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SCA Duct Tape 48mm X 15m - $0.99 (C&C/In-store) @ Supercheap Auto


On Clearance. Cheapest around. Always handy to have some in the garage.Limited Stock.

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  • Any stock? seems sold out all around me

    • Few stores around . Stock is limited. I picked up a couple.

    • Some WA stores have stock. But reviews say that this is not duct tape.

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    Thanks OP, picked up a few.

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    No stock that I can see South Brisbane or Gold Coast.

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    South west Sydney seems to have it!

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    Thanks OP 👍

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    Thanks op , if someone’s looking around north Brisbane then just ordered at carseldine

    • None on South brisbane.

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    some reviews said it's not really a duct tape, but it is $0.99 so….

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      That review said "there's no fabric so it's not really duct tape". In my view duct tape doesn't have fabric. So it's duct tape to me.

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        "the term 'duct tape' has been genericized to refer to different cloth tapes with differing purposes." -Wikipedia

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        Cloth Tape ~ Gaffa Tape

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      I have some from the last deal and it's great. Pretty much like a giant roll of decent electrical tape so no cloth and the adhesive is excellent. I would have bought a few but no stock near where I live. Next time I guess.
      I'm no electrician so maybe not decent electrical tape. Lol

      • Longevity is poor though, Nitto is better and cheap from sparky direct

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      This got my questioning my own beliefs :D

      Excellent descriptions here from a tape manufacturer. In summary - Gaffer tape for a Film studio Gaffer (electrician), Duct Tape for Ducts…

      From the page :

      Gaffer’s tape (also known as gaff tape) is a heavy cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive qualities. It is most commonly used in theatre, photography, movie and television production, as well as industrial staging work. In fact, when cables are taped down onto a stage or other surface, either to prevent tripping hazards or hide them from the view of the audience or camera, they are said to be “gaffed” or “gaffered,” which is how the tape got its name.

      Well known for its versatility and strength, duct tape is a cloth tape coated with a polyethylene resin on one side and an aggressive, rubber-based adhesive on the other. There are no less than eight different types of duct tape – each with different qualities of fabric, polyethylene, and adhesive – for many different uses. Unlike other tapes, the fabric backing gives duct tape strength, yet allows it to be easily torn and adhered to a variety of surfaces. Its initial design was simple but effective: a strong fabric bonded to polyethylene film for sealing/waterproofing, silver-gray coloring to match metal ductwork, and a thick coating of adhesive to seal the joints and make them airtight.

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    Castle hill NSW has some left

  • Reviews not encouraging

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    • I use the one you linked to at officeworks at work, is quite good. Never used the ssa one though.

      • Do you work for a Quack ?

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    No stock around me anyway. Good deal

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      No stock around me

      ½ price at Coles

  • Well damn, the Coles Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card doesn't work with SCA online :/

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    Malaga, WA has some.

  • i'd go, if I wasn't on lockdown…

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      SCA would be considered an "essential service"

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        As long as you jog there. Kebab optional.

  • Suitable as duct tape bikini?

    • Yes.

    • Name certainly doesn't check out

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        Who wants a moustache ride?!

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    Poor quality… Try Nitto

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      I second this. Nitto tape is a lot better lasting. I upgraded our ducted AC and the SCA tape has let go, Nitto still all good. Also taped insulation outside, the SCA tape crumbled in 12 months with UV exposure.

  • I always thought these were 0.048m x 15,000mm

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    All of the cheap duct tapes I have tried have been low stick (including SCA). I've only ever tried cheap duct tape, so my childhood memories of hearing "fix everything with duct tape" seems a lie.

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    If you’re expecting this to hold for more than a day; save yourself the disappointment and buy a decent brand. If not, the price is right.

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