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Coles Roasted and Salted Cashews $10/800g (Equivalent to $12.50/kg) at Coles


Cashews on sale at Coles, perhaps to compete with the Woolworths offer. Slightly cheaper than Woolworths on a per-kg basis ($12.50/kg vs $12.67/kg).

Woolworths offer: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636157

If you're after unsalted cashews, it looks like they're not on special at Coles, and the largest pack size I can find is smaller (400g). Woolworths have unsalted cashews on special too, see the above link.

Obligatory warning: may contain nuts.

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    I love cashews and eat a lot. Don't know what it is but of all the ones I have tried in last few years (Coles, Woolies, Aldi, nut shops etc.) Costco-Kirkland seems to be the best tasting and crunchiest of all…. They are double the price of these though…

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      You can improve just about any nuts by briefly roasting them a bit more in your oven.

      Maybe this can be done better with an air fryer?

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    A tip for storing salted nuts: I put them in an airtight glass jar, and keep the jar upside-down except when I'm grabbing a handful of nuts. The rotation of the jar helps keep the salt distributed through the nuts.

    Once you've finished the nuts, you'll still find a little bit of salt in the bottom of the jar, but not as much as normal. Also, after you've taken a handful of nuts, use a clean tissue or similar to wipe the jar's seal before putting the lid back on, or the salt on the seal may get embedded in the seal. Possibly abrasive too?

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      You can leave the salt at the bottom. Salt is not healthy.

  • Will have to go get some tomorrow!

  • I find the Coles ones are much saltier than the Woolies ones. There’s also about a tablespoon left of salt at the bottom of the jar after I’ve finished a bag

  • They are selling it for $9.50 at Woolies for 750g and they have the roasted one which is a healthier option to the roasted & salted ones.

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    Use a Sieve to get rid of most of the salt.

    You're welcome.

  • Bought these last week, way too salty. Threw them out in the end

    • I often wonder why they feel the need to put SO much salt on such things. I 'mean everyone knows movie theatres put TONS of salt on popcorn to encourage and raise impulse to get patrons to get more drink/drinks. Or with chips & CC's and the like. But with grocery stores etc it seems you go from 'wildly plain' then JUMP to insanely salted/flavouring. Guess it's hard for manufacturers to create products to suit all. I'm certain I'd buy more chips and such if there was more of a middle ground options for types like me. Maybe I could 'mix' plain with 'Nacho' to balance out. Or S&V chips with plain. Such dilemmas! lol.

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    Why Coles don't include unsalted cashews in the deal? I always buy Cashews from Woolies for only this reason, salt is poison so I try to avoid it where I can.

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      salt is poison

      No, it's essential for human life. If you get no salt, you die. I was diagnosed with salt deficiency when I was younger.

      The belief that salt is dangerous came about in the sixties. Back about the same time they published the incorrect food pyramid. While salt is no angel, it's not nearly as nasty as it was purported to be.

      I recommend you read "Salt Myths", written by the QLD Health department:

      • The belief that salt is dangerous came about in the sixties.

        My dad passed away due to stroke and salt intake was one of the main reasons! I didn't say STOP consuming salt all the way, try to reduce it where you can, certainly cashews can be eaten without salt.

  • use Dazbug salt trick above

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