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3-in-1 Docking Station for Nintendo Switch, PD 87W, USB Port $20.99 + Delivery @ Gopala-AU Amazon AU


Switch Dock, USB C Hub Adapter, [email protected] (not applicable to switch) HDMI Switch Docking Station Portable TV Dock for Nintendo Switch Charging Dock, Type C to HDMI TV Adapter for Nintendo Switch MacBook Pro Air Samsung DEX-Red
The original price was: $26.99
With Coupon Price: $20.99

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    Does this upscale the Switch output somehow? It is a bit misleading if it doesn't…

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      It will output 4K on devices that support 4K. Which the Switch does not.

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      Yep confused me, looks like it's if you plugged it into another device (not a switch) that is 4K compatible…

      • Yes, you are right. For other device(USB C 3.1 port), it can reach 4K

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      For Switch, it is 1080P, because Switch itself does not support 4K

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        Thanks Amanda, the title is a bit misleading.

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    I read years ago about some alternative switch dock bricking console … too scared to use any of these

  • Can this be used to screen record your switch on pc?

    • Why would it? That would be a capture card.

      • I didn't think it would, but the picture showed it could be displayed on a laptop

        • I think that picture is just to show that it can act like an adapter for a laptop too, not that it allows connecting a Switch to a laptop.

  • Anyone used this? Sounds good if it actually works. Upscaling to 4K sounds interesting.

    • It doesn’t say anywhere that it upscales to 4K.

      • Oh my bad I didn't read the product description. My favourite part is where it says "Switch Protable TV dock" lol

    • NOTE: Because the switch itself only supports 1080P output, it cannot reach 4K. It is [email protected] for Nintendo Switch.

      • It's trolling hey

        • sorry, it was just a copy paste from the product description from Amazon link. should have mentioned that

    • For Switch, it is 1080P, because Switch itself does not support 4K. And for other devices(USB 3.1 Port), it may reach 4K, depends on your devices

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    Misleading - neg sorry

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    It's "plug and paly" too according to the photo

    • Protable too! Not to be mistaken for portable

  • Thanks OP grabbed one even though may not support 4k switch, I can use it for my surface go to output on TV screens as well as the switch.

  • The only use scenario I can see for this is of you want something smaller than the dock for travelling. For example, bring it on your holiday (instead of the dock) to connect the Switch to the TV in your hotel room. Or are there any other advantages?

    • It's red so it goes faster?

    • You can also use it as a adapter, it can connect your laptop or phone(which has USB C 3.1 port) to TV/monitor/projector
      Also, because some adapters do not support Switch, and this one is working well with Switch.

  • Thanks OP order placed, would have been better if the cables were included at additional cost.

  • Bought, something to slap into backpack for family trips. Cheers op

  • Any user experiences on this?
    Alot seem to brick the switch?