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[Hack] $4 off $10 Spend @ KFC App (Buckette & 2x Freezes $6, 2x Zinger Burgers $7.90, 8 Chicken Pieces + Freeze $10.90)


I was playing around with the new item IDs from the KFC bucket hunt game and worked out if you add any of the items that say "discount applied at checkout" in an order that is over $10 you'll get a $4 discount. You can only get one $4 discount per order. I'm unsure if this works for multiple orders the same day or for those that have already claimed a Bucket Hunt win the same day.

I've added all the direct app links to these "hacked" menu items at the bottom of this post. You'll need to be signed into the KFC app for this to work. Here is how to get redireced to the KFC app once you click a direct link below: iOS Android

Here are some of the best deals I've found. I've used the freeze as the "hacked" item as its the cheapest item on the menu:

Buckette and 2x Freezes for $6 (Tuesdays Only)
9 Pieces of chicken and 1x Freeze for $7.95 (QLD & Tuesdays only)
8 Pieces of chicken (Using the "Add On" glitch) and 1x Freeze for $10.90
2x Zinger/Fillet burgers for $7.90 (Links below)
Zinger Stacker Burger and 2x Freezes for $6.95
Triple Zinger Stacker Burger (secret menu item) and 1x Freeze for $9.45
4x Large sides and a Freeze (via build your own bucket menu) for $6.95
10 Wicked Wings and a Freeze for $8.95
3x Zinger or Original fillets (via build your own bucket) and a Freeze for $7.35
Double Combo (2x Zinger burgers, 2x small chips, 2x drinks) and a Freeze for $11.45

Add one or more items from below to an order over $10 to get $4 off:

Pepsi Freeze $1
Mountain Dew Freeze $1
Zinger Burger $5.95
Original Recipe Burger $5.95
Double Tender Burger $4.95
Zinger Stacker Burger $8.95
BBQ Slider $2.95
Pepper Mayo Slider $2.95
Large Chips $4.95
Regular Chips $2.95
Regular Popcorn Chicken $5.95
Maxi Popcorn Chicken $7.95
3 Original Tenders $6.95
Nugget Go Bucket $4.60
2x Zinger Burgers $12.00 ($8 after discount)
Ultimate Box $11.45 ($7.45 after discount)
3 Piece Box $11.95 ($7.95 after discount)

Unusable due to inflated prices:

21 Chicken Pieces $38.45
15 Chicken Pieces $27.95
9 Chicken Pieces $22.95
10 Tenders $19.95
30 Nuggets $30.00
24 Nuggets $28.95

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  • +9

    galaxy brain OP. good job

    • +1

      Yeah. Thanks OP. B'day dinner sorted.

  • nice

  • +6

    Bucket map doesn’t even work for me :( doesn’t load

    • I can capture save and view but when i go to redeem it crashes.

    • +2

      Sydney is in lock-down. That's why the map doesn't work.

      • Oh even the initial prize?
        I never could get it to load.
        It’s just a red screen for the map

        • +2

          The app is poorly built:
          (1) If you get stuck on the red screen, it means your map isn't loading. If you wait long enough, you should see the "loading" dots. It should then eventually load (that is if it doesn't time out).
          (2) it redirects you to "Spin" for your prize in your web browser (chrome/safari) and then returns you back to the app.
          However, even if it does give you an error message, you will still see your "prize" in your "Bucket Stash".

          • @amkssg: Yeah, mine crashed 3 times with 3 entries (courtesy of the location spoof app). Then when I checked a day later, there were 3 items in my stash
            Then the next day they disappeared.
            Today they're back again.

    • Yep app is really buggy and the support team never get back to me.

  • +2

    8 Pieces of chicken (Using the "Add On" glitch) and 1x Freeze for $10.90

    How do you obtain this deal? Not sure what the add on glitch is.

    • +3

      Might not be the easiest way but here's how I do it

      1. Add a big item to your order(eg.family feast)
        2.Go to your cart. You'll see addon options. Choose one you'd like to get.
        3.Delete the big item. The addon is still in your order to purchase.
      • +1

        Tried that, added 1 freeze via link, cart says discount applied on checkout but checkout is still showing full price

        • Get rid of ad blocker. Helped me but that app is so dodgy it's probably something else for you…

        • Yep same for me, doesn't work

  • +2

    Doesn't seem to get the discount at checkout for me.

    Eg. I added a deluxe burger meal in the app first for $7.45 then click one of OP's link bringing it over $10. However, until the 'place order' screen it's still showing full price.

  • +9

    I tried Ultimate Box.
    At the last step of checkout, after selected payment method, it still shows full price

  • Does it require the game somehow to get this hax?

    In WA the hunt game is on pause atm due to lockdown, and I can't get the discount at checkout.

  • +1

    I was wondering why I kept getting $4 off every time I ordered…

  • +1

    I think there is a $4 off for those that haven't used the app for a while. They don't seem to announce it. I got this when buying six pieces a while ago.

