This was posted 6 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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BlackHawk Dry Dog Food 20KG $97.99 ($76.99 with Targeted AmEx Offer) Delivered @ Pet Circle


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    Friends don't let friends buy black hawk… A few Google's will give you all the answers you need

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      can you explain, have been using black hawk for years,only thig that came up on searching was the mould issue early 2020.

      • I used to use also for 4yrs until they sold up and changed the ingredients without telling anyone. All downhill from there

        • What do you use now?

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            @UNO: Taste of the wild and meals for mutts hypoallergenic with big dog barf frozen kanga

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            @UNO: I also switched when they were sold off.

            I use petcircle's Instinctive Bite. It has a decent quality of ingredients, and the dogs definitely enjoy it. It's also Australian made and owned.

            • @filmer: For what is worth I found this website useful
              I also use petcircle's Instinctive Bite which comes up ok based on this website.

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                @kizashi: I did crosscheck it via that site also. The ones which stand out above it are just super expensive.

          • @UNO: Literally anything from the "super premium" isle if you can't be bothered doing the research + raw to help increase nutrients and digestion etc. would be "good" nutrition for your pet..

            Grain of salt, everyone treats their pets differently.. some feed them boiled rice and the lowest grade of budget kibble you can get and their dogs are beasts.. Every pet has different needs.. RnD with your dog

            • I feed my Aussie cattle x Rhodesian ridge hills science + raw * my 2c
        • Had no idea they changed the ingredients! My dog has not had any issues but did go off them a while ago and I've mixed his last two bags with another brand..

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        For what it's worth I was feeding my little toy fox terrier black hawk for a few months after we first got him from the lost dogs home. Then we noticed he was struggling to go to the toilet and saw there was some blood in his poo. We took him to the vet to get checked and everything seemed fine and they asked what we were feeding him. The vet said they had come across several other cases of dogs with similar problems and black hawk was the common denominator.

        To be honest I just thought the vet was trying to sell us his expensive dog food which we did buy a small bag of. But we did stop feeding him black hawk even though my dog seemed to love the taste of it we didn't want to chance it that it might cause more serious problems.

        • I'm so glad you found something that works! In my case it was the opposite - he was struggling with a lot of other foods, but the day (well, a week or so to adjust) I switched to blackhawk he's had perfect poos since. Happy days.

          • @wordpickle: Yeh I wasn't exactly convinced what the vet said was true. And we had been feeding him black hawk for at least 3 months prior with no problems.

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      This may be a deal, it might not be, I just wanted to say..

      Take care with the food you give your pets. Sometimes your pupper might not agree with the food and from what I have heard, black hawk doesn't have the highest pedigree, not that it's the worst you can get but the ingredients aren't very consistent or well regulated from what I have read.

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        You really do have to observe how your pupper goes on any feed, I agree.

    • True, they had 1 or 2 quite public scares. They are not alone on that front though. I still have a big bag of lamb and rice we bought earlier this year we are working through (small dog, doesn't eat much kibble). There are a lot worse kibbles in the market ingredient wise despite the change which is a shame.

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    PetCircle is my go to online store. The orders ship and arrive super fast. Thanks, great deal!

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    Hills Science is on special at PetBarn - it's the food that the shelter my partner volunteers at uses. It's what we'll be feeding our adopted dog tomorrow.

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      Be sure to look at the ingredients. A lot within the Hills Science kibble range is actually junk/low quality full of fillers worse than Blackhawk.

      • The shelter is advising which ones are the go to ones.

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          Sure that's a good starting point but even so you may want to do your dog a favor and read ingredients (we personally avoid anything where the top 5 ingredients contain more than 2 fillers/grains, and the top 2 should never be it).

          The pet industry even vets are riddled with affiliations with pet food and pharma's, very few actually know much about nutrition, alternatives, or give it much thought beyond what someone else endorsed as "balanced".

          • @Xizor: Thank you so much for the points to consider. Will definitely look into it.

            The other brand I was thinking was Petzyo, any experience with that?

            • @he11bent: No sorry, i'm still learning and experimenting myself wrt to kibbles. We have a cavoodle pup that is fussy as hell (far more so than other dogs i've had, it's crazy) and so far will not even touch most pre-prepped raw options which is what i wanted to him to eat. On the non-kibble side i can certainly suggest Frontier pets and Prime 100/Pantry rolls as convenient higher quality options. We are about to try ZiwiPeak air dried also but its expensive AF.

              With respect to treats i highly recommend anything from Prime and WAG. Good quality, no dodgy fillers or potentially dangerous additives like some brands. Our dog goes bonkers over them.

            • @he11bent: I've purchased Petyzo for the first time for my Husky a couple weeks ago, and it is a winner. He's been gobbling up his meals which he normally doesn't do. He prefers it over his MFM Kangaroo. The kibble is smaller in size and not as hard on his teeth. They look a lot more moist than MFM.

              His stool is fine. I feed him a mix of kibble, raw bones (feet, neck, frames), cooked meats, sardines and eggs.

              The customer service was great. I received my order 2 days after placing the order. I used Cashrewards for ~20% (unlimited I believe) or you can use their first time order code. You could try asking for a sample.

  • I use Hills for my pup, no complaints, he loves it.

  • I used to use black hawk for my blueys changed to k9 natural foods. They love it. 14 years old and still like puppies

    • Only 1.8kg bags though as far as I can find?? You must go through it pretty fast?

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        I get the 3.6kg bags, its measured completely different in portion size I was detered at the start from this. You add water so you only need a few scoops. My blueys are super active and farm work and never tucker out from it.

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    How does it tase?
    Is it safe for human consumption?

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