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HJC RPHA-11 Misano MC-4H Motorcycle Helmet - $389 (Pickup) @ AMX Super Stores


This helmet appears to be on closeout/clearance. Good deal if you're after the RPHA Model and don't really mind the colors.

Revzilla Review

$399 at MCAS

Good track helmet
Double D ring
10 vents (including venturi)
Free Dark shield in the box
Emergency Removable cheek pads

No drop down sun visor.

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    HJC Rpha-11 Helmet Misano MC-4H - $389 @AMX

    I checked my AMX account and I can't see the offer.
    It must be targetted…

  • no Small :(
    Not that I need another helmet, but at that price…

    I recently bought a Scorpion EXO R1 from Chromeburners, $388 delivered. Absolute best helmet I've worn, and I've had Arais and Shoeis.
    The fit is amazing and tight without being uncomfortable, even comes with a spare tinted visor and a pinlock visor.

    • Noice!
      Did you have to pay for customs or duties?

      • Nope.

        • Try loggin in. Mine shows 8 smalls left.

          • @lordra: no I won't lol, simply because I'll be too temped and end up buying it.
            For that amount, I'm gonna buy the Brembo RCS17 instead.

            • @he11bent: Hey mate, what is the Brembo RCS17?

              • +1

                @lordra: Brembo front brake 17mm master cylinder. My bike is a 15mm and the brake lever is feeling soft for my liking.
                Getting the RCS17, along with braided lines and new pads.

                • @he11bent: Better than the helmet for sure!

                  Thought it was a brake part didn't think Brembo made helmets!

    • They wouldn't have Australian Standard stickers so are they legal to use in Australia?

      • +1

        They are ECE-2205 approved and one of only 25 FIM certified helmets in the world right now.
        Since OZ adopted ECE-2205 (soon ECE-2206). We're allowed to use these helmets on the road.

        FIM certification is currently the best standard, it's the certification that's for MotoGP, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

        Ryan does a good job here of explaining it simply (although, there's still more to it)


  • +2

    Also doing a clear out, although only MD, but at least it's a different colour.

  • -2

    Good deal if you're after the RPHA Model

    Russian Public Health Association.

    • +1

      Could you stop trying so hard? Why do you insist on marking such inane comments on every deal listed?

      • -1

        Could you stop


      • You can block users.

  • +7

    We need more motorcycle deals on here :)

  • That's a pretty good price. I'm on the hunt for another helmet and although RPHA 11 is one of the shortlisted models, i'm more looking for a different colour scheme.

    If i wasn't particular on the colour, i'd snatch this up straight away.

  • It's also a racing helmet so will be louder than a standard road helmet.

    • uggghhh what?

      • Racing helmets don't have as much soundproofing.


        • I call BS on that. My scorpion exo R1 is the same as what Fabio Quartraro wears and it's by far the quietest helmet I've had, more so than the Shoies and just replaced Arai I've had.

          • @he11bent: Fair call. I'm off to look at them today.

          • @he11bent: I agree with he11bent. The top speeds that these helmets have to put up with will have less noise.

            This video also from Champion Helmets, shows you the numbers for the sound levels.

    • Did you get another helmet?

  • Had one RPHA 11 before, upside is very comfy inner lining, but very poor side view and very unstable at high speed, also only 3 star SHARP safety rating,

  • Awesome price. I recently got one from chromeburner after I found my 2kg (with comms) neotec 2 destroyed my neck muscles riding a new to me 848.
    Chose the rpha due to good reviews and primarily as it is one of the lightest helmets on the market. Super happy with it.

  • Seems to have had more stock added than just the small available earlier. Shame the blue didn't come to oz

  • I am considering getting the Shoes (https://www.amxsuperstores.com.au/motorcycle-product/shoei-n...).

    They have this for $699 in-store. I need an XL. Anyone here know if its that much better for the price (This deal is almost half price of the Shoe).

    I actually like the look of this Yellow model.

    • Did you get anything?

    • +1

      I always found Shoeis to be too windy for my liking. I haven't tried their top of the range stuff though.
      My last Arai was miles better, I'll still use it from time to time.
      But as I said above, my new scorpion exo R1, which is also the cheapest helmet I've ever bought has been my favourite. And at 12xxgrams. It's also the lightest I've bought. You just have to order from overseas as well.

  • Expired now, but still at deal price at MCAS.

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