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70x Cetrine (Cetirizine Hydrochloride) 10mg (Generic Zyrtec) $9.99 Delivered @ PharmacySavings


Hi Ozbargainers,

One of my favourite reps recently called me to announce his retirement, I wished him well and asked him for a parting gift. After a brief pause he asked me what I was talking about and I suggested that as he was leaving his firm, he should make an amazing offer to us for our final order. While I think I may have caused some slight offense, 2 days later I received a text message informing me of the item, quantity and price I'd be paying for a certain product and when it would dispatch. I almost imagined myself on an episode of "Banged up abroad" - Waiting in a hotel room for the message as to what I'd be delivered, when and for how much.

So - it turns out I am now the proud owner of 200 boxes of 70x Dr Reddys Cetrine (Generic Zyrtec)

Some of you may recall I was offered several "deals" on this product when the last production batch was short dated and approaching expiry, this is a brand new batch, just landed in Australia with an expiry date of 02/2024. Ozbargain sleuths may still be able to find some of the old stock available online which expires in a couple of months, but I think for $9.99 delivered this is smashing good deal (this item retails in most brick and mortar pharmacies for between $20-30) - the stock in this deal expires 02/2024 so stock up at this price !!!

Item: Dr Reddy's Cetrine
Price: $9.99
Delivery: Free
Code: NO code required for 1st 200 sales then price will rise
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/cetrine-dr-reddys-ce...

Per usual I have restocked the Ozbargain faves for this deal today:

Dr Reddy's - Hayfexo FEXOFENADINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Generic Telfast)
70 x HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

140 x C-ZINE (Generic Zyrtec)
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Chemists' Own C-Zine (Zyrtec Generic)
140 Tablets (2x 70 Tabs)
CODE: TAKE9 (price will come down to $20.99 delivered)

200 X TABLETS = $25.99 WITH CODE
CODE: bargain

100x FEXO + 100x Loratadine + 100x Cetirizine + 100x Paracetamol
PRICE: $49.99 inc express post

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  • +3

    +1 for customer service of OP

    I've barely made a dent in my other 140 cetirizines so I'll pass on this

    • +2

      Thanks for your historical support and upvote ;-)

  • +2

    What is the expiry of HayFexo Fexofenadine please?

    • +1

      Hi, the current batch I am packing is 12/23 exp

      • Thanks, bought one :)

  • +1

    Grabbed some thanks OP!

    • +6

      These won't improve your 5G phone reception as much, either.

      • And it will make you become a Trump follower.

  • +1

    ordered, thanks OP

      • +3

        Not a scam at all. They're located just down the road from me and it's a legit business. Google it.

    • +13

      Hi - if you selected standard freight there is no tracking, PM me your details I will call you now to resolve. If you are calling our retail store all they can do is reference the system, note the status of the order and update you based on the data in the system. We have now served over 9,000 Ozbargainers who I believe are mostly pretty happy.

      • +1

        Some are very happy!

  • +10

    Ordered from these guys previously and super happy with everything. Great Aussie small business and deserve all the support. Cheers

  • What does it do?

    • -1

      Helps with Asian flush.

  • +1

    Hey Jason - does this have any dairy/lactose in it?

  • +3

    Do you sell generic viagra, cialis , levitra?

    • Actually I want to know this too. lol

    • -4


  • +10

    A heartfelt goodbye, flipped on its head and turned into an opportunity for a deal!
    True Oz Bargain style! 10/10!

  • From past experience with hay fever Cetirizine works best if combined with Pseudoephedrine and there's some generic brands that do it in one pill, not sure if that last ingredient might be illegal for sale without prescription though.

  • Nice deal, thanks OP and your now retired rep.

  • I tend to use both Cetirizine and Fexofenadine, but I’ve been told I should alternate to not build up a tolerance. How often should I be doing this (if correct)? Like alternative days, or a sheet of one and a sheet of the other, or even alternate the whole box?

    • Fexofinedine just doesn't work for me. I have been taking Cetirizine everyday for the last 12 years, it is still effective. I have dust mites allergy. I know it still works for me because the day I skip it I wake up with itchy eyes and sneezing in the middle of the night.

  • Do you have 300 or even 400 BULK LORATADINE?

  • +3

    Thanks OP - got 3 boxes for Mrs Murphy, who thanks you too, as she normally pays about $35 for an equivalent box of Zyrtec.

  • +2

    ordered, thanks OP

  • +1

    I'm still working through the last order of C-zine I got from you, but you get a +1 from me for the excellent service and constant presence here on OzB.

  • +1

    Thanks so much OP. Just purchased a few boxes. This post will save me a small fortune. We all suffer with allergies in my home. Have a great day :-) Sharon

  • I've just pulled whatever we have on the shelves off to restock this deal - should keep it running for another couple of hours.

  • +1

    Thanks OP…. <sneeze>, these will be…. <sneeze> very welcome <sneeze>

  • Hey Jason. Hope all is well.
    Any updates on CBD oil?

  • Quick question to the op, what's the difference between the yellow Cetrine in this promo vs the orange Cetrine packet in the past? E.g. from this promo: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609133

    • +1

      The orange batch had an expiry of 10/21 and all newer stock with more yellow colouring has an of exp 2024 (new packaging only).

      • Perfect, thanks.

  • Seems to be in stock as far as I can see.
    Same price.

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