[Price Error] Seagate IronWolf 125 2TB NAS SSD $105.98 + Delivery @ Mwave

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Likely a pricing error as the 1tb version is $299.98.

The Ironwolf range is intended for NAS (Network Attached Storage) use.

Model: ZA2000NM1A002
Sequential Read Speeds: 560MB/s
Sequential Write Speeds: 540MB/s
Interface: SATA 6GB/s - 3D TLC NAND Flash -
MTBF: 1,800,000 Hours
5 Years Limited Warranty

Mod: Price Error. Orders refunded.

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    Bought 1 for fun

    • +2

      Two 2tb seemed like fun too

      • +1

        If it's for fun, you should buy 3

  • +4

    Free delivery if you buy 2 lol

  • Not price error, same price with some of the retailers.


    • +3

      Which coincidentally also looks like a price error. Look at the pricing of other capacities..

    • +1

      I will need to look for a cheap NAS then. 2 disk slots are fine.
      Any recommendation?

      • +2

        You're not getting it. Don't order a NAS for these. Yet.

        • Sure. I'll wait :)

      • +1

        For SSD's; RaspberryPi and a SATA HAT.
        Zero moving parts.
        Perhaps a single 80mm fan down the side of them all @ 5v for slow air movement. Maybe.

    • It's clearly a supplier pricing error.

  • Bought one

  • how did I cancel the order :)

    • +1

      were u high like me, because I swear I ordered one and paid, but apparently not?

  • -1

    Not a price error, Skycomp also sell for $106

  • +1

    Got one thanks op let's see what happens.

  • We have verified your Order SO********* and started processing it.

    • Legit?

    • that usually just means it passed the initial fraud check (for credit card/payment fraud).

      Fingers crossed ;)

  • +3

    EYO say that the supplier with this price only has 4 units available:

    I don't think any of these orders are getting honoured, but I still bought two ;-)

  • bought two, thx

  • +2

    Would this work well as a desktop storage for my games?

    • Yeah of course.

      • Should I order another one?

        • +1

          or ten

        • I think it;ll get refunded. Looking online this thing retails for 500-600 lol

    • Yes

  • +1

    Thanks got 1

  • +2

    thanks op, Got two, let's see what happens.

  • If I've already processed one and want another one.. would two individual orders qualify for free shipping?

    • +4


  • Bought the last one on ebay from skycomp too… doubt i get either

    • Hmm just bought 4 from Skycomp website..I think that’s going to be cancelled

    • When I checked eBay there was one left $116 plus shipping.
      It was gone before I switched to wife's eBay plus account.

  • Bought one fingers crossed lol!

  • Yeah…. I have my doubts with this one

  • Will this work on normal 15" laptop?

    • depends if your laptop has a slot for 2.5" ssd or uses m2 ssd.

  • +1

    too good to be true. bought. LOL.

  • I'm not holding out hope these orders will be fulfilled lol. Bought.

  • got one. lets see if it ships.

  • -1

    Why not? A few on the way.

  • Availability:In-Stock at Supplier: Yes
    These obviously not their own stock, pretty much a glitch from their supplier since EYO say that the supplier with this price only has 4 units available.

    Dispite all that, I still placed an order of two for the true ozb spirit…

    • Edit: Skycom almost removed at the same time, prttey sure it's the same glitch…

  • Charging $499 at MWave now

  • +1

    Damn too slow. Started process, on final page it was $549.

    • Me too. Paypal had the price at over $1000 for 2 of them.

  • Ordered 2 just to get free shipping.

  • +9

    Huzzah! I always miss out these pricing errors, but not today! Can't wait to start complaining about how long my refund is taking!

  • Placed order for two @ Mwave with my Afterpay $30 credit.

  • Got the normal price at checkout ($529)

  • while I was trying to reset my password the price reverted to normal. FFS.

  • This is an amazing deal! How likely you think they will honour this? What have Mwave been like in the past regarding price errors?

