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ASRock Radeon RX 6800 XT Phantom Gaming OC 16G Graphics Card $1599 + Delivery @ Umart


Cheapest 6800 xt atm from what ive seen.
To buy or not to buy. Wait another 6 months to maybe save $500-$600 or crypto goes through the roof and shafts us all again, possibly even worse this time.

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    Wow that is a pretty good price considering PLE and Centrecom are selling it over $2k

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    Great price considering there is also stock.

  • That’s a good price, would have got this if I didn’t get 3070ti.

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    Crypto is done for the next few years. Wait a few more months before buying a graphics card if you are upgrading. If you havent currently got a GPU however then this is a hell of a deal.

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      I hear this statement every few weeks for the past year lol.

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        True. But I say this as someone that's made a killing on the way up this cycle and I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Safely sitting in AUD/USD for the time being and have been doing so for the best part of 2-3 months now. None of us can predict the future of course.

        As a counterpoint it was only 1 month and a bit ago that people were snapping up the 3080 at prices north of $3000. And the 3070 was selling at $2000 because "Prices have been going up for months and there's no end in sight". Bet those people wish they'd waited now.

        • got a 3080Ti…..No regrets :)

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            @DanielP2: At what price

            • @AlienC: I paid a lot for it. I got the package from PCCG with the Stris 3080Ti, 5900x and strix x570 motherboard. I needed a cpu / motherboard for a second pc i was building, and certainly wouldnt have gone that high end if i was buying parts separately. If i didnt specifically want a strix, i could have paid less, but i wanted a top tier card to put a water block on, and that narrowed it down to Strix, FTW3 or FE.
              If i was building a complete PC, i would have just waited another year like anyone doing the sensible thing, but i have a beast of a watercooled pc sitting here without a water cooled GPU to go in it :)

          • @DanielP2: The TI has LHR so it has no inflated coinminer value

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              @BargainBogan99: Oh trust me, the price for the 3080Ti was inflated. The RRP on that one was seriously inflated without miners/scalpers.

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        Yes but China never straight up banned 90% of the world's mining capacity before, this statement will have much merit this time around.

        • ELI5

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            @AlienC: Why they did it?

            Hmm, i can't say. Maybe the CCP doesn't like not controlling and recording the money spend in thier country, which crypto is exactly designed to do. circumvent fiat currency and thier systems?

          • @AlienC: They also like to control capital flows. Crypto is a way around that due to it's relatively low regulation.

        • Not if they are moving there rig next door which they have already done.

          CCP dont put to be able to move their money out of china so easily.

        • You do realise China banning BTC mining is actually bullish.

      • A lot of money has been pulled out of the ecosystem… imagine by some manipulation BTC went to 70,80,90k? Who are you going to sell it to? Who's left to buy?

        The volume is right down now with institutions not buying due to many concerns.

        • The concept of a market is that the price is determined by people willing to pay that price. So BTC won't reach 90k if no one is willing to buy. The price will decrease until a point at which people are willing to buy. The price of BTC isn't set by some shadowy cabal, it is set by market makers and market takers. Economics 101

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            @ThatYodaGuy: Do yourself a favour, look at a number of exchanges' order books when BTC reaches pivotal points ie. 30100 USD and look at the bot buy orders at or above market for <$10 USD of BTC as people cash out. Thousands of them. If that's not manipulation, I don't know what is.

            Other than that, you are correct.

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            @ThatYodaGuy: There was hugeeee manipulation on btc but not to buy btc, but to buy eth (Etherum).

            There was a huge inflow in etherum but less wallets then before. Since the market crashed, etherum is the only coin to have more inflows then outflows.

            There been a lot of news on investment banks buying as well and opening products. Why would you create for products that will fall in value, why buy them.

            Looking at wallets the amount of wallets holding large amount has increased while new wallets and low worth wallets have significantly decreased.

