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BlitzWolf BW-P14 60W USB-PD/QC3.0/VOOC/Warp Charge 20000mAh Power Bank US$38.99 (~A$52.08) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


On flash sale is this beast of a power bank on sale from BlitzWolf that as you can tell from the title, supports a large number of fast charging protocols including those not commonly found in power banks.

This includes USB-PD 3.0 with PPS, Samsung Super Fast Charge, Qualcomm Quick Charge, Huawei SuperCharge, OPPO VOOC Flash Charge, OnePlus Dash/Warp Charge, Xiaomi Turbo Charge and more.

It supports up to 60W in the USB-C port and up to 27W in the USB-A ports. If all 3 ports are used simultaneously it will only go up to 15W max. On the side of the power bank is a battery indicator that shows the percentage left.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate and stackable with Cashback.

Model BW-P14
Battery Capacity 20000mAh 74Wh
Input Micro USB QC 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18 Max)
Type C PDO* 5V/3A, 9V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3A (60W Max)
Type-C Output PD* 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A (60W Max), PPS* 3.3-6V/5A or 3.3-11V/5A (60W Max)
Type-C Protocols PD3.0(PPS)/ PD3.0, 2.0/ QC4.0+, 3.0, 2.0/ FCP/ AFC
USB 1/USB 2 Output SCP/S-QC* 5V/3A, 4.5-5V/5A, 9/3A, 12V/2.5A (27W Max)
USB 1/USB 2 Protocols QC3.0, 2.0/ SCP/ FCP/ VOOC1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0/ AFC/ Mi CHARGE TURBO/ Mi SQC/ OnePlus DASH/ OnePlus WARP/ APPLE2.4/ BC1.2
Type-C + USB 1 + USB 2 *Supports three devices charging (total 15W)
Weight about 400g
Size 67 x 132 x 25mm
Protection Over-current Protection, Over-voltage Protection, Short Circuit, Temperature Protection

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  • Hmm. I am in the market for one. I was eyeing anker powercore+ but the cheapest I found was $150. Should just buy this instead. Can someone comment on this as I don’t really have much knowledge about power banks..

    • +1

      Im considering buying this because it does high voltage which is what my camera needs. Depends on what devices youre powering i suppose

    • +1

      Though the Xiaomi zmi qb823 beats this in power delivery. Which can do 65watts.

      This blitzwolf power bank trumps it by supporting all the other fast charging tech from Huawei, oppo and OnePlus.

    • +1

      What phone do you have?

      • I have an iphone and a lenovo laptop and MacBook Air. They all be used one at a time

        • +2

          That will be fine. With the USB-C port it will max out at 60W for the Lenovo laptop and MacBook Air so that'll be no issues, for the iPhone it'll max out at 18W with you're using a USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging. Obviously if you use multiple devices at once that 60W is going to be shared across all of them.

        • +1

          As Clear mentioned, this is what you want because you need power delivery(PD) for your laptops to charge. At 20,000 mAh this is great value. Jump on it.

          • +1

            @snagseb: Thank you all. I ordered one. Lets see..

            • @kley78: Have never been disappointed with a BlitzWolf product having bought plenty of cables, chargers and a couple of powerbanks including the BW-P11 from them.

              I'm pretty sure you'll be happy.

              • +1

                @shutuptakemymoney101: I received the Power bank today. It is actually surprisingly better than what I expected. Looks OK, not bulky, big or heavy. It charges my ipad and iphone good. However it is not charging my laptop which is what I really need it to do:(

                • @kley78: I just tried charging my x1 yoga with a type C to type C cable and it charges fine.

                  The cable I used was from a Xiaomi qb823 as the blitzwolf didn't come with type C to type C cable.

                  Note: my x1 yoga has a 65w type C charger.

                  The power bank outputs 60 watt only but it had no problem charging the laptop anyway.

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    Can this used to charge laptops ?

    • +1

      If your laptop has USB-C and supports charging. It does Power Delivery up to 60W.

  • I've read through and doesn't do passthrough? Or did I read incorrectly ?

    • Product Q&A says it does not support passthrough.

      • tis a shame it doesnt as my xiaomi qb823 does. and my other powerbanks.

  • Only thing I can see is they don't include a USB c to USB c cable which means another you gotta buy. And as we know not all usb c cables are created equal.

  • Got one! Thanks op.

  • While this has the chops to deliver fast charging, does it have the chops to deliver slow charging?

    I have the P11, and it won't charge my bluetooth headphones. It starts charging, and a short time later just stops. I thought I had a dud until someone posted on here that this is just how it works.

    • according to the site it charges low power devices also. i will be sure to test this when i do get the 2 i bought.

      • Please report back to us. My P11 sits on my desk unused now …

        • So received the 2 power banks earlier. Would have posted earlier but had to test with my low power devices. Had to drain one as much as I could. Got half way.

          To note. The included USB a to USB c cable is way too short. Just saying. Would have been nice to include USB c to USB c cable also.

          Tested both power banks. USB a port next to the clicky button on the side is the only one that seem to charge low power devices. I did not have to press said button to charge low power device. Just plugged it in and it started charging.

          Ninja edit: Might have to test more since the other USB a port seem to charge the JBL reflect flow charging case also.

          Low power device charged. Blackshark Bluetooth earphone 2 and the charging case of the JBL reflect flow earbuds.

          • @xoom:

            Tested both power banks. USB a port next to the clicky button on the side is the only one that seem to charge low power devices. I did not have to press said button to charge low power device. Just plugged it in and it started charging.

            Thanks for getting back to us. Might have to have a look at getting one.

            • @photonbuddy: Drained my blackshark BT earphones 2 and tried recharging it using the power bank and either USB A port worked to charge it.

              • @xoom: Bought one with less than 1 hour to go on the sale, so fairly happy with that.

    • In Xiaomi they call that low power charging. From what I've seen I don't think any of the BlitzWolf fast charging power banks do it.

      • I was able to charge my blackshark BT earphones 2 with the two blitzwolf bw-p14 power banks I received today.

  • The hell is VOOC??

    • Fast charging for Oppo phones. It's called Dash or Warp charge on OnePlus phones and Dart charge on Realme.

      • And Samsung setup a think thank brains trust naming theirs.

        Super fast charge


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