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Jameson Irish Whiskey 1 Litre $46.90 @ Coles Online (Excludes QLD, TAS)


Down from $67 when you apply code CHEERS30. Ordered 2 to pick up from my local at Coles Randwick.

Much smoother and more relaxed than any Scotch I've ever tried. The best whiskey at a ridiculously wonderful price.

I also had an offer of 3000 flybuys Points for a spend of $60 or more from today until Tuesday, so that's an addtional $15 discount. Check your flybuys accounts please.

Original Coupon Deal

Mod: Deal marked as expired due to the high number of reports of order cancellations.

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  • +6

    Much smoother and more relaxed than any Scotch I've ever tried

    Smoother and more relaxed than any bourbon I've ever tried.

  • Error just after payment screen.

    Thanks OP

  • +2

    Purchased! I always miss these deals as a lot of Coles near me have no stock and the website isn't the most user friendly. Nabbed 2 bottles at Randwick + flybuys incoming.
    Cheers OP

  • Not Available in Brisbane

    • Why not?

      • +1

        because of the restrictions on alcohol licences. you need to own a pub, to have an off-licence…

    • Can we get it delivered?

  • +6

    Sadly not for Qld as we can't be trusted by our state government not to turn into raging booze hounds if alcohol is available in the supermarkets! God forbid there is a level of competition up here!

    • +10

      Fair call.

      I’ve visited Queensland a few times.

  • +4

    It took me 20 min to complete my order, had to start from scratch twice. Kudos to advanced IT developers at Coles - one of the worst web sites from my experience

    • Same issue I am having. Rang them and they asked me to logout and try it in 10 mins. Still same issue

    • It is a shocker.

    • i swear the major supermarkets get a work experince kid to design and run their websites.

    • Cannot agree more. Their product managers has no idea what they are doing. The website is pain in the neck to use, put slowness aside, almost everything is counterintuitive, especially delivery method selection part, it is beyond ridiculous.

  • Terrible for your liver

    • +20

      Shut up brain!

    • -3

      Youve got 2 for a reason.

      • +5

        You have 2 kidneys, 1 liver.

        • +1

          liver can grow back, if there’s enough left

          • +1

            @robredo: Not from alcohol damage fibrosis/cirrhosis

  • +5

    Perfect for Zoom meetings.. Cheers OP

  • +1

    But great for you mood😁. Drink safely

  • Jameson>scotch
    Definitely better than walker black/dimple
    Tbh walker is a laughing stock atm
    Good deal!

    • -1


      Depends om the size of the bottle.

      • And how much are you're prepared to pay for it.
        Love ya jv ❤

    • +1

      i like jameson, but whisky lovers tend to prefer scotch (good scotch, not walker) because it has a lot more character. scotch can also differ wildly throughout the years, even if the product is supposedly the same thing. check out ralfydotcoms review of johnny walker from the 60s vs modern johnny walker he was gifted by a colleague. he said the 60s version could pass for single malt these days, though the age played a big part in that.

  • Thanks OP managed to get this and some Kahlua. I wanted some Absolut too but it was not available.
    + 2000 flybuys coming my way.

    • If you want some decently priced clear liquor I would suggest Vodka O, great quality, Bondai boys, bottled in NZ. Best water in the world=best vodka.
      Gray goose/skull who? Overpriced shit!

  • Thanks OP

  • Does anyone know why I would keep getting an error message (except when I open an incog window): "Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for
    The page may have moved or you might have typed an incorrect URL"

    • Are you in qld?

  • +1

    You can also now get 1.5% cashback from ShopBack on all Coles online orders as well!

  • Not available for delivery or pick up at my local store 😭

    Revesby NSW

  • Does anyone know if I have to pick it up in the time slot I chose? I just want to go in and pick it up rather than having to park in the special bays and stuff

    • +2

      just pretend to be a car …brooom broooom beeep beeep

  • when I put the code it brings it down to $55, save only $12

  • Thanks OP! ordered Glenlivet for $45.5 at Randwick instead, where did you pick it up Coles or Liquorland?

  • +2

    Ordered the Jameson and coles threw in 4 cans Super Dry Cans 500mL FREE

    • How/where did you realise that? When you picked it up?

      • When you chek out the free asahi was added to the order. I'm in VIC

        edit. Maybe because I had the asahi sitting at check out a few days back.

        • Correct, there was a glitch in the system 2 weeks ago. I had freebies in my cart, but they disappeared never to be seen again when the store I chose was "out of stock" :(

    • lucky bugger 😁

  • Bonus 2000 flybuys points fine print - $60 or more must be spent in one transaction, after all savings, discounts and vouchers. SO, I need to actually spend $60 at least. Correct?

  • Does not work for me.. I'm in WA tried both delivery and pickup. Anyone had any luck in WA??

    • Yeah. Just placed an order @ Success store

    • got 4 here in Ellenbrook WA😊

    • Paid $36.30 for 1 L Jameson (Cheers30 + $10 flybuy credit) Pick up @ Maddington store

      • Did you buy extra stuff to get the flybuys credit? My offer is spend $60 or more and I am sure that is net, after Cheers30 voucher, to get 2000 points.

        • Apply the flybuy prior then put the Cheers30 code!

          • @DisabledUser206145: Flybuys activated yesterday. I have doubts I will get 2000 points for a net purchase of $46.90 (67-30%)

            • @chrisharry53: Its the credit of $10 that you can redeem if you have enough pts and not earning 2000pts on the purchase.

              • @DisabledUser206145: Got it I think although I have $53 credit Flybuys $s and $10 in points not converted to Flybuys $s on another card and can't see how to apply either. They can only be redeemed in-store as far as I know.