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      i have a rx 570 lol.. biding my time on when to upgrade.
      My cousin is an obsessive crypto trade, not miner. He said the bubbles burst. But who knows. I dont know anything about it

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        HODL. I say this unironically for once

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          i only play MOBAS for now. So next gen graphics cards aren't necessary. rx 570 handles it really well even on 1440p
          so yes il wait… but staring at it is so enticing ffs

          • @minatosensei: RX 570 user waiting for upgrade here as well. It has been doing really well until I bought a HP Reverb G2 and it could not power the G2 for even video playback. so I have to return the VR for refund :/

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      But use case bro, use case.

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      Your too optimistic if you think crypto is done for multiple years. Look at the macro trend, each cycle has lengthened over time and currently we're really only somewhere in the middle of the current cycle, even though we've dumped down for now. I wouldn't bet on crypto dumping further for the next 12 months in order to secure a gpu…

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    FML, this always happens. Literally just bought https://www.ple.com.au/Products/644867/XFX-Radeon-RX-6800-XT... yesterday!!!

    • ive been staring at that deal for 2 weeks now, daily lol. That was the cheapest until this Umart one dropped

      • same dude! I finally decided to pull the trigger yesterday :(

    • +1

      He bought? Damp eet…

    • +2

      That XFX card is a better card than the ASRock, I won't mind paying $100 more for the XFX.

      • Really? I didnt think the XFX card is any good considering it’s the cheapest 6800XT on ple

        • +1

          Yeah I'd gladly pay the $100 extra for the XFX, looks way better too IMO.

  • decent price given conditions

  • Considering I'm still waiting for the 3080 I bought from Rosman Computers on Christmas day 2020 I'm genuinely considering grabbing this just so I actually have something worth upgrading to. Currently got an EVGA 1070 that's chugging along fairly nicely at 1440p so not hugely stressed if I were to go without. Hhhmm, the decisions 🤔🤔

    • Im in a EVGA queue for a 3070 and 3070ti
      No idea when i may get lucky.
      This 6800 xt deal is killing me tho

      • -1

        check the links below for 3070 ti

    • +5

      Surely not, they'd be obliged to list refurbished cards as refurbished on their site.

  • Does anyone know what happened the last time the crypto crashed? Did people dump a lot of graphics cards cheaply to eBay and Gumtree and it was easy to grab some bargains there?

    • +2

      Yes, there was a glut for a few months. It's why NVDIA have released their "crypto mining line" this time around to avoid a similar siuation happening again. There was a lawsuit brouht against the company by investors and no doubt NVIDIA will be hoping to avoid a repeat in a few months time


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    I have the money , but I refuse to overpay. I still have my Harvey Norman pre-order https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596450

    Have been waiting 176 days so far but I'm willing to wait another 6 to 7 more months , if I still don't get anything from Harvey Norman I might consider this prices.

    Yes I have patience.

    • That deal sure looks like a bargain now!

    • still have the pre-order as well… might as well keep it since i paid with 7% off gift cards

      If i were u, i would just get this one now and then flip it later when it comes… if it ever comes. That way you get to enjoy the card and still profit off the HN one.

    • +2

      Can't remember if it was here or reddit but people were commenting that the HN 3080's will never happen.

    • Hey CheapO,

      have you heard anything for Hardly Normal on these yet?? I too am in this pre-order.

      • No nothing.
        I only hear from them when I called them once a month. They always tell me the same thing.

        I will eventually get my card but they don't know when. ETA remains unknown.

        • Hard to believe they wouldn't be getting updates from their supplier, but I guess its just a waiting game.

          At least places like PLE were giving regular updates.

          Thanks anyway, if I do hear back anything I'll be sure to post it up on that link were the deal was posted to

  • I will win!

  • +3

    Thank god crypto crashed. Rejoice gamers!

    • +4

      Thank God for common sense too. Unscalable meme/joke coins that solve no real problem with 30+ billion dollar markercaps… not to mention BTC or ETH and fees/TX times.

