Dyson DC29 - Fraudulent Receipt on OzBargain ?

I am looking for a decent vacuum and decided to go for DC29 multi floor.

While looking up through forums, I noticed the price of $359 and somebody uploaded receipt as below



So I emailed HN to price match , infact the same store too and they responded to me saying that the receipt is fraudlent.

Is it lies used to avoid price match ?


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    having dealt with HN Auburn on many an occasion i would say that these guys will tell you anything to get out of a honouring a deal… they are a classic example of HN shiftyness

  • Whether or not it's fraudulent, you can't seriously expect them to price match something nearly 2 months old? That's just not how it works.

    I can assure you this one isn't fraudulent (I used it,) and it's much more recent (still 3 weeks old though):


  • The receipt was not fraudulent. It was the real deal.

  • That HN receipt has been edited. The buyer's name and address has been partially erased.

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      to be fair wouldn't you erase your name and address before posting a receipt?

      seriously bro, use some common sense

  • If you could get anyone to pricematch it I'd be surprised! Anything under $400 for the DC29 is a steal! If the store refuses to price match a receipt, which, no offence, you can't expect a business to sell for a loss. Ask them what their best offer would be, write it down and see if it adds up :) Kind of puts them on the spot.

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