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Collect 2000 Flybuys Points (Worth $10) When Buying $100 Coles Gift MasterCard Gift Card ($5 Fee) @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue starting Wednesday 7 July.

$5 and $7 purchase fee for $100 and $250 gift cards respectively.

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    Just Fyi The listing is on Pg 43,

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    so after fees, it's really only $5 you get for $100?

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      5% saving is A LOT!

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        Yeah wouldn’t bother for a headache

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        It's saving "A LOT" but do you value your time more or this?

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          Haha. There are plenty of people here who vote for 1.5% for Bunnings gift cards

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        People down voting because 5% saving is not a lot to them? Why they on obz then?

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          I downvoted because it's not a 5% saving

          Spend $115 for $110 worth of stuff ($100 MasterCard and $10 "stuff" from Coles). Actual savings: 0.0435%

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            @Hintswen: Depends how you see it I guess.
            Flybuy points are basically flybuy dollars to buy things from Coles.

          • @Hintswen: actual savings is 4.35% :)

            • @shmahoo: heh thanks, not sure why I didn't notice the decimal in the wrong place when I typed that… it's clearly now as low as I said.

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      $100 card makes $5.52 profit
      $250 card makes $4.28 profit

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        How is it profit?
        You get credit on flybuys

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          notional profit

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            @alamodey: Your not profiting one bit.
            Your effectively buying $10 flybuys credit for the card fee.
            Be like thinking you profit every time you buy a discounted gift card

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              @taoz: Of course it is profit. It is $5.52 of free groceries which I would buy anyway using my own money.

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                @capslock: It's not a profit as profit is taxable.

            • @taoz: You can use those points for $10 discount when buying your next gift card (to make it more explicit).

              • @Cupa Bundy Drinker: Are the flybuys points credited instantly or need to wait for a few hours?

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                @Cupa Bundy Drinker: you can't use flybuys dollar to buy gc. You can pay for grocery or petrol at Coles Express

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                  @samehada: yes, but if you have more than 2000 points you can use $10 discount (checked 2 weeks ago)

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                    @Cupa Bundy Drinker: only if you have financial product with Coles

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                      @samehada: No, it's the regular offer of redeeming 2000 points to subtract $10 off your shop. The self-checkout machines automatically offered it to me during every gift card purchase. I don't have any Coles financial products.

                  • @Cupa Bundy Drinker: Correct. No idea why that is so painful for certain people to accept 😄

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                      @the splingee: if you have no idea what you are talking about then maybe considering shut up and go to lookup on Flybuys website or call Flybuys to find out.

                      The auto-redeem option is only available if you have certain products linked to your Flybuys, i.e Coles Mastercard, Coles Car Insurance, Coles Home Insurance… or in case of long time ago it is Coles Reloadable Mastercard.

                      You probably won't even know what Coles Reloadable Mastercard is yet keep boasting rubbish.

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                @Cupa Bundy Drinker: You'll miss out on 10 flybuys points if you redeem points for $10 off. Better off saving them up for a gift card.

                • @JIMB0: In the other hand, you can use $100 discounted giftcard as a payment method then :))

  • Lots of people will be busy on “hiding” these cards tomorrow.

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      Limit 5 per Flybuys and no direct discount so it won't be buying frenzy like the previous promo. You will only get maximum 10k Flybuys points.

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        They had the same thing last month and people still hid them.

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    Can I use this MasterCard to pay bills at post office or online payment for bills eg council rates , water rates?

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      yes, you can. Just like normal credit card.

      • Can we buy Woolworths giftcard online or in store?

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      Some post office won't let you use these gift card to pay bills per the instruction from HQ, some don't care, YMMV.

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      I have paid water and electricity bill in past online.

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        If when paying online the seller asks for a card name and checks this to verify then the transaction does not work. I tried to pay my phone bill with Telstra and it failed. I also tried to attach to a PayPal account and it failed.

