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Tefal Healthy Chef Induction Non-Stick Frypan 24cm $35.46 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Dishwasher Safe

Enriched with natural minerals, Tefal's Mineralia + coating provides durable non-stick performance, for easy low-fat cooking day after day.
THERMO-SIGNAL technology indicates the ideal starting cooking temperature to guarantee perfect texture, colour and taste.
Thanks to its Thermo-Fusion base, Tefal ensures fast and optimum heat distribution throughout the pan for food cooked to perfection.
100% safe non-stick coating
Compatible with all stovetops, including induction (gas, electric, ceramic, induction), for total versatility.

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    same code as the everest - bargain - great post!

    edit ….and code already changed so there you go… changed within 5 minutes of my original comment….

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    There’s a special price of $28 at the moment in Woolworths for Tefal Cook Right Non-Stick 26cm Deep Fry Pan (Made in France). It’s an excellent product IMHO. Even cheaper than the one in OP’s post if someone is after 26cm Fry Pan.


    Doesnt say on the listing taht is is made in France

    Previous ones I bought were made in China



    Sounds like it should be OK. Just avoid citrus.

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    I received mine yesterday. I can confirm that it's made in France.


    shows $38.50?

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    $39.05 for me


    anyone know how this is compared to the Gourmet version?


      yeah I'm a little confused at the Tefal range. Too many options.


    doesn't Tefal use that toxic material that gives people cancer or something?

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    For those who asked for Alzheimers brain damage proof of Aluminium causation,.
    Here's a link to Dr Chris Exley who's spent his life work on it.
    You can search for other videos and published works from him also.


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      He has history of spreading misinformation. So not sure if he's the best person to be backing for this.

      edit: I think that being said, after doing some reading, it is clear that more research is required. Not enough has been done in the field to conclude that Aluminum exposed to the body through pots, pans etc. causes Alzheimer’s disease.

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    His videos and publications use facts. Notice those facts are not contradicted.

    You need to understand the money and industry vested interests that are against these studies. In such cases it's usual practice for them to smear and attack individuals. The fact they are silent on the body of his and his team's life works tells you what you need to know.


      Yeah I agree with what you have said. But Prof. Exley went on to say, drink more water, and that will help regulate Aluminum in your body. Which if it is true, then awesome, because everyone should be drinking plenty of water anyway.

      But its just that more work by various researchers needs to come to the same or similar conclusion. There just hasn't been enough work done. So following just one researcher who himself hasn't found all the answers, is silly. Yes, research is about finding and learning as much as we can, but this needs to be done more widely why various research parties so that there is proof that backs his work and claims. But right now, its just not there yet.

      I do understand your stand point on money and political influences, and unfortunately that may be true. While it doesn't take anything away from Prof. Exley's research, it does add that other researchers and institutions don't want to spend more time researching this. Which further comes to my original point of not enough work has been done, and we can't fully believe just one researcher.

      And no, the aluminum industry did not pay off all researchers and institutions.


    No you are misrepresenting him. He says water rich in silicon which binds to aluminium. This is factual. These waters are few and far between, the best one seems to be Fiji water. He has shown Al can be extracted from the body in this way to a certain extent.