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Apple AirPods Pro $270 Delivered @ MediaForm (Price Beat $256.50 @ Officeworks)


AirPods Pro with free shipping available on Mediaform for 270.

I just called OW customer service and they Price Beat bringing it down to $256.50.

Note that if you do a search on Mediaform, the search results show the price as $299 but if you click through to the product page, it shows $270. I had to get the OW rep to click through to the product page and add to cart to convince them that the price is $270.

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    Great price.

  • Tempting… hoooowww loowwwww can we goooo

  • -1

    do people like their AirPods Pros? what are your impressions?

    I tried them for a week and returned, as I couldn't get a secure fit, and was constantly fiddling with them to make sure they sit tight

    Jabra 75t's on the other hand sit very solid in the ear, for example.

    • +1

      Same here. Can’t get a secure fit with the AirPods. Thats the only reason for not buying. Prefer using Samsung Buds+ due to excellent fit. Otherwise Airpods tick all the boxes.

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      Happy with mine. There are three different size rubber bits if you have smaller or large ear canals

      • I tried all of them. M were a bit too big, felt like they were pushing the earpieces out. S were too small and felt too loose.

        • +1

          I’m using the small size. They are not tight but they don’t fall off.

    • +6

      Love mine, great sound quality, good fit, noise cancelling. I use them in the office, drowns everyone out lets me zone in on work.

    • I too prefer the fit of the Jabra 75T's.
      Being too invested in the Apple Ecosystem however, these are just marvellous at everything else.

      • +1

        glad to hear I am not alone then

        also I like the fact that nothing sticks out of the ear with 75t's

        what with putting on and taking off the mask all the time I was always worried AP Pro's would get tangled in the mask loops and fly off into the void

    • +1

      I like mine. Bought them launch day.
      Have been using them almost daily and they're great.
      Works fantastic as well as others have mentioned if you're on the Apple ecosystem.

    • +1

      Got them for $199 last month with Kogan.

      I hadn't tried them before or other noise cancelling wireless buds - thought they were a joke as I use Bose QC 35s as my main ones.

      Really impressed with the Airpod Pros so far. Great for working, gym and even scooting to work - no issues at all on my side.

    • Not impressed for the price. Cannot control volume, it doesnt automatically reconnect to windows PC, ANC not that great and the fit is not great. Cannot alternate from from ANC to nothing, only ANC to transparent. The good is theyre light. Might be different if i had apple ecosystem

      • There are tree modes. Off/ANC/transparent
        Volume I ask Siri.
        I only have MBP, iPad and iPhone. Can’t comment on Windows. Last one I used windows was at a workplace 10 years ago. Since then all Mac Book pros. I think they are meant to work with the Apple ecosystem mainly as when I turned my iPad first time and put the AirPods on it automatically paired. Something the call proximity something…

        • You cannot change from ANC to Off unless you do it through your phone. Asking siri to change volume is not ideal for example in a quiet library. All in all I think for this price point I expect much more and the things mentioned are pretty basic stuff I wouldnt even consider calling "features". It was a regretful purchase.

          • @panacheski: Sure I usually have my hands full so Siri is great. I haven’t tried any touch features on the AirPods I had other cheaper pods that had those features but to be honest they got confusing and sometimes ended up skipping tracks instead of putting volume up. So I did prefer to not use them.

          • +2

            @panacheski: You can change between all 3 if it’s enabled in the settings. Here, this should help if you still use them: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT207009

      • it doesnt automatically reconnect to windows PC

        You expect Apple products to work seamlessly with Windoze?
        If you have such high expectations, obviously you will be sorely disappointed.

        • Why is that too much to expect from a premium priced product? $30 soundpeats do

  • Still using my old airpod and omfortable with them, don't see much for an upgrading.

    • Same here. Anyone upgraded want to chime in? Price is tempting!

      • +15

        AirPods Pro have active noise canceling! It’s great

      • +3

        I really like the regular Airpods, used them heaps, replaced them when they died without a second thought. Don't like in-ears, much prefer the openness of regular Airpods.

        But got a pair of pros in the recent Kogan deal just to try, and I'm surprised that I quite like them. They don't go in-ear much and feel very open with the transparency mode, which works very well, but very slightly artificial sounding. They fit a bit more securely, and I find them very comfortable. The noise cancelling also works well, but can start to give me the uncomfortable feeling of in-ears after a while.

        I've mostly been wearing them on walks in nature, sometimes passing through roads. When it's quiet, I keep them in transparency mode, but when there's loud sounds around I turn on the NC and background noise disappears.

        So for me, they end up feeling almost exactly like regular Airpods, with the option of muting the outside world when it gets loud. That basically sums up my take on them. I don't notice much difference in sound quality or anything.

        So, they don't feel like much of an upgrade if you mostly use them in quiet areas and like the openness. But, I'm not missing anything either, and NC is quite nice to have, even if just sometimes.

        • Awesome, thanks for the detailed response.

  • Excellent price!
    Not many OW stores around me with stock.

    • +3

      OW offers free shipping or click and collect. You can get it shipped if there is no stock at your local store.

      • +1

        and for a lot of products, its next day shipping too. I ordered a laptop 2pm one day and came 10am the next day

  • +3

    Love my Airpod Pros

  • +6

    Honestly love my AirPods Pro. I used to despise people who wear them but they are really handy and the sound quality is awesome with Apple Music. I am constantly on the move at work because I manage a warehouse and it beats having to hold the phone while working.

  • +1

    thanks very much! got a pair, great price

  • this may be a stupid question but is there a particular Officeworks number that I should call up? or is it just my local store?

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      • +3

        cheers mate

  • +4

    Own both I do feel Airpod 2 is more comfortable than Airpod Pro
    Wearing the Pro I need to take it off after an hour or so, but Airpod 2 I can wear it whole day without noticing it

    • Yeah, I do love how the AirPod 2 just sits in your ear.

  • +1

    I heard new ones are coming out soon? Maybe better to wait if you don’t need ASAP

  • +5

    Bought these for $266 the other day, with OW pricebeat. Too bad their shipping is too fast for me to cancel that order and order using this deal.

    • So did I, last one at my local.
      I was entertaining the idea of returning them and buying back at $10 less LOL.

  • +5

    I love mine! Getting the comply foam tips 2.0 was a n absolute game changer! Used them on flights better noise canceling then the Sony XM4 headphones!

    • Comply out of stock on their website :/

      • Yeah, I'm after the assorted size but hard to find.

  • find it hard to believe ANC better than XM4…

  • +3

    Got them from Officeworks , thanks OP. This is a good deal for Aussie Stock and retailer

  • Has anyone actually bought from media form?

    • +4

      Tumbleweed rolls across Desert

    • +3

      Haha. I 😪 weep. My son nieve ozbargainer didn’t read the headline and went straight to media form link……. Yep we will be only people buying and not pricebeating at OW

      • +2

        nah i did too. i just hope they are legit/not grey import.

        • They seem legit since Officeworks guy price matched with them. He seemed to know who they were

  • +3

    Malaga Officeworks ordered, picking up monday! Cheers

  • Bought it $199 from Kogan :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • I presume this has expired now, no stock at mediaform?

  • +1

    I guess so. OW Woolloongabba refused to PB saying MediaForm has no stock.

  • +1

    Thanks, got one from OW yesterday

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