        • Have you activated card first?

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    Not biting on this one, guaranteed increase on future weekly spend offers. Yes, they do count, $1000 spend on them back in Feb, had offers go from $60 to $170.

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      Should always have multiple flybuys/everyday rewards accounts

      • Not sure about flybuys but everyday rewards has terms and condition saying

        One rewards card account per person only

        So if they detect you running more than 1 account they can freeze it immediately without notice.

        I think flybuys might have similar policy.

        But alternative is have all family member's get a loyality card

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          Your dog and cat (real or otherwise) is entitled to a rewards card also.

        • I am a schizophreniac.

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        Thanks, have control of 6 of the family’s legitimate accounts….I’m doing ok. I used the cards with $50 spend offers….this one has now reduced back to $50 (after 4months)

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          Flybuys requires me to add mobile numbers, otherwise I can't log into the app. Have to click from emails to activate any offers. How do you get around with it?

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            @david1215: Works if you have a household full of teens/aunts/uncles/grandparents each with their own phone/email

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            @david1215: Fairly easy, they are legitimate family member accounts, all linked to mobiles.
            - I minimise the need for authentication (eg, person with me, heh what’s the flybuys sms code you just got! )
            - Activate most offers via emails I can access (5)
            - have apps installed on different devices I have access to (5)

            There are only 2 of us that worry about points, the others are indifferent!

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            @david1215: Not sure if they still do but Telstra used to mail out SIM cards for $0. Then you activate them online but don't charge any value onto them. You could then receive SMS, so use that phone number for the app. If you don't charge any value the SIM expires. (I forget how long. A month maybe.)

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    IT's A TRAP! It will raise the cost of your future bonus offers. Don't buy! If no one touches them they will go back to offering the previous standard 10% off promotion. None of this flybuys linked rubbish.

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      Not true any more. I bought on a few flybuys in the 10% off promo, but recent bonus pts offers are still @ $50 for 2 flybuys.

      • It affects the minimum purchase for the 4 week/10000pts or single spend/2500pts offers.

  • Can I buy 5 cards in 1 transaction and get 10000 bonus points?

    • See my comment above. Don't do it. If you have to, use a "spare" FB account and only buy one card per transaction. Think its only 1x 2000pt offer anyway, regardless of the number or value of cards bought.

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        It's 5 cards per customer and points can be collected 5 times per account under this promo.

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          Ah ok, I couldn't read the fine print in the link. I'd still go one at a time on a spare FB card. The 10% off is a much better offer, they are just testing to see what they can get away with. ….not even counting the number of times I've had to call up as the points didn't apply automatically. Neg me all you want. Just trying to warn people not to buy 5 cards in one hit as I can guarantee your next offer will be spend $550 to get 2000 pts.

          • @tunzafun001: I already never get one of those spend $$ to get $ back offer anyway

          • +1

            @tunzafun001: usually gift cards excluded from such kind of calculation as they don't really represent regular household spendings, otherwise there would be too many "ridiculous" offers (like "spend $2.5k for 2000pts"). The main purpose of such offers is to bring people in store, not in Facebook.

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              @Cupa Bundy Drinker: They are excluded when it comes to spending to earn those promotions but giftcard spend definitely increases the targets.

              • @Trance N Dance: I don't agree, but let's turn this question slightly… $25 in cash now or hypothetical $40 less to spend to get 2000pts later? :)))

        • the wording is a bit vague. Not decided whether it's worth going for anyway. $105 outlay for each card, can't take the HSBC 2% discount, making it even less attractive

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            @Terencey: Just go through a maned check out and ask for split payment.

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              @Trance N Dance: Coles not allowing split payment on gift card purchase, even by different credit card, at least in self serve checkouts.

              • @couger: Go through a check out with an operator, they have the option to split transactions that include gift cards.

              • @couger: Is this for the $100 card? Previously it was possible to split at self serve for the $100 card but not for the $250 card.

