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Castrol MAGNATEC Engine Oil 10W-40 5 Litre $22.89 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


This famous Castrol MAGNATEC Engine Oil 10W-40 5 Litre again better than half price…

If you are looking for Export Degreaser 400g - $1

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    famous Castrol MAGNATEC Engine Oil

    Part synthetic for those that care.

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    Its interesting, im always wondering who tops up/replaces there own oil? I assume a lot of people since these deals get a lot of upvotes!
    Just got a 2013 Focus as a cheap run around and was thinking i might start doing the basic stuff myself - oil, air/oil filter. Will this actually save me money…? Im assuming i will still need to take it to a garage anyway once or twice a year….

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      I buy cheap good oil from deals and chuck it on the front seat with a note asking my mechanic to please use it.

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      Changing things like air filter are very easy. Oil / oil filter maybe but messy and require at least couple of tools but frankly speaking it all pays for itself after first oil change. It's a good idea to get your car checked by s mechanic from time to time, but basic checks like fluid levels, oil level, tyres etc you can do (and probably should do) yourself.

      YouTube is a good source of DIY

    • If I had a car under warranty obviously I would take it to a licensed mechanic so they can tick off the book, but neither of my cars are under warranty.

      Changing oil is so easy on many cars that it's not worth going to the mechanic. It CAN be messy though, so you'll also want to get a good pair of gloves and buy some degreaser and hand cleaner. On my car, I don't even need to jack it up to change the oil.

      Some cars require removal of splash shields and the filter may be totally inaccessible without some dismantling, so if you don't have a hoist it may be a pain in the bum and in that case it may be worth continuing to take it to your local mechanic.

      In NSW you'll need a pink slip once a year anyway, so it's worth getting the brakes, belts, etc. checked out at that time as well (or at least the mechanic SHOULD do that for you). Other states, yes it's probably wise to get your car checked out annually.

    • Log book services I'll supply the oil, our other cars that are older I do the servicing on.

      • So any car over 5 years you just do it yourself? Are you not worried when you come to sell it and someone asks for the logbook and it hasn't been checked…?

        • I keep a log of the date and kms, will also note down bigger items replaced like brakes, cooling system etc along with receipts.

          Never had anyone say they're not happy with the service history but I'm not sure I'd see the difference in selling price between having a workshop stamp and my method

    • I do my own oil/filter changes every 6mth on my 12 years old Hyundai Elantra and always use this oil. By it on special for the next oil change.

  • Thanks, got one

  • Is this suitable for use in 2005 Toyota echo? Internet search seems to suggest I should be using 5W 30, but would this be ok? (I am far from mechanically minded, don’t worry I have someone with more knowledge who changes the oil, filter etc for me but they aren’t available to ask right now). Please and thank you

    • Yeah should be fine. Check the owners manual for the oil weight/viscosity. Older Toyota’s can usually handle a wide range of oil weights.

      Depending on mileage a slightly thicker weight e.g., 10w40 might actually be better.

      • Thanks for your reply

    • always use the same type of oil as per your manual.

      the xxW xx numbers are the viscosity of the oil… in laymans terms the viscosity relates to the "thickness" of the oil and how much resistance it has when flowing around the engine.

      Like Worf said, you may be able to get away with 10W versus 5W, but it's up to you.

      • Thanks for your reply

    • 10w 40 is just as goodl for the 1nz-fe thats in your echo/yaris

  • It’s $60 for the oil from the car dealers service bill , they don’t use synthetic , leave this with a note to use instead .

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