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1000 Codes for 3 Large Traditional Pizzas + 2x Garlic Breads + 2x 1.25l Drinks $25.95 Delivered on 14/7 (FB Required) @ Domino's



Back again for Game 3 of Origin, seems like good value. No surcharge this time as it's for a Wednesday night.

Domino's will release a Woobox link on their Facebook page between 3pm and 11:59pm which can be used to get the below:

  1. The Prize is one (1) voucher for a “Mega Footy Bundle” for the discounted price of $25.95 delivered (RRP $35.95) (Voucher). The Voucher includes:
    a. Three (3) Large Pizzas from the value, traditional or vegetarian plant-based ranges;
    b. Two (2) 1.25L soft drinks; and
    c. Two (2) garlic breads.

Pre-orders can be made online anytime between Monday 12 July 2021 and Wednesday 14 July 2021 and delivery time can be selected at time of placing order. Voucher expires at 11:59pm on Wednesday 14 July 2021.

As always, enjoy :)

Credit to skido for title.

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    Last time i got a Domino pizza i ordered a small caprichosa. There was 4 pizza slices with HALF and olive on each slice positioned in the centre of each slice. 2 olives were used for the entire pizza.. never again!! 😳

  • So basically it's a $10 off voucher on the deal.

  • +4

    Yeah why limit it to only 1000 for such a paltry savings haha. Anyone would think they are giving away free pizza!

  • +2

    Why do they still call this large? They are small, nowhere near "large". Was disappointed when I picked them up and saw the box. :( Never again!

  • +5

    The quality of these pizzas is so low now that it quite disappointing to open the box.

    • +2

      I'm no pizza hut shill, but last night after ordering 2 pizzas I was really impressed with their offerings. More so the fact it actually looked like a pizza, had toppings and tasted like a pizza.

      • +1

        The fact that your pizza looked like pizza is surprising and impressive, but it shouldn't be! Haha

  • Hardly seems worth having a game 3 when NSW won the first two. I'll take the pizza deal though lol

  • Got some pizzas today and was disappointed by the box. I'm not spending more than $5 per pizza at dominos from now on. Greedy b tards.

  • What time have the other ones been released?

    • +1

      I believe it will get posted at 3pm AEST on the dot, I'll keep an eye on the FB page for the link.

      • already refreshing the page

  • There use to be a Pizza Hut store just around the corner from me years ago but it closed and now the closest one is miles away so no delivery, etc. Very sad!

    • did it have all you can eat buffet like the good old times?

      • No, it was just a shop front one. There was one of those a bit further away but that closed ages ago in the good old times like you said. :D

        • you haven't missed much the pizzas have gone smaller and less toppings especially Tuesday when it is 2 for 1

          • @Poor Ass: Sounds like they are following Domino's then!

            I just tried using Google maps to find out how long ago they were last there - 4 years for the shop front one and more than 15 years for the buffet one as it hasn't show up at all.

            • @GaryG: surprisingly the Domino's one near me tastes better than Pizza Hut now but Pizza Hut before taste better than Dominos


  • +1

    WHERE IS IT?????????

  • Pizza's are just getting smaller and smaller. Wtf happened to the size of them at dominos?? I wouldn't spend more than like $7 each…

    • They made it smaller then released the upgrade to extra large for $3…

  • If anyone got a code and isn't going to use it please PM me 🙂

    • Yeah same here!

  • damn it, didnt read fully, thought i just need to order on the day. came here to check, and all gone already lol.

  • +1


    Not using mine. Enjoy!

  • Anyone not using? Id love a code

  • I'll gladly take a code if anyone has a spare they won't be using.

  • 374483173209

    please enjoy your mediocre pizza :)

    • +2

      thankyou sir you've made a fat man happy.

  • i am not using my code , anyone want it ?

    • +1

      yes please! messaged :)

  • +1

    Would love a code if someone has a spare!

    • done enjoy

      • +1

        Really appreciate it! :)

  • Any spare codes?

  • PM if you want a code

  • PM Me if you want a code, I have one too