        • That what it says I wonder what happens in reality :)

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            @popsiee: I tried before at self checkout, not sure about now. At self checkout, definitely no split payments allowed.

    • yes
      Just not 5 of the $250 without having to wait a while for the supervisor to come down.

      • Why would you want 5 x $250? That's $3 off a $250 card which is just above 1%

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          For this promo it is the opposite with the previous promo, it is better to buy $100 card.

        • +1

          Never said to specifically get $250 cards over the $100 cards, just answering Terencey's question.
          As for why? It's better than nothing. During the 10% off sale people were ignoring the $100 cards in the first couple of days until they realised they can't get $250s then started buying $100s, because a smaller savings is better than no savings.

          • @Trance N Dance: I'd rather not have $1000 tied up in prepaid gift cards for a $12 saving, considering I can on most purchases access a higher rate than 1.2% as well as screw up any further offers.

            Maybe I'm just not that desperate, but seems a lot of work for what it is.

    • +2

      The 10,000 bonus points sounds good but you are effectively paying $25 to "buy" 10000 bonus points worth $50 - as well as forking out $500 for the $500 worth of Mastercards, which you then have to track balances on and spend the exact amount to clear the final balance of each. I bought $2,000 of the $250 cards when they were 10% off recently. That was a much better deal IMHO but was still a bit of a hassle. In the end I worked out I could use to buy Amazon e-gift cards for Prime day, which I applied to my Amazon account so that I didn't have to track balances for each card and use up each exactly. Even that was a hassle as Amazon rang a few times to check that nothing untoward was happening given I was buying multiple $250 Amazon e-gift cards and each was being purchased with different Mastercards. And with $100 cards that's 2 1/2 times more work per $ than $250 cards.
      I'd buy the $250 cards again if they were 10% off but will probably pass on this offer as benefit vs effort and potential hassles make it marginal but YMMV

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        Buy $250 card then use it to buy two $100 cards. Would that be $13 profit for $250 card ?

        • is this doable? can I buy a mastercard gift card using mastercard gift card?

        • -1

          If it works then why not just buy a $100 card (for $105) and use that plus $5 to buy another $100 card and so on until you've bought your max 5 cards. That way you've outlaid a total of $125 ($105 for 1st card plus $5 x 4 additional cards) and end up with $100 card and $50 worth of FlyBuy points - a $25 profit.

      • I agree. I have bought 5 of the $250 card recently, and 1 have $0.35 and another one with $1.75 left. I guess the only way to clear that up is to add that into Amazon account. The deal this time is not attractive, in a way that it either boost the spending promotion or have the hassle to open a new account

        • +6

          When I have those kinds of small amounts on other gift cards, I normally then up on groceries at the supermarket by doing a split payment on self-checkout

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    Not worth the time and efforts. Unless it’s in my way

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    Too much effort, better wait for next 10%OFF

  • I will buy one only so that my bonus offers don't go up.

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    Just a note for HSBC 2% card owners, you won't get the 2% discount by using Paywave to buy this card. Purchase has to be $99.99 or lower.

    • Don't yah simply split payments ?

      • You cant on gift cards I think?

        • +2

          some will let you, some wont. I kept saying, but the card has a hundred dollar limit, and the manager came over and let me. That casheir is now nice as pie to me, but will see if that changes

        • +3

          You can at non-selfserve terminals.

  • It's excellent news that they didn't go with the stupid 10% offer again. The only sad thing is the 5 card limit. It should be a one card limit per Flybuys account.

    With the 10% offer, it was so incredibly frustrating to go to 10 different Coles stores on the 1st day, and find that all the $100 and $250 cards had already been hidden by other people.

    I just think that hiding cards in the way that people are doing is just morally wrong, and not consistent with Australian values.

    Everyone should be given a chance to take advantage of the offer, instead of a small number of people hoarding all the cards.

    • Totally agree!