[Price Error] Seagate IronWolf 125 4TB 2.5" SATA NAS SSD $283.98 + Delivery @ Mwave

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Seagate IronWolf 125 4TB 2.5" SATA NAS SSD ZA4000NM1A002 - Sequential Read Speeds: 560MB/s - Sequential Write Speeds: 540MB/s - Random Read 4KB: 95,000 IOPS - Random Write 4KB: 90,000 IOPS - Interface: SATA 6GB/s - 3D TLC NAND Flash - MTBF: 1,800,000 Hours - ZA4000NM1A002 - 5 Years Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.seagate.com/, 1800 147 201

Mod Note: Price Error, ordered refunded.

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    Also available at EYO for just under $300 delivered.
    MWave is free delivery at the moment.
    Potentially skycomp as well but having trouble loading it on there.

    • I was still charged for postage. Was free but when checking out had to pay for postage so $297.88 total

    • Cheers…ordered 2… At this price I expect it's a mistake but you never know…

    • Also I notice contrary to the below mention of stock levels for mwave, at EYO:

      SKU/Item No 614539
      Vendor Part No
      UPC/EAN Number 8719706027151
      Our Stock **

      • Indication only, please consult the supplier stock level below.
        ** This is the stock level in our warehouse.
        ** Please check Stock Information below for out of stock items.
    • Is EYO reputable to order from?

      • Should be fine if you pay with PayPal.

      • EYO has been around since the mid 90s - it's where I was ordering computers for myself and my school friends in about 1999 :)

  • How does a NAS ssd compare to something like Samsung evo 860?
    Is it just lasting longer?

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      Just buy it, ask later

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      It shouldn't really last any longer, it's still just TLC NAND.

      High capacity increases the endurance (TBW) but that's just because there's more of it.

      Edit: Claimed TBW is more than double on the Seagate; 5600 vs. 2400 on the Evo.

    • Magnetic NAS drives use a different error recovery algorithm. They don't retry reads as hard as normal drives do - the sooner they report 'read failed' back to the NAS controller the sooner it can use the RAID set's redundancy to satisfy the read request and rewrite the faulty sector.

      There was also something about spindle synchronisation, and noise or vibration control, but my memory is too hazy.

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        This is an SSD though. None of that applies here

        • The drive manufacturers have form for optimising their "NAS" drives to perform better in a NAS at the expense of other applications. I don't see why their SSD products would be any different. I'm sure the technical details will differ but the bottom line will be the same: use NAS drives in a NAS (or a SAN), do not use them in SAS.

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    guessing pricing error but i grabbed one! seeing its like $1k elsewhere

    • Just ordered, could not refuse a 4tb SSD at this price

  • I got one of these and one of the 2TB. I wonder if I'll get both or none or 1 lol.

  • Just gambled for it. Dont know anything about NAS but can it be used as a normal storage unit for a laptop?

    • It can be if your laptop takes a 2.5 inch drive. Read/write performance is the same as any other SSD of the same format. Not sure if it differs in other specs.

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    In cart it shows up as $1,099.00 now.

    • Yep and just bothered to reset my account

    • Got 2 with the old price, refund coming soon 😔

  • +2

    Checkout says 2 grand lol

    edit, looks like they fixed it.
    15 mins after posting.

  • Mwave are gonna lose a fair bit of money on PayPal fees after cancelling all these orders lol

    • they actually not refund the paypal fee, I lost $12 after I returned a $1200 graphic card because it is LHR. that's why I used afterpay this time, no fee to lose.

      • A chargeback or paypal dispute should quickly rectify that.

    • Paypal will refund fees for cancelled transaction.

      • Not anymore, well not to the seller.

        • +1

          Because they will be the ones cancelling they will have to refund it

  • No chance of this happening but hope they give us a $20 voucher or something..

    • I've got cancelled order with them before, not getting any vouchers

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    Coming up $1,099 at checkout

  • Got another 2 lol

    • When did you order it… It's showing more than 1K now…

      • I ordered about 55 mins ago, before this deal post was even made. See my comment here

  • @BlackMoon He paid 2k. Relax

  • There is like 0% chance this is happening as they don't even have stock, so it has to be ordered in :/

    • Hence 'pre-order'…

  • still coming up as $283 for me.

  • +1

    I shouldn't of researched.. Would of had heaps of time to find out about the drive after I bought it.

    • +3


      • I should have paid more time in English class, rather than researching deals ;)

  • $1099 now, get ready for cancellation emails!

  • Got one from Megabuy and EYO, fingers crossed! (Tho I’m ready to be disappointed)

  • EYO still available for $297.26

    • …but they charge 2% to pay by paypal?

      • Whilst not ideal, still better than not getting one at that price, if it happens…

    • got one, used pp, thanks

    • Ordered 2T+4T each.They are cheap.

  • Worth buying now from eyo?

  • +4

    Order Number: ***
    Order Date: Jul 8 2021 9:09PM
    Customer ID: ***
    Subject: Order Update

    Hi ***,

    Unfortunately, there was an error on the pricing for the following unit;

    Seagate IronWolf 125 2TB 2.5" SATA NAS SSD ZA2000NM1A002

    The order has been cancelled, please accept our sincerest apologise. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be actioned back to the original payment method.

    We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Service

    If you have any inquiries about your order please feel free to contact us via any of the contacts below:

    Email: Please visit www.mwave.com.au to contact us via " My Account" page
    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday / 9:00am - 6:00pm, Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm (excluding public holidays)
    Sales Hotline: 1300 727 446

    • +1

      That’s for the 2tb version. My 4tb is yet to be cancelled but not expecting much

      • +2

        The poor person having to process the cancellations probably hasn't worked up to the 4TBs yet lol

        • Ha ha, yes the 4TB cancellations will be coming later today once the morning shift starts.

    • -1

      Went down this road with dell.

      They have an obligatory contract with you to honour it.


      • 15 years ago? Have you checked to ensure that the acts referred to in the articles are still valid. A lot has changed in 15 years.

        • The legal principal is centuries old.

  • cancelled :(

    • 4tb or 2tb?

      • +3

        Does it matter? There's zero chance of this deal being anything other than a pricing error, especially since SSD and HDD prices are through the roof because of storage-based crypto.

        • What really sucks is I didn’t get my twelve bottles of wine :( lol

  • So EYO have removed 2tb/4tb from the list, my order on 2tb not yet cancelled.

  • just got my cancellation email from the 4tb :(

    • Same, I like playing these games and seeing which company will honour it

    • Same from mwave

  • EYO cancelled the 2TB order. Didn't expect to get it anyway.


    Unfortunately our supplier made a mistake with the Ironwolf 2TB SSD drive price. Our web site followed that price. However the supplier is unable to supply the item at that price. So we have no choice but to cancel your order. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Your credit card has not been charged.


    • I got that one too, but also another one at the same time saying that it is being processed.

  • I also get their email back with

    Unfortunately our supplier made a mistake with the Ironwolf 2TB/4TB SSD drive price. Our web site followed that price. However the supplier is unable to supply the item at that price. So we have no choice but to cancel your order. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Your PayPal payment will be refunded straight away.

  • I found the same drive on i-tech for $279 + $15 delivery but not sure if it's a reputable site (pre-order 3-4 weeks)

    • same price error as the others….. "our web site folled that price. However the supplier is unable to supply the item at that price….blah blah blah…"

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