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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Palit Jetstream 3070 Non LHR $1286 + Delivery + Customs Duty @ Mighty Ape


Another gpu deal here ppl. Prices coming down quick! Just need a 1660 super deal now :D

The listed price includes GST but does not include customs duty for import into Australia.

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Mighty Ape Australia
Mighty Ape Australia

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    Hope it can drop below $1,000 soon

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    Again, need to add GST and customs duty at checkout.

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    Total $1470.50 with shipping to Brisbane

    • Was cheaper a month ago

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      Yup - when you get to the checkout, it says:

      Ships from New Zealand. Estimated import taxes for delivery to Australia:
      GST: +AU$128.90
      CUSTOMS CHARGES: +AU$50.00
      CUSTOMS DUTY: May apply

      Then there's the hassle of warranty and RMAs..

  • This is a fantastic drop in price. From a quick search, Palit are a very reputable brand around parts of Europe and Asia. They run and manufacture several brands, of which the most recognisable are GALAX and Gainward. I have a GALAX 3070 SG which has run like clockwork so far.

    • Can't fault my Galax at all either, have been running a Galax 2080 TI SG for around a year with absolutely zero problems.

    • Yeah I bought one in Dec last year, 3070SG has been good.

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    Shouldn't it be illegal to list it without gst?

    • Yes, its Australian B2C, The price listed should be the full end price (inc gst, duties etc),

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      Yup, just flicked them an email questioning it, the page even says it includes GST unless stated down the bottom. Very misleading, if they don't respond I'll send it on to the ACCC.

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        No need to contact the ACCC, the additional charges are clearly itemised during the checkout process

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          "When you present prices to your customers, you must state the total price of the good or service as a single figure, which is the minimum total cost that can be calculated. This should include any tax, duty, fee, levy or other additional charges (for example, GST or airport tax)."

          You can't just throw the GST at the checkout stage, they need to fix their website.

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    I will wait for the 3080 to get down to this price.

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      I may wait for 4080, depending on the game I am going to play

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    I'll wait for the RTX 5070 to be released

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    The 3070 was marketed as the "get this instead of consoles for $500USD".

    I will keep waiting.

    • That will never happen. The "FE" Edition was $849(aud) for a brief moment when it existed. That time is now long gone, and you can expect a normal price post covid and stock stuff to be ~$1000-$1200. If you don't want to wait an unknown amount of time that may be more than 6 months, it might be a good buy.

      I'm saying this even though I want to mark it as a negative due to the gst not being included now.

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    I feel like companies that don't add GST too the price radiate (profanity) energy

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    MSI GeForce RTX 3070 GAMING Z TRIO 8GB LHR Video Card - $1399 + Delivery - In Stock @ Mount Waverley Store:

    • nice to see MSI using ALU backplates now - was abhorred by that plastic one (graphene composite - LOL) on the earlier models (gaming X trio)

  • A white 3070 for under $900 before Christmas is the dream atm.

    • i believe it will happen, not many options for white cards tho : (

  • I believe these gpu price will drop dramatically after ccp shut down cryptocurrencies, but whi knows.

    • Heres hoping!

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    Just asked a friend in Taiwan to buy a tuf 3070ti for me. $900 only. If you can wait, just wait

  • Yes hoping for a 1660 deal soon.

  • To me, the pricing is still over the top for what it is! I'll wait and continue waiting until normality resumes.