    • And yet I got grilled above for saying the same thing

  • +1

    I'm not seeing this work but here's the FOMO menu link for those who haven't seen it yet:

  • +1

    Doesn’t work for me.

  • +1

    I don't think it's working
    Thanks anyway

  • +1

    Nah not working

  • +2

    Good find OP if ordering via app

    i prefer to rinse and repeat the kfcfeedback.com.au offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/338514
    Worst case is most stores have pile of receipts at the front, grab one and write a random 5 digit code to claim (dont have a pen, i went to concierge station in the shopping centre 20m away and borrowed their one)

    • I order from the app all the time and when I pick it up I show them my receipt and still get the free chips and drink. Because you can't add it to your order in the app, they just process it at the register.

      • From my experience YMMV. I showed receipt to my local store and they said they can't process it when it's an app order…

        • +1

          They're lying or incompetent. When the survey first came out I had that problem but it was because they didn't know what to press on the register. Now I do it every time. I order on the app, drive up to the intercom, give the order number, and they say: "Drive through to the window 2." Then I say: "I've got the free chip and drink survey too." and they say: "Ok then drive through to window 1." They change to window 1 because where I am window 1 is where you get the drinks and food at window 2.

          One time I did get some twit who acted like I was a thief, said it's impossible to get it with an online order and told me not to try again. I've never seen him again so I did it again a few days later and never had a problem since.

          • @Faulty P xel: Never had a problem. Like you I just tell them when I give them the order number. I thought that was standard in all KFC stores. I guess there is always one dipstick that will try to make it difficult.

  • Commenting so I can come back and test later easily.

    I forgot about the follow button, I already typed this anyway lmao. Assuming it works, cheers OP.

    • Couldn't get it to work 40 odd minutes ago, bugger. Weirdly it did say "discount applied at checkout" in the name of the item though, but no discount came :'(

  • Dinner sorted 2 zinger burger cheers

  • Doesnt work

    • Not sure what the criteria is for it to work. My account it works fine, but just tested it on a seperate account and it wouldn't work.

  • Havent paid for KFC since the bucket challenge began.

    • -1

      Have been eating KFC since the first day of promotion with ifakelocation and 3 accounts, haven’t felt any discomfort from my body unexpectedly xD

      • -1

        Unless you want to let KFC know about your exploits and want them to change the app then don't post about them, you have nothing to gain from telling others.

  • Showing as full price for me too at the final checkout. Got my hopes up

  • Yep, don't see $4 off.

  • +4

    Hack has been reported and fixed :(

    • Nope it's still working for me

      As I am unsure of what the criteria is for it to work, I'll change the deal to targeted

      • My guess would be its targeted to specific states/stores.

  • Doesn’t work for me, although I notice the title of the product has “discount applied at checkout” at the end but after going through checkout, no discount is applied.


  • This stuff never works for me

  • It's not a good hack, when you're playing chicken with your health.

  • Has anyone got it working apart from the op?

    • Worked for me !

  • This worked really well I just added a slider to my meal and got $4 off - thank you 🙏 I’m in WA

  • +1

    Just tried the 2xZinger link. It says buy one get one free in the app and it will apply the discount at checkout.
    It didn't discount to $8. I got screwed. Was $12.

    • its not buy one get one free, thats how its labeled in the app as its meant to be a win from the bucket hunt game. I found the item ID's for these items but as they arent Bucket Hunt wins, they are full price. For me on my account it takes $4 off, but some people it doesnt take anything off. I'm unsure why it works for some but not for others.

      • Just your luck I guess

  • Amazing find!

  • Fantastic find OP. Love these KFC hacks.

    Although not working for me, I made good use out of your last hack. Kudos for the direct links too.

  • It doesn't work for me. I get a "Error 404 Page Not Found." when clicking the link?

    • Read the OP, click the iOS or Android links in the OP

      • I wasn't having a problem with the link. I could click a direct link in the OP and it would open the item in the KFC app automatically and it would say "discount applied at checkout” at the end but after going through checkout, no discount is applied". https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/23773/89913/5a72d563-c...

        So I assumed I was doing it wrong and needed to open the "kfc.com.au" in chrome and do it in chrome? That is where I got the "Error 404 Page Not Found.".

        • Oh okay. Yeah I'm not sure why some accounts it works and some it doesn't. The account I tested this on it worked. But later on I tested it on a seperate account and I couldn't get it to work. It's still currently working for me on my main account

  • For me it says discount applied at checkout but at check out, no discount is applied

  • Anyone know how to get 9 pieces and Mountain Dew for $7.95 on Tuesdays? Is it just a option that pops up in the Chicken Menu, no need to Add on Glitch?

    Am in QLD

    • its expired now. Best you can do is 9 for $10.95, it'll pop up in the menu tomorrow.

      • Oh cheers, do you see anything in your app? Nothing in the chicken menu for 9 pieces

        • try the "new" section

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