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Collect 2000 Flybuys Points (Worth $10) When Buying $100 Coles Gift MasterCard Gift Card ($5 Fee) @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue starting Wednesday 7 July.

$5 and $7 purchase fee for $100 and $250 gift cards respectively.

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    • Why do you think they were hidden? Maybe just sold out?
      Btw, I try to avoid purposely going for such kind of deal - the win is not huge, the chances - average. And you still spend time and fuel.

    • The problem is stores don't have stock on the shelves even in the week prior. They usually don't get new stock or put them out until the following week or two when the offer is over.

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    the non flybuys instant discount was way better

    flybuys ones drives up spend offers

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      Good to know but you have to hit when the sun is shining and I can tell you I was surprised to see the Coles MC 10% off offer again last time . I don’t think they are stupid enough to bring it back the 3 rd time but they are run by Idiots😀

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        same as the BigW GC inception back then, they have the same promo again 2nd time.

      • Totally agree. I couldn't understand why they did it again.

        • because the more chance they get you in the shop the more chance you will buy something else

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        anything can happen when you are an organisation that makes gazillion dollars run by idiots haha

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        I think that promo very positively affected their end of financial year reporting. They are not stupid.

  • does this count towards "Buy XXX for X weeks and get discounts?"

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      To earn the discount/promo - no
      However it will bump the spend target for future promos.

      • You only get the FF points for the purchase. e.g. pay $105 for one $100 card, you get 105 FF points.

  • I have been to 3 stores at opening and got nothing, made me angry I got out of bed

    • Me too. I went to 2 stores pretty early this morning. Highly doubted they did not put any $100 ones on shelf at all !

      • My 2 local Coles don't have any $100 ones. Staff said they didn't have any delivery for $100 one since last sale. But one Coles has $250 ones.

        • Not many Coles have restock from the last promo and I have mostly seen $250 being restocked only.

          • @samehada: The supervisor from my local Coles told me the same. They only received $250 ones and not $100 ones. And according to store manager it is Mastercard rep deliver the cards not distributed by Coles.

            • @apple0604: That's different to what happened during the last promo. They were couriered from Coles Financial.

              Wouldn't be Mastercard involved with this but rather Indue if it wasn't Coles Financial themselves.

              • @Trance N Dance: Ok, interesting. Not what the store told me. I did wonder if they actually physically deliver the cards.

        • Yeah. Heaps of $250, and $50 ones.

  • Can a Hero report on 6th card working or not ?

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      Don't waste your time, you will only get maximum 10k points

      • Obviously you have no clue of previous Flybuy projects that went past limits and were unlimited !

        • What are you talking about?

          The limit is 5. If you want more, just use a different flybuys card.

  • I got the card it's not black, it has green colour so does that come with 2000 points?

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      Do you mean not purple? There are also dark teal/sort of green ones that will get the points.

      • Yes, I bought green one….manage to get 5 in one transaction.

  • So can we pay this $100 coles mastercard using $250 Coles mastercard we got last time?

    • Yes, but try not to show it. I take them out of the packaging and scrape off the code beforehand. Some stores/staff will stop you.

  • it's not possible to split payment at ss for the $250 card but you can for the $100? is this still the case?

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      At self-service, you can use a Coles GC, Coles Myer Group GC, or the Coles prepaid Mastercard but the one card must cover the total purchase price.
      At the manned check out you can split payment between GC's and CC's.
      However, some stores/some staff will not allow the use of GC and believe that the Coles prepaid Mastercard is a GC so you may need to disguise the use of such cards but this is only possible at the self-service.

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    Thanks, got 5x$100, that's 10,000 points
    and I paid them with the 10% off $250 prepaid Coles Mastercards I got in June, literally free money.

    • So after the fees you made $25 of FB points money

    • That's if you shop at Coles and use flybuys points, you lost $25 in prepaid credit and gained $50 in flybuys points

  • Anyone got any idea how long it takes for the flybuys points to track on the website?

    • The next evening, usually.

  • Went to Merrylands Coles and all the $100 cards had been cleaned out. Could not go to any other Coles because of the bloody lockdown & went home sad & empty-handed.

    The funny thing was that stacks-upon-stacks of $250 cards were sitting on the shelves. In the last promotion, I could not find a single $250 card in the 10 or 12 Coles that I visited around Sydney.

    I don't know why Coles runs this stupid promotion, when it clearly benefits only a small number of people.

    If their objective is to encourage as many people as possible to get used to buying these cards, then how the hell is the objective being achieved, when only a small number of people are able to get their hands on the discounted cards.

    • Should have forked out $1285 on $250's for your around $21 profit :) It a shame its all reliant on pts tracking correctly .

    • -2

      again, don't jump to conclusion that it is cleaned out.
      1. Many stores have not restocked $100 card yet.
      2. It is clearly that you have $250 card in stock yet you chose not to buy so it is YOUR problem not Coles problem. The promo is to get ppl to shop at Coles and it has achieved that.
      3. This kind of promo used to limit to 2000pts only before. If you just want to get 1 it merely $3-$5 saving, big deal?!? yet many ppl comment here like "so everyone can get one"… seriously… for $3-$5, why bother so much if your true intention is not just one. You may save more than $5 by half price special items in catalogue.

      • the limit is 5 per flybuys account as i have family members linked to mine it not per card

        • Get new accounts in the family member's name.

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    For folks in the ACT wondering which stores has which cards in stock, I went to a few stores this afternoon/evening and found stock in the following stores:

    Store $100 $250
    Manuka Y Y
    Woden N Y
    Curtin N Y
    Amaroo Y Y
    Gungahlin N Y

    Considering the last promotion, it is weird seeing so many $250 cards and not feeling the urge to buy any of them!

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    Does anyone know the Coles Prepaid MasterCard billing address - to use use with eBay etc?

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      Skip this issue by using it to buy eBay eGC from Shopback giftcard portal.

    • +1

      Any, I've used them with my own address at eBay before.

      • Oh really - didn't let me when i tried

  • On a $250 card, benefit is flybuy points worth 10 less cost of 7. $3 benefit. That's a 1.2% benefit. Suppose that's better than nothing. Pity there have been no $100 cards available where I shop.

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      You also earn 257 points worth $1.28

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    Just a word of caution (again) - closely inspect gift cards before you try to buy them.

    Last week I went to a few different Coles and all $100 cards were gone (surprise surprise).
    Another Coles did suddenly have 3 $100 cards "available".
    All 3 were tampered with (not even a 'good' job - cardboard was not torn, but also not glued back together). Another giveaway/alarm bell was that the cards expiry was 2022 (so likely Coles would not have validated them anyway - 3y expiry is the minimum I think).
    The cards were on the shelf amongst the other cards (I can hardly believe that Coles staff would put these on the shelf in that condition). And for people that don't regularly buy them, they might seem legit.

    It's already bad enough that people hide them (or steal them to later come back to buy them when there's a promotion). But people trying to commit fraud is even worse. Is it so hard to get an honest job?

    Obviously I took the 3 cards and gave them to the Coles staff for disposal.

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      Yes, these cards would not be processed by the POS.