend $800 or more on participating EGO products between 1 June and 31 July 2021

    • Blackwoods is not listed under their suppliers. So redemption I don't think is possible unfortunately :(

      • -1

        Yes they are ego supplier. Depending on your place when you search on the redemption page to find a store to buy ego they will list store around the postcode you provid. In my case 5084 there blackwood on Main road. Sure blackwood is a big company and of course they sell ego so they are ego supplier.

        • Note: not all products qualify for the redemption.

  • Thanks, picking up the blower from Scoresby today

  • Nice deal if you can get it. Says unvailable to my postcode, tried pickup and delivery

  • Just note that these come with the old style battery. Seems mine is a 2018 vintage.

    It should be ok since the EGO packs go into a hibernation mode after a month of no use. But keep an eye on this pack you may have to use the warranty if you get/develop a bad cell.

    The "fuel guage" button is a bit crap on these old packs compared to the new packs with the 5 segment display.

    • The batteries i got via redemption 12 months ago were the old style.

      • That sux. I got a redemption 5Ah in Jan and it was the new style. Maybe they try to match what you bought to qualify? I bought a mower kit with the new style 7.5Ah (plus a spare blade) to qualify.

        • I purchased a few thousands worth. Split it into 4 invoices to get multiple batteries.

          • @askme69: The mower I bought had sat on the floor for years and was the old style and only lasted 2 months before dying and covered under warranty I got the new style.
            Every kit/redemption I have had in the last 12 month have been the new batteries.

            So if you got an old style ide guess it has been on the shelf for awhile, FYI the DOM is printed on the tool and batteries

            • @Geoff897: Yep I'm going to be putting this NOS pack through the wringer in my blower and mower for the first few months, to make sure its still good after its 2.5 years of hibernation. I have a near-new new stock 5Ah to compare it with too.

            • @Geoff897: The battery that came with the mower is 06/2018, so it sat for 2 years (may contact EGO) about that. One of the 2.5 is Jan/2020 and old style. The others are Jun/2020 and new style.

  • -3

    Please use a broom, not these noise polluters.

    My neighbour - nice man, but when he sees a couple of leaves on the ground, he gets out his leaf blower and lets the whole neighborhood know who's the boss of stray leaves on the driveway.

    • Being electric its much less noise than a petrol equivalent, plus they have a very good range of settings and on low its not an issue

  • Is there any way to get these prices for delivery?

    • You can order for delivery over the phone.

  • +1

    No stock in Canberra.
    But ordered it over the phone and will be delivered from SA. She said there's a $12.50 delivery fee but wasn't charged on my cc. Winning.

    Thanks Op.

  • I Have this blower OK for home but commercially not so good. I only use it on turbo and you get around 20 minutes use on the 5ah battery.

  • anyone interested in the polesaw kit, dm me

  • If anyone got the steeldeck lawn mower and is finding they don't want it, I'd be interested in taking it off their hands!