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FamilyFirst Photoelectric Smoke Alarm $12.99, Twin Pack $21.98 + $9.90 Shipping (Excludes QLD) @ Family First Fire Protection


Was looking for some smoke alarms to replace my ageing ones and noticed the Family First range had a clearance on some of their units making them half price to the same range at Bunnings. (My 2nd deal posted, I hope I didn't rear end anyone as a Learner)

The models on Clearance Sale include:
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 240v interconnectable ($29.98)
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with hush button ($12.99)
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Escape Light ($18.98)
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Twin Pack ($21.98)
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Combo Pack ($22.98)

Note: They don't sell this into Queensland as they do NOT meet the newer Australian Standard 3786-2014. They meet the older Australian Standard 3786-1993.

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    They don't sell this into Queensland as they do NOT meet the Australian Standard 3786-2014

    The packaging shows complying with this standard?

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      Website says they're compliant with Australian Standard 3786-1993 which all states & territories adhere to except QLD which is 2014 edition


      The problem is that Queensland uses a non-standard Australian Standard


    Do they all need mains 240V ? Or are there any models that can run on just the battery. I am looking to add a few extras around house (especially the garage). I already the 2 mandatory ones that have dual power (mains and battery).

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      aside from the 240v interconnectable, the rest are just 9v battery operated


    Family first do have a 10 year battery one but it's not on clearance I expect because this is probably by far the most popular. I had one at the olds and despite being only 5 years old it had issues, good thing was bunnings did a straight swap for a new one, no receipt and no mucking around.

    I'd be inclined to buy that one for th rrp of 30 bucks, as you are supposed to replace them at 10 years anyway, so it's as good as wired. Aside from that, who wants the hassle of changing batteries every year, esp of you have a few


      After a quick search and read about these 10 year Family First models I saw quite a few people complaining that the battery or unit fails long before that. Here's just one of the links to poor reviews but there were plenty more.



        If it fails every 5 years and the returns policy doesn't change, it will keep me in smoke alarms for life :-)