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5% off All Items Sold by Kogan (90 Day Large Voucher $13.90) @ Kogan


$13.90 for 90 day Large voucher

From their FB page:

Since we launched 15 years ago, politicians have often talked down online retail. It was great to see Gladys Berejiklian acknowledging the benefits of online shopping. To help out in these challenging times, get 5% off all items sold by this weekend when you use the discount code "GLADYS".

Now, we're not going to get into politics, and we just want a safe return to normal life like everyone. But as one of the only times we can recall the country's leaders recognising the thriving e-commerce industry in Australia — we wanted to say a thank you and help all of you get whatever you need, safely with an even better price. Shop online and stay safe.

Also, while this is happening in New South Wales, we are extending this discount code to customers all around Australia.

For more details, click here;

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  • +2

    When will it be Dan's turn?

    • +11

      Never because NSW gets preferential treatment

      • They've also got a Premier who does her level best to stimulate the economy and address the impact of the virus, rather than allowing the virus to manage the state.

        Granted it helps that she has been sighted in public more than a handful of times over the course of the year to date…

        • I was going to offer you some Kogan blinkers, but apparently the ones you have still work just fine.

          • @swalloweda: OK. Have it your way.

            NSW gets preferential treatment because Victoria's invisible Premier hasn't been issued his own Kogan discount code…

    • +2

      I don’t want to be offensive to Victorians but why would you wanna shop there?

      • -2

        Why not? I bought stuff from Kogan before.

  • +1

    why not 15%?

  • +1

    Kudos to Kogan. It must be hard to be so argonaut and also play the victim at the same time. 🙄

    Online shopping has been great during these times, but I’ll stick to Amazon and click and collect thanks.

    • +1

      Kogan is only good for its home branded products. Everything else is cheaper on ebay or amazon.

      • +4

        By home branded you mean cheap shit that they've slap their logo on and consequently charge more for?

    • +2

      Someone in Lemnos just purchased 'Kogan and the Argonauts'

  • +9

    Gladys reminds me of someone who holds out for a cheaper deal then ends up paying more….

  • +8

    5% pretty poor on what's already overpriced junk

  • +6

    Kogan following the half arse Glady's approach

  • +6

    5% off on Kogan for every 100 koalas she kills

  • +1

    Get ready for the 5% price hikes.

  • +1

    $0.00 saved thanks to 5% OFF All Products Sold By Using Code "GLADYS"

    Not exactly what their definition of “All” is

  • +1

    Found 2 examples of products jacked up by more than 5%.

    • Well done you have a significant sample size of the millions of products .

  • +1

    Didn’t have to look very far, only checked two.

  • Tried a few different Items from the linked page and none of them worked

    • -1

      Still doesn't work - $0.00 saved thanks to 5% OFF All Products Sold By Using Code "GLADYS"

      Whoever downvoted me is clearly a Kogan Bogan

      • Have you logged in?

      • You expected the GLADYS code to work? You should know better based on its namesake.

  • +1

    Worked well. Thanks!

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