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MSI GeForce RTX 3060 VENTUS 3X OC 12G Graphics Card $979 + Delivery ($0 to Most Areas/ VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


Centrecom has a 24 hour flash sale where MSI GeForce RTX 3060 are slashed from $1,499 down to $979 which is approximately 35% off their normal asking price. Might be good for anyone on the hunt for one.
Showing as in stock for the online channel.

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    $861 at PCCG with the klarna deal atm.

  • +26

    1499 lol.

  • What's percent over RRP is it now down to?

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          MSRP of $529 in Australia for RTX3060…

  • +4

    $1499 RRP? you joking right…

    • +2

      The sad thing is that you can get a laptop with a 3060 in it for less than $1499. These prices are heavy gouging.

      • Not the same card. The notebook version is about 75% of the speed of the full size 3060. That said, the laptop route is what i went with this year and couldn’t be happier. 5800H (close in speed to 5600x) 3070 laptop gpu with 8gb vram, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd with a spare slot for another, and a beautiful 16” 16:10 500nit screen. And the portability! $2400.

  • I am gobsmacked…. when the 3070 was released, I saw the prices in PCCG around 900 to 1.1k. Now 3070 in PCCG goes for like 1.6k+

    How can an item mark up so much after release?

    • +8

      Supply and demand?

      • +6

        And chip shortages.

      • But there was already a huge interest in the 3000 series before release. And I get the videos showed that the performance and price will be reasonable…. but I don't get the huge mark up after the initial release prices.

        In saying that….. Sony can technically raise their price of the PS5 to 1k due to supply and demand?

    • +8

      The stupidity that is pointlessly burning energy to solve mathematical problems, in order to help transact a currency nobody has ever found a real use for other than laundering or gambling.

      • +4

        You forgot ordering pizza.

      • +2

        But but but boomers have ruined my future….

  • Looks like you can backorder with PLE for $799. Would love to know when Centrecom last sold these at $1499

    • I think the difference here is these guys have stock for anyone who needs it now.

      • eVGA and Asus in stock and $999 at PLE. Would take these brands over MSI and not part of a "flash sale"

  • -1

    $400 and we have a deal.

    • +8

      See you in 2023.

      • +2

        After 5 years GeForce GTX 1060 6GB still sells more than $500.

        • +3

          Used card price inflated too. It will collapse soon when 30 series drops near to rrp.
          3060 is still on my shopping list but wouldn't buy until near rrp

  • +10

    Just proves how much of a bargain a PS5 or Series X is at RRP

    • +1

      Which you also can't get yeah? Haha

      Prices are definitely coming down - it's great to see.

      • +1

        Point is you could've definitely got either or both by now if you wanted one, at RRP.

        • I haven't been able to get a PS5 at RRP yet… Help!

          • @bmxr: Put your name down at JB. I've seen quite a few reports of people waiting less than a week at JB. Obviously depends on many factors but if your name is down at least you know you're in the queue.

  • honestly thankful prices are coming down, im gonna hold on a little more. 3060 probably not good enough to drive stuff at 1440 144hz at highest settings.

    maybe 2 more months and ill finally retire the rx480

    • at this point, I'm only playing factorio because I'm anxious of putting any strain on my 1060.

      • +1

        i just play moba games so the 480 can still drive them at 1440, havent bothered launching newer games like RDR2 since i upgraded my monitor (thankfully i completed that prior to getting the monitor)

  • Will RX6700XT go below $1000 soon? Why are only Nvidia cards dropping

    • Because the greater population of gamers want Nvidia so the demand vs supply is much higher.
      Due to the same demand vs supply the cards have soared past there RRP.

      So the price dropping is more so price correction slowly towards RRP.

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