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Nissin Instant Ramen (5pk) Kyushu Black Garlic (OOS) / Hokkaido Miso $5.95 ea + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon Au

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Price is not as good as Prime Day but price matches that of Coles catalogue special last month.

Nissin Ramen Hokkaido Miso
Nissin Ramen Kyushu Black — Out of Stock

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  • -1

    I don’t want to waste a packet trying this out and failing: for the Kyushu Black does it always have to be made as a noodle soup, or can you drain all the water and then mix the flavours after like mi goreng?

    • +43

      According to the packet instructions, you're supposed to have it as a soup. You can reduce some of the water for a more intense flavour.

      I never tried making it the same way as mi goreng as i don't want to dishonor the Japanese.

    • +1

      It's intended to be had as a soup and it's basically a crap ton of flavouring powder and some black garlic oil. It won't mix like the mi goreng stuff.

    • Would highly recommend it just as a soup, it's remarkable good. But if you give me until tomorrow, I'll try a packet mi goreng style haha

      • How did you go?

        • +1

          Only use half or less of the seasoning, but it's not bad. Still prefer this one in the soup format

          • @Aileri: Thanks

    • +1

      That's what I do, but the powder is too salty so I use about half our less. Don't put the full sachet all at once.

  • +2

    Saw this in an asian grocer for $5 for the pack (miracle market), not sure when their promotion ends, but might be worth checking one out if it's convenient.

    • +7

      yeah my local has it for 4 bucks

      also it made in indonesia

      • Which shop if I may ask?

        • +3

          Eastwood Tonyon had it for $3.99 last time I checked a month or so ago.

          • @Fotato: Damn not my area (during lockdown) :/ will keep that in mind

          • @Fotato: They only have them discounted when the expiry date is within a month or so. Sometime they even keep selling them after the expiry date.

            • @bcdad: Darn, good pick up! Will have to check next time I'm there.

          • @Fotato: My friend informed me it's now $4.99 for the 5 pack, and only in Miso flavour

      • my local asian shop same

  • +1

    Oh man the images are enough to make my mouth water. Ramen for lunch tomorrow it is then.

    • +2

      FYI i happenned to buy a bag the other day and noticed in the ingredients it uses Palm oil for everything

      in the seasoning and in the oil

      • +1

        Might I suggest the Marutai ramen range? I don't think I've seen palm oil used in the packs I've had.

        • wow these look fancy

          where do i get them? look specialised and might not be as available as these ones

          • @furythree: I've seen them sold in some asian groceries, you'll need to shop around. If they sell korean goods, they could have Marutai ramen too. It's ~$4-5 a pack (2 servings) at the shop I get it at in Strathfield.

      • +1

        It's surprising how many things have palm oil. Like Breadtop. It's like when they have the food come in frozen they reheat in a vat of palm oil as it has so much.

      • Palm oil taste best.

  • Regular price is $6.xx at Coles, have been tried all 3.

    • +1

      Which is best?

      • +1

        Miso has best identical flavour and the noodles seem chewier (not a bad way but more like a good texture with every bite ^_^), then Black Garlic has strong aroma of sesame oil and garlic flavour, the other is the most boring one which I would not suggest at all unless you want more veg stuff from the sachet LOL

        • +2

          "the other" is Tokyo Shoyu.

        • Just shout yourself a tub of Miso paste (and packet of wakame), keep in fridge, buy any noodles and throw away the salt/msg seasoning ;)

          • @G-rig: Seemed to live on wakame & miso soup as a Uni student. Still love it. Added root veggies for a tasty filling meal. Much better than packet noodles 🍜

      • Tried the Kyushu Black Garlic - found it too bland for my taste.

  • +3

    These are made in Indonesia. I prefer migoreng though.

  • Tried this but didn't really like it with its price. Noodles were fine but the soup wasn't good, maybe its just that I dont like instant noodle soups in general

  • Nissin manufactures them in Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Japan.
    Preferably Japan is the best but they don't seem to be available in most asian supermarkets :(

    • +2

      they rarely send Japanese made ones outside for Japan
      and if they do it's old stale products

      the instant noodles purchased in Japan are always better
      I've learnt to buy them as gifts!

      • High end asian grocer sell Japan made instant noodles

        • any examples that you know of?

          • @pull the lever: In Wentworth point NSW, there are 2 Asian Grocer which also sell Japanese made install noodles.

            I think Tong Li also sell them but not much compare to the two above.

    • Japan is the best but THEY COST $12 for pack of 5.
      Most places won't stock more than 1 or 2 types.

  • -5

    Also I am not 100% sure if I want fragile instant noodles to be delivered to my door - would rather hand-pick them by packets in supermarket to make sure they are reasonably intact

    • +4

      Turns up fine.

    • The Flex drive doesn't have much in their boot-like Australia Post and other couriers, so it normally ok, but liquid item still leak 1 out of 10 time

  • +2

    10% markup compared to prime day sales? Phoaaar that's heavy

    • Haha. Grocery items that are price matched are a loss leader anyway…

  • -1

    Shin ramen 2x 5 packs $5.99 constantly at Hanaro Mart (same amount of sodium and MSG)
    Just make your own IMO, pretty easy to get a basic stock going and some buckwheat/soba noodles.

  • Made this to go with my 63c sous vide eggs and 8hr low and slow wagyu brisket.

  • Nissan is a Japanese brand you can't go wrong with Japanese noodles!

    • Nissan for cars, Nissin for noodles ;)

      • +8

        Neeson for movies

    • Neeesan

    • Just wondering if Toyota makes noddles as well ? :)

  • 1-4 week dispatch

  • Can't find black garlic. Is it sold out?

  • Nissin Know How

  • Do these taste better than Mi Goreng?

    • +1

      Different animal.

      Migoreng is a dry noodle, this ramen is a soup noodle

      Both taste good, just dont put all of the seasoning in if you are unsure of the flavour

      • I generally need more seasoning than what Mi Goreng packs with thier Ramen (I even add chicken salt when I add veggies to it). Ya but will definitely give this a try, seems like 6$ at coles.

        • +1

          The Kyushu Black werent bad, was something different to other ramen packs ive tried cos of the black garlic oil it comes with

          Also very sesame seedy.

          Worth a try.

          • @Teal: Already on my shopping list, mi goreng stocks already running dry at home. Thanks.

    • -1

      Different types of noodles. One is soupless, one is not. Once is spicy, one is not.

    • Better noodle imo

  • Not sure how I ended up buying a 4x packets of ramen and a Snowboarding helmet in the same transaction …

    • +1

      Something seems about right in that!

  • Weird, mine had a promotion applied and were $0.95 - yay!

    • +1

      You've got a $5 promo, probably from buying a $100 amazon gift card before the prime day sales.

  • Don't like this flavour. Looks like milk.

  • -1

    Note the 2-5 weeks lead time…

  • What's the difference between this and… ?

    • Yours is Pork, OP is Black Garlic.

      • The one I linked is also black garlic.

  • Back in Stock
    Just ordered Miso (delivery 11/7)
    Miso $5.95
    Kyushu Black Garlic $6.75

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