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CHOETECH 40W Dual USB PD Car Charger, 2x USB-C to USB-C 100W PD Cable 2m US$9.99 (~A$13.31) AU Stock Delivered @ Choetech


Reached out to Choetech for some charger deals and was able to score a deal on a Car Charger, USB-C Cable Pack and a USB-C Hub. These are sold direct from Choetech, have free shipping and are shipped from their AU warehouse. Please see below for links, coupons and a brief description of each product.

Choetech 40W Dual USB PD Car Charger for US$9.99 (~A$13.31) with code C54 - Out of Stock

This car features 2 USB-C ports with USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Suitable for charging two USB-C devices up to 20W each simulanteously.

Choetech USB-C to USB-C 100W 2m Cable - 2 Pack for US$9.99 (~A$13.31) with code MIX99

A pack 2 nylon braided USB-C to USB-C charging cables that support 20V/5A (100W) fast charging in the length of 2m.

Choetech 7 in 1 USB-C Hub for US$22.99 (~A$30.62) with code H14

This USB-C Hub features HDMI ([email protected]), Thunderbolt 3 Port (4K/[email protected]), 2x USB 3.0 Ports, 1x USB-C Port and a SD/Micro SD card reader. The Thunderbolt 3 port supports power input up to 100W and supports 87W pass through charging to your laptop.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • +2

    I can't find choetech products now on amazon Australia. not a single one.

    • +13

      They were pulled from Amazon like Aukey, Ravpower and other brands. Asking customers to post reviews is a big no no and Amazon finally took action against it.

      • +1

        Lol lucky me I got my $20 gift card in time I guess 😂
        No seriously I have one of these and it works great

      • How they were asking for reviews ?

        • +4

          They literally include a card in your purchase that asks you to write a review and send them a screenshot of it and they'll send you a $20 Amazon voucher BUT they also make mention to not mention the voucher in the review

      • wonder when they will pull all the earbud companies then

      • Brand: pinqitech

        That's how it dodged the ban.

        • Sold by Amazon US lol.

          • +1

            @MiscOzB: They were normally sold by Amazon AU here. Interesting enough it's likely these will ship from Amazon AU as that's where their stock is (I think). It's possible for a seller to ship products without you actually buying on Amazon.

  • Got one of these when sold by Amazon in March for about $20. Works really well, faster than any other car charger I’ve used. iPhone with a USB c to lightning cord

  • Choetech spammed me with this deal earlier today…

    • +8

      You should have shared! I always encourage other people to share deals. Without it it's not much of a community.

      • +1

        Not keen on broadcasting their spam since they got done for rorting reviews. Only reason I opened the spam was to unsubscribe.

  • +1

    MIX99 discount code isn’t available to you right now

    Good deal, however the 2 USB C cables promo may have expired.

    • It still works for me. Are you behind a VPN? Deal is AU only.

      • Tried both, although it worked for me now. Seemed to be rejecting an email I recently signed up with. Thanks for posting!

      • Doesn't seem to work for me. Discount code works until I go through PayPal and then bring redirected back to die.

        Says discount code is unavailable for me. Oh well. I have heaps of cables any way. Could use more USB C to USB C but not paying regular price.

  • I just purchased a car charger from them last week delivered on Saturday now I can't see it in my order history

  • How does this combination compare (quality)?

  • Perfect timing, needed a new charger and cable. Shame I had to do two transactions to get both at the discount price.. But thanks for sharing!

  • -1

    this wont charge s21's at the 25w needed for super fast charging would it?

    • +1

      Only if 20w=25w

      • yeah now my questions seems silly lol, thanks! I'm just surprised i don't see any 25w car chargers yet

        • +1

          Plenty of 30W+ ones on AliExpress, can get them for around $5.

    • +1

      I got this one last week and it can do super fast charging on my S21 Ultra:


  • So you have to do two seperate transactions if you want two items?

  • Shame this isn’t available on Banggood or Amazon. Just don’t feel like signing up to yet another website with all my details. I might check eBay.

    Found this similar Choetech one on eBay, 36W QC3.0, $21:

  • Bought the car charger and the cables. Not knowing the brand but trusting ozbargainers’ votes. Thanks for the share.

    • good brand, i got the wireless car charger on my car, works well

    • My still haven’t shipped and it’s been WEEKS

      • I had both arrived last week.

  • Can I charge a MacBook off of this? a bit slow?

    • Yeah slow. Ideally you want something that does 45W or above in a single port. 30W at the minimum even.

  • -1

    Doesn't the cable need to be a lightning cable to go into iPhone?

    • +3

      USB-C to Lightning Cable will do the trick.

  • Picked up the 40W car charger for £7.25 using Monzo card. Thanks OP!

  • Rep, any change of one with a USB and and a USBC? Need a port for dashcam. Thanks!

  • Will this USB-C hub support Google Chromecast with TV?

  • The USB-C cables literally went out of stock while I was checking out… aurgh. Good deal though, thanks Clear.

    • Lol the cables were in stock for me, but the charger was out of stock?!?! I got the cables but no charger.

      • Oh nice, thanks for the heads up! Ordered some.

  • Pretty good charger but the only downside is the blue led ring kills my eye at night.

    • How about blocks it with sticking tape ?

  • Any chance of restocking the car charger at sale price?
    "Choetech 40W Dual USB PD Car Charger"

  • Anyone still not recieved their order?

  • I believe my USB-C cables arrived today.

  • Anyone recieved a dud car charger? emailed choetech they said they will send a replacement but never arrived.

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