Being Ripped off by Wall-Mount Installation Team When Buying a TV from The Good Guys

I am from Adelaide. I recently bought a TV 75" from the Good Guys (for $1700)

I paid $300 for wall mounting. The wall-mount installation is arranged through the Good Guys by an external company.

On the day of wall mounting, I was charged $100 extra for concealing the cable under the wall and I am happy with that. Then, the staffs suggested me to provide:
* 2x HDMI cables (3m).
* 1x Surge Protector
* 1x 5m Fly Lead
They didnot tell me that they will charge me extra. I thought they are included in the cost.

At the invoice payment, they charged me:
* 2x HDMI cables (3m) = 2x $100 = $200
* 1x Surge Protector = $100
* 1x 5m Fly Lead = 39$

All the HDMI cables and surge protector are still visible outside the board. Thus, I can confirm that these are the one they provided to me
* $11 each (charged me $100 each)
* $28 (charged me $100)
* $12 (charged me $39)

I have called the installers to justify the costs. However, they said that they have installed the "high-quality" product and refused to discount/refund.

I was charged $200 for 2 HDMI cables which are worth $20. Do you have any suggestion on where should I proceed with the formal complaint about this?

Total $749 for wall-mount installation cost, excluding the wall-mount kit.

Receipt 1: labour cost $300
Receipt 2: extra installation (above thread) $439

This is the photo after wall-mount installation

Update 1: I have contacted the Good Guy who said that they will contact the installers and get back to me…

Update 2: The GoodGuy has reviewed this case and contacted the installers. The installers has got back and offered the refund of $220 back to me. In particular, the costs have been updated as follows:
* 2x HDMI cables (3m) = 2x $100 = $200 (previously charged) => $50
* 1x Surge Protector = $100 (previously charged) => $50
* 1x 5m Fly Lead = 39$ (previously charged) => 20$

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    I used to work for a bank and people used to complain about this sort of stuff all the time. Generally older people getting fleeced by these companies for installs in the same manner you did.

    From what I understand, they dont have to follow "Recommended Retail Prices" and can sell an item for whatever they want. Theres a lot of crazy stuff in our laws that means its ok to sell above RRP but very much illegal to sell under RRP to kill off another business or what have you.

    I dont think you will have much luck on this one, but Id recommend getting in contact with the ACCC and seeing if they have futher advice on the situation.

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    Damn, I paid 1800 but that includes a 77” oled mounted and bracket supplied, + a sonos arc soundbar (the soundbar included in price) + bracket + hidden cables etc. glad I did not do this through the good guys and spent some time finding a highly rated service that also has a partner ship with sonos

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    You cannot agree to uncapped additional charges. Otherwise we would be hearing stories of installers charging thousands for a HDMI cable. “Oh but these aren’t included in the install price, so by default you’ve agreed to pay whatever the (profanity) we want to charge”

    Start with Fair Trading in SA.

    Ignore the OzB lynch mob with zero consumer law experience.

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      I'd be running it to Fair Trading and seeing what they say as well. Shady mofos need a wake up and some pain\worry even if you're not successful.

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        Yep, agreeing to uncapped charges and agreeing to purchase items without knowing the cost is a fairly clear case of unfair contract terms. By law, a consumer cannot agree to these terms. Even if the OP signed a contract saying they agree, if the contract wasn't clear on the costs then it would be invalid.

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    Sorry to hear about this. I was in the same position… bought a tv from the good guys and they gave me the information for the same installer. When I called to organise, the installer mentioned there would be an additional cost of $40 for the wall plates. This would have pushed the cost up to $450. This, in addition to the overall poor attitude of the guy I was speaking with was an immediate red flag. I subsequently called a different installer who did the job next day for $250.

  • I wonder how much the good guys get as kickback from the TV install company

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      When I sold the service at JB it was say $350-399 for a 65" plus install not including brackets
      $100 went to the owner (of the install company)
      each installer got $50 each
      JB salesman got a $20-40 spiv

      It really wasn't worth the extra effort if stuff went wrong and we knew it was massively overpriced but some of the bigger deals people would happily pay it as time was money

    • Good guys get around $50 per install.

  • $100 for a $20 cable is hefty however you should of provided your own cables or at least told the installer you don’t want his $100 cables.
    Wall Mount never includes cables ran in wall unless it states it.

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    Should have done it yourself or get someone to come and quote it.

    All of these installation packages sold by people on shop floor are guaranteed to come with catch you clauses. They turn up and tell you that the wall isn't right. You know the solar deals that says this is the price but only for install on a tin roof and single story (problem is there isn't that many tin roofs and single story builds these days) then they tell you it is the wrong angle or wrong direction and you need to pay for their expensive additions. Ask them whether they worked in the inkjet printer business previously.

