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[XB1, XSX] The Witcher 3 GOTY A$5.11 (Argentina VPN Required) @ Eneba


Select the lowest price in the list of sellers.

After changing currency to AUD the total at checkout is $4.70 $3.84 $5.11

No VPN needed to purchase the code, but you will need to be connected to a VPN with location set to Argentina to redeem (for something free I'd recommend TunnelBear). May also work with the free VPN in Opera browser with location set to Europe.

Redeem here.

Credit to Slickdeals.

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  • Is this game included in the Game Pass?

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      Was in Gamepass a couple of months ago, not anymore (although could come back)

      • Thanks. So if I purchase this deal, can I download and play the game without an active Game Pass membership? Sorry I don't have a Xbox yet but am looking to buy a XBX.

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  • I believe the gamepass version was vanilla witcher 3 and this is the goty edition. Unfortunately the two save files are incompatible with each other ie if you have the gamepass version and want to progress via the goty edition you'll have to start again from scratch (and vice versa)

    • Not sure what version it was but I completed both expansions on Game Pass.

  • the cheapest version seems to be $5.11 now

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    🎵 Don't cry for me, Argentinian VPN 🎵

  • Paid 5 bucks. Already added to my account. cheers.

  • Does his scale well to Xbox Series X? Looks better?

    • +1

      Not yet. Update coming soon

      • Thanks for the heads up 👍🏼 Well worth it then for sure.

  • So an Argentinian VPN is required to redeem but then can be downloaded to an xbox account from any country?

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      Correct-a-mundo. Just use VPN to get into the Arg MS Store. Redeem the code. And it will be available to you as normal.

      • Thanks for the reply. Pity that ivacy doesn't have an Argentina server… And now it seems the cheapest option for TW3 is $5.67.

  • Got 'em. Thanks OP! Now waiting for the next gen patch…

  • I can confirm that the free VPN in Opera browser with location set to Europe works.

  • Got mine and redeemed through PIA. Worked like a charm. Thanks OP.
    Now to wait for the Series X Update :)