    • +2

      0% this is a supplier pricing error

  • +25

    Thanks OP! Bought 3. Sub total: $1589.7.


  • I was lucky and managed to order one!

  • +12

    Still $103.88 + $15.95 shipping on MegaBuy if anybody wants to try their luck there.

    • Suspect supplier price error. At checkout: Availability = Special Order**

      • +1

        I tried my luck none the less and bought 1.

        • +1

          Good luck, I went with 2 at MWave

    • Yup just got one from Megabuy. Let see what they say :D :D

      • +1

        I expect we'll all be waking up to order cancellations, but its still worth a try haha

        • Yup order is cancelled by Megabuy.

    • tried my luck, let's see haha

    • thank you, bought one and waiting for refund.

      • Dear XXX,

        The status of your Megabuy Pty Ltd Order #xxxxxx has been changed to Cancelled.

        Your order has been cancelled.

        If you have already paid for your order, we will issue a refund or store credit, as per your preference.

        We hope to see you shopping with us again. If you would like to give us your feedback please do this from the Contact Us page on our website.

        Kind Regards,
        MEGABUY.COM.AU Customer Service Team

        Customer Service Team
        Website: WWW.MEGABUY.COM.AU
        1300 634 228

        9/07/2021 6:40:25 AM

  • +4

    Just paid $121.77 including postage on eyo.com.au. PayPal in 4 installments 🍻

    • +1

      Tried my luck there also haha

  • +4

    4tb model is $283

    • Thanks, got 2

    • Setting up the account kept failing, added it at $283, in Paypal it come up over $1,000. Damn.

  • +9

    The 4tb at mwave is listed at $283

    • Got 2! 🤞

  • Trying my luck with 2 at eyo

  • +2

    Bought 1 from eyo.com.au

    • Did they charge your card yet?

      • Its been charged to my card via paypal. Yes

        • They didn't charge my card yet.. I used my cc directly with them…

  • +1

    Ordered 2.

    1 from Mega Buy
    1 from Eyo

    Hopefully one will honor it, though I'm not sure.

    • is it chear if you buy 2 from same place?

  • +2

    I really didn't need it. but keeping the ozb spirit high, ordered two from Megabuy, just in case.

  • got a 4 tb samsung at the start of the year but another 2tb for $120 delivered i cant pass up so either i get it or they refund now lets see.

  • +3

    Poor retailers, gonna get slugged with a bunch of PayPal fees that they won't be able to recoup.

    • +4

      Retailers have an obligation to check and approve auto updated prices. It’s not up to the consumer to guess if it’s a price error or not.

      Furthermore, they now have free customer data for a small PayPal fee. I have no sympathy!!

      • +1

        It'll be a lesson learned in using supplier pricing feeds.

  • Megabuy has two listings for the same item:

    if you pay $513.91, in-stock and free shipping.

    If you pay $103.88, Special order and paid shipping.
    Also, the special order with 3 star (* * *) means >

    "Products marked with *** do not exist in desired quantity in our stock.
    Products not in stock will be placed on backorder. If ETA is not available, please contact us for details."

  • +1

    Good price even to use as a normal SSD.

  • +1

    Please bargainers repeat back if they honored it!

    • +3

      Mwave cancelled the order. :(

      • Ah man… they have no chill… Tjank you tho!

  • Skycomp eBay just cancelled for price error

  • +5

    Well that was a fast response.

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your recent order with SKYCOMP.
    I am terribly sorry to say that your order had been canceled and there will be no payment processed on your Paypal/Credit Card.
    Please note that it may take 2-3 working days for the PENDING status to go away from your Credit Card/PayPal statement if you paid using your credit card via your PAYPAL account.
    The cancellation was due to a genuine pricing error on this item by our supplier.

    Item affected:
    Seagate IronWolf 125 2TB 2.5" SATA NAS SSD ZA2000NM1A002
    We are very sorry for the confusion and inconvenience caused.

    Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    Sales Team
    PH: 0290112078

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