  • The installation almost the cost of the tv?

  • Buy the same items again and return them to them with a request for refund of the item costs.

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    I think you're right to be pissed off but you also signed your soul up for this.

  • I feel you OP. When I was a teenager, I paid $120 for Monster component cables.

    • I bought some too and some expensive speaker cable.
      You were pretty sure at the time it made it sound better or at least best they could.
      I wouldn't do it now though.

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    ouch! very expensive mistake on your part of not doing due diligence :-(

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    I used to work for a subcontractor that did the same kind of work but for Harvey Norman…which is what prompted me to start my own company doing the same thing (In Regional VIC). The technicians that work for these large companies are complete cowboys, most of them have no idea what they are doing and they charge through the nose for their work - including scammy stuff like this with the cables. Sorry that you went through this OP.

    • Were you one of the scammy or good ones?

  • Update 1: I have contacted the Good Guy who said that they will contact the installers and get back to me…
    The GoodGuy said to review this matter with the installer and internally. They said to get back to me in 2-5 business days.

    OP should have also said it on OZB and getting massive social media coverage and that might make TheBadGuys act .

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      I used tgg to install a gas oven once before the guy was asking me to take off screws and hand him tools contacted good guys and got my $300 back

  • Did you just move out of your parents place and is this your first purchase since doing so?

    I genuinely don't understand how some of these people have survived this long, do not trust anyone…. unless you had it in writing that those were inclusions then you assume you are paying for them.

  • Call as a fake person and ask for an installation quote. Say you need hdmi cables supplied and see if they tell you $100 each.
    It will give you back up when you ask for a refund if you are given a lower price by phone.

  • If it were me, I would have bought the cheapest tv and just ran the $2 HDMI and power cable down the wall. Just zip tie them up so they aren't a tripping hazard or annoying with the vacuum. I guess it's because I mostly watch terrestrial TV and I usually can't be bothered to switch to 4K, and weirdly enough the high resolution actually strains my eyes because I always have to be focusing on something in particular.

    As an interesting aside, I looked up how HDMI cables work. From my understanding, there is zero advantage to expensive cables. If the cheapest cable is able to produce any picture at all, you are already seeing the best picture achievable. The HDMI source sends a duplicate signal out of phase with the main one, and then these can be compared at the destination (your TV) to almost entirely remove losses. If your $2 cable has failed, you will probably not see a picture at all or it will be completely garbled ( probably your set top box etc malfunctioning).

  • We paid $180 to install a 75inch TV and that included the bracket and HDMI cable.

    • When was this? Did they do a good job? Can you DM me the details, thanks.

  • Wow, that is absolutely outrageous! The Good Guys shouldn't be dealing with such a company, it will very negatively affect their image. I cannot imagine Good Guys would find this acceptable.

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    I have previously subcontracted for Good Guys in NSW wall mounting TVs. Just to give you some background, the installing company receive very little of the original $300, typically it will be between $50 to $100. The remainder is taken by the store as commission for selling the wall mount. As you can imagine the wall mounts need to be completed quickly to make it cost effective for the installer. One of the biggest delays is due to customers searching their house for cables to use as a result most installers will bring cables to supply to avoid this search. I would frequently charge a much higher cost for the cables I was installing than what I purchased them for, this wasn't to take advantage of the customer as I would rather not have to supply them. It is to reflect the time spent driving to the supplier to restock the cables and to cover the statutory warranty that if the cable is defective in a short period of time I would have to spend the time to travel to your house and uninstall the cable to replace it. I don't think you can assume the installers were necessarily trying to rip you off, however you shouldn't have a problem getting a refund if you keep contacting the shop until they get tired of dealing with you and obligate the installers to fix the problem. Alternatively if you told the installers that the cables are not fit for the purpose of what you want them to do or defective, they will be obligated to refund you as they are selling the product to you. (This is is rules in NSW, I assume it's similar in SA)

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    ================= update: the GoodGuy has reviewed and contacted the installer. I have got the refund (partially) — see the post =====================

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      Seems like a reasonable outcome, good work.

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      That's a slightly better outcome. Good on you for sticking up for your rights.

    • great outcome. Good learning experience for us all. What to avoid, and if didn't avoid, what to do if in op's shoes. TGG is a good company to deal with.

      • Or just buy and provide the cables In the first place ?

    • Why did you want the cables concealed if you didn't have any to provide them in the first place ?

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    Fork ! Glad you shared.

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