      Imagine thinking housing is too expensive but believing this was/is accurately valued.

      • +1

        If you’re invested in something you’ll always think it’s undervalued

  • +5

    Geniuses still think that mining is the sole reasom for high prices

    Do you guys like to not pay any attention to the world at all?

    • I don't pretend to know much about this stuff or follow this very closely, but I admit that I've heard crypto was responsible for the price rise. What else has caused it? I haven't seen this kind of rise in processors or memory so I assumed it was something other than the Covid situation.

    • +6

      Geniuses still downplaying the effect of mining on GPU prices when there has been a clear correlation between the crypto market going gangbusters and GPU prices going through the roof. Same geniuses for some reason didn't have much to say when the price of GPUs started dropping like a stone the very moment the arse fell out of the crypto market. Just a coincidence surely.

      • -2

        Not that demand is lowering because a lot of people has gotten their hands on the cards or anything

        not that vaccination is rising and its getting easier to produce more

        noooo its all mining

        yeah good job there buddy, great thinking

    • +1

      Why would it have to be the "sole" reason? Any additional demand will drive prices up.

      Two months ago, you'd recoup the cost of buying this GPU after about 6 months of mining. Now it's more like 12 months.

      It's undebatable more people will find the first investment proposition more attractive than the second, hence more demand then than now.

  • These prices are crazy. Pretty much exactly 2 years ago I got a RTX2080 for $900, now look at the crazy prices GPUs are commanding.

  • +3

    6800XT under $1399

    6900XT under $1899

    3080 under $1499 (this one will probably take longer as it's an NVIDIA card).

    Are the only prices I'd go for at this point. Everyone who's been keeping an eye on the discord channel knows what's up, the "in stock" notifications have been hitting up like crazy these couple of weeks, compared to the past couple of months.

    A lot of items are staying in stock as people have stopped insta-buying overpriced cards.

    The end is near boys.

    • +1

      Woohoo. Take that damn greedy retailers. I'm going to scream in joy to watch the scalpers lose money.

  • This will go cheaper target price is $1300

  • +2

    If this was just 2 days ago I would have bought it for (almost) instant tax back

  • This is the start of better prices. Sold my 3080 for $2200 a couple days ago and waiting to buy a 6800XT Nitro+ for this price.

  • -2

    Wouldnt this be a better buy ?

    Galax GeForce RTX 3070 Ti SG 1-Click OC 8G Graphics Card

    https://www.umart.com.au/Galax-GeForce-RTX-3070-Ti-SG-1-Clic... for $1599

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Palit GPU $1499 + delivery


    INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 3070 TI X3 OC Video Card $1499

    • +1

      The 6800XT is ~20-40% better in non-RT but 10%-20% slower in RT IIRC.
      Plus now that AMD has FSR (DLSS alternative)I think I'd prefer the 6800XT.

      • its no where near a DLSS alternative, havent you been paying attention at all?

        And what you gonna use it on, freaking Terminator game?

        • Yeah but it's open source, DLSS isn't.

          Same thing with G-SYNC vs FreeSync, which one has wider adoption?

        • -2

          And what are you gonna use RT on? Freaking Minecraft.


    • whoever negged me. the better buy was due to the price difference. lol.

  • $2099 now?

    • Showing $1899 for me for the 6800xt, 3070 ti still $1599

      • Seems they are changing the price, also shows as out of stock

  • dammit I bought this exact card 2 weeks ago from PLE for $2100 :(

    • cant have buyers remorse. you enjoyed 2 weeks more than anyone buying now. :-p

      • Not sure enjoying is the right word. Had all sorts of issues with the damn Radeon drivers.
        Ended up reinstalling Windows from scratch and now it seems to be stable

  • +1

    Silly buggers imcreased the RRP to $1899 piece of sh!t these umart guys.

    • I have seen skycomp and shipping express did the same before as well…

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