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Nong Shim Shin Ramyun 5 Pack $4, Birds Eye Deli Seasoned Roast Potatoes 600g $2.15 @ Woolworths


Bird's Eye Roast Potato

This is the big bold flavour that more Australians are embracing? Then you have to experience Shin Ramyun – soft and chewy noodles in a spicy, flavourful broth, ready to eat in just 5 minutes. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices, you’re guaranteed a distinctive and delicious aroma and flavour. Multipack, better value.

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    I think it was $3.25 2 weeks ago at Coles

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      You are right.

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        I got the Kimchi favour for $3.5 as well

        • Might be store specific, I got the Kimchi 5 pack for $2.99 from my local IGA

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            @xiangtan: I am talking about Coles

          • @xiangtan: Never knew they did Kimchi flavour too, I took a risk today and picked up Maggi Kimchi on sale at Woolies for $1.97 :) The kids will eat them eventually even if they're mediocre.

  • YUM! Strip some chicken in the microwave for 3 minutes.

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    if you live close to M-City Melbourne Clayton. You can get two packs for $7.00 in the Asian groceries store in front of WoolWorth. Looks like you can get this anytime.

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    I recall this was the only instant noodles left on the supermarket shelves in Japan when they were preparing for the arrival of a typhoon 🌀

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      Too spicy for Japanese palate… and it is also Korean

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        I dunno, but it could be more likely because it's Korean! 🤣

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    Lol farm fresh 😂

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      Works if you name the farm 'Fresh'

    • Msg is straight from the farm

  • Those bird's eye roast potato's in the air fryer are pretty damn delicious for something quick.

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    Alot of Asian supermarket's have nongshim noodles other than shin ramen for 99 cents when short dated. This is how I always get mine.

    • I buy the non fried version at Asian supermarket, normally $1.50

  • You can generally get these for under $4 at most Korean supermarkets. So I always have a chuckle when I see Woolworths "slash" their price from $6 to $4 lol.

  • Stocked up a couple weeks ago when Coles had them at $3.25, but this is still a good price because the noodle quality is still on the better end

    Thank you OP for sharing : )

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    Easily the best packet noodles I've ever eaten.

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    Try using milk instead of water.
    1. Boil the noodles only in water until it is about 70% done
    2. Strain out the water and replace with 350ml of Milk (Full preferred but low fat still works)
    3. While heating up again, add in about 60-70% of the seasoning (unless you like really spicy noodles)
    3.5 (Optional): Add in any vegetables to the dish or some meats (eg. sliced frozen pork or beef, frozen prawns etc) and allow to cook
    4. Add in the little packet of spring onions etc that you get
    5. Crack a raw egg into the bowl you are going to use and give it a good whisk with a fork (Some people like adding in the egg into the boiling soup mixture but I like my eggs a bit more raw)
    6. Ladle the now almost boiling milk into the egg mix and give it a stir to mix it in with the egg. Keep on ladling the liquid a few more times until you have gotten the raw eggs nicely mixed in and cooked
    7. Pour the rest of the noodles (and add-ons) into the bowl

    Let me know how it goes for you if you try it. :-)

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      that's gotta be the weirdest thing I have seen aside from mixing it with peanut butter

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        I have it often lol. I dont think it's weird at all. Spicy soup with milk, some places sell them as well from where I came from. But it wasn't 100% milk. Maybe like 30-40% milk.

    • Oh new receipe …. I will try it. It sounds bit weird way to cook ramen but if the taste is good, why not.
      My kids love the noodle's tenderness and unique texture. strain out the noodle from the boiling water, quickly cool down the noddle with cold water (or tap water). It's a Korean way to forming the noodle texture bit hard. Then mix it with Korean soy source and Korean sesame oil - they must be Koreans. Just like that we don't use Mexican oil in Italian pasta. My kids love too much ….. such simple instant noodle beated my pasta down to the 2nd favorate food to my kids ……. Cooking my pasta takes more than 1 hour.

    • try coconut milk? or soy milk?

      • The oil content will be too high with Coconut milk. If you do that I might consider cutting it with water or normal milk unless you like really thick and heavy soups.
        Soy milk will work but I have not tried it.