                Is there another code? CLICK10 is for new customers if spend if $100 or more after 30% off.

                Anyway, might buy some chips, etc to at least get to net $60 to earn 2000 points. Cheers

  • +4

    Stacks with CLICK10 as well

    • Legend! Went in and modified my order before the deadline. It let me add this even after order was placed for that extra $10 off. Thanks mate.

    • Added to my order further $10 off. Thanks!

    • what is this deal? I keep saying not qualified?

      Looked it up on ozbargain it says CLICK10 - $10 off (New Customers, Click & Collect, $100 Min Spend) Post - Expires:30/06/2021

  • +2

    I had 4x 6-packs of Stone and Wood sitting in my trolley from the last bonkers Coles deal. They came up as free. Added the Jameson, applied the code, came to $47 all up. I’ll report back if Coles are stupid enough to give me the case of Stone and Wood + the Jameson for $47!!!

    • same with mine, Whiskey got cancelled but my Paypal was charged with the beers! Waiting to hear back from them, I may cancel or dispute.

  • +2

    Get some ginger wine, and mix 1:1 on rocks for a whiskey mac. So good.

    • +1

      green ginger also works well in a schooner!

  • Looks like they may have pulled it.

    • +1

      Nah, just a the crappiest website in the world… change your store / delivery etc…it's still there.

      All the beers with 'pricing errors' are now temporarily unavailable..for 2 weeks

  • Getting message "Your order could not be processed" on checkout

    • All sorted! had to call them up to fix it

  • just bought one (wagga wagga), cheers op!

  • Scored a Glenlivet 12 year-old for about the same price. Thanks, OP!

    • As others have said below, my order got canceled. I got an email 25 minutes before the due time for collection which said my order was ready for collection except some items are unavailable.

      This was the only item in the order.

      I also then got an email and SMS saying there was an issue with payment, but there’s definitely available funds in my account.

      The Glenlivet is now showing as “temporarily unavailable.”

  • +2

    Man they must lose some customers and revenue due to their crap site and fulfilment. Tried about 8 times to give them $300 but failed everytime!!

  • +2

    My order got cancelled.

    • +1

      Same here in NSW. Cancelled around 5mins before the arranged pickup time.

      • +2

        Mine too. I got the text saying ‘ready for collection’ and then 10 mins later I got a text an email saying my order was cancelled. Dang

    • +1

      Mine got cancelled saying my payment was unsuccessful. Right as I was heading out the door to go collect it. Then I got an email saying that it was cancelled due to no stock. Tried to order from another store and they wouldn't do alcohol click and collect. Abused them in their feedback survey.
      Get your shit together Coles.

  • Same here… tried many times and different accounts. "We cannot process your order, call xxxxxxx". Hours of waiting on call center. Coles is this your business model. I am trying to pay you 300 dollars… Or is that you can buy few bottles only.

  • My order was cancelled again.

  • Managed to get a bottle of this and the Glenlivet for ~$92. Haven’t been cancelled yet, fingers crossed.

  • Wow that coles website is awful.

    Apparently pickup at 10-12 is no good, but 12-2 is good??? OK.

    • Yeah I had that last time.

  • Bit of a scam from Coles. They make you sign up for an account, harvest your details, let you put things in your cart, but when you go to check out, none of the five bottles of alcohol are available. Data harvesting scam?

    • Plus the promo percentages are often calculated incorrectly, flybuys points don't apply, the order applies then cancels at the last minute (conveniently when a special has ended), they still charge for delivery even with Coles plus active, and my favourite…I got the wrong beer delivered and they said I have to return it to the delivery hub store (40km away) even though I have a Coles / Liquorland 800m away. I didnt. I left it on my front lawn (with photo) and told them to come get it. Consumer affairs found in my favour and got a credit..but…

      Don't let them get away with a credit. Ask for a refund only.
      Otherwise, the next 'spend $60' etc promo won't apply as you are ineligible as your own credit will cancel it out. You will need to spend your credited amount over the $60.

      Screenshot everything!

  • +2

    Order just got cancelled as well

  • +2

    about to pick up.. and order cancelled also. dodgy "issue with payment"

    • Same here, just got the message that the order has been cancelled due to an unsuccessful payment.

    • Make sure they follow The T&C's.. Flybuys points will still be awarded if they cancel any part of the order.

  • Same here. Day of pickup, order cancelled. Awaiting response from them as to if they will fulfill the order.

  • Also been having cancellations for failed payment, ended up calling the coles online support, 25 mins on call trying to explain my issue, as I've now put in:

    Altos Plata Tequila 700mL

    Coffee Liqueur 700mL

    The Coles person has now just had to hang up on me and talk with his team trying to approve the 30% percent off manually…

    • Got the call back, the guy did it manually, got the $10 click10 and 30% off manually added via phone. Credit will be applied to my account for the difference, not the best solution but better than nothing!

  • I went with delivery in Victoria, I had ordered 5 bottles of Jameson on Sunday and a single bottle of Kahlua, got the Kahlua delivered on Tuesday but no Jameson.

    I can't complain too much as the Kahlua was for free according to their invoice. I called Coles and they confirmed they will be refunding the full amount charged to my credit card. Now I wish I ordered more Kahlua.

    The Coles invoice included a credit card rebalance fee - a bodgy additional charge to zero out the 30% discount. Not their best work, since Coles is paying GST on the bodgie charge too - $11.10 gst for a $42 bottle of Kahlua. At least the ATO will be happy with all the extra money.

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