This was posted 11 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Extra 5% off (in Store & Online, Exclusions Apply) @ JB Hi-Fi (e.g. Fitbit Charge 4 $84.55)


5% off sitewide (excluding some products) at JB Hi-Fi until Sunday.

Excludes Apple Products, Gaming Consoles & Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS5 branded accessories. Dyson, Mobile Phone Contracts, Miele & Asko Agency Products. Dell built to order, pre-paid cards & gift cards, pre-orders, extended warranties and delivery. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offers. Cannot be used at airport locations.

As always, enjoy :)

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    Just a heads up for blu-ray buyers, check Amazon AU first, as some items are still cheaper there, e.g. Back To The Future: The Ultimate Trilogy (4K Ultra Hd/Blu-Ray/Digital) $54.95 @ Amazon AU vs $62.30 @ JB, even with this extra 5% off, it's still cheaper at Amazon.

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      That is the USA import so you would need prime which is $7, the Australian release on Amazon is $75. If you add the 5% off code to the JB price then it is $59. Use up the discounted gift cards from the supermarket from the last few weeks and it would be less. I would much rather pick it up in person than having to wait around for something to be delivered that may arrive damaged or other shipping issues even if it was a few dollars more. I have not had one order of movies from them that was in a box even when it was over $100 (from Amazon US). I guarantee you it will come in a satchel with little padding. I save that pain for things that don't get released in Australia.

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        I would much rather pick it up in person than having to wait around for something to be delivered that may arrive damaged or other shipping issues even if it was a few dollars more

        Is that you Gerry Harvey?

        I think you’ll find most people now would actually prefer to get it delivered with Prime than deal with shitty Australian retail stores. A free parcel locker makes it so easy.

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          Plus, here in Sydney I'm not heading instore this weekend unless I'm trying to pick Delta.

  • Hmmmm now to get a price beat at HN or TGG. Thanks!

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      Why give money to Gerry though?

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        Yea screw that Gerry creature …

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      Will they price match a 5 per cent discount code though? Or only ticket prices?

      • Ticket prices. They say price beat doesn't include coupon codes.

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    Still works on iPhone XR FYI, for those interested.

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    The BenQ TK800M 4k projector comes down to $1705 however between a mate and I we've returned 3 units due to dead pixels. JB were excellent with returning the faulty units though.

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    There's no more NSW free shipping.

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      There is, minimum spend $100.

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    Looks like it works for the Audio Technica Turntable deal as well for those who are still on the fence.

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    Could anyone tell me how to apply the 5% discount in-store? Simply show them the web page or anything? I have some Ultimate gift cards to use offline only.


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      Just put the order in website and do click and collect

      • The ultimate gift cards are for in-store only, what a shame….

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      You should be able to just ask them to apply this coupon on their POS terminal at the checkout from what I understand. Just show them the front page of the JB site and they should honour it.

      • Thanks, will try tomorrow.

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          This is for instore and online , so no problem. Just tell them the 5% discount, they know it for sure.

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        POS terminal

        Must be a smelly airport. Hope it’s only departures.

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    thats a crazy price for the fitbit charge 4

    • +1

      Yea. I picked one up from Amazon during prime day for $94 minus whatever the cash back was and I thought that was a good deal.

    • +1

      Thanks! Got one and buy with suncorp egift card $80.32! Replace my versa 1, which the screen die for couple of weeks but other function still work properly (heat beat, alarm, steps, etc)

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    Pretty amazing, the price was twice as much last year.

    • There are some negative review, can anyone confirm these experiences such as the heart monitor is incorrect etc.

  • +3
    • I've been deciding over this watch and had made the decision to get it, this has sweetened the deal that little bit more! Can't complain with 55% off

      • Closer to 52.5% off ;)

      • Why its so expensive compared to fitbit ?

  • Anyone knows if this is stackable after pricing match?

    • +1

      Oops thought I was in the Pixel 5 deal.

    • Just tried to get another 5% after price match and they said no. Will try another store and see how it goes.

      • Wonder if it works with negotiated price over the phone, where they send you a text for payment.
        There is a coupon code box in there from memory before payment.

        • +1

          Thanks for the suggestion ezza - can confirm just tried price matching via phone and then putting the code in after they send the text message and it works!!

          • @zznlzz: Damn!!! I brought $4k's worth yesterday morning… issue is it was with giftcards if i go through the whole order cancellation process and re-buy its gonna take a while to re-issue the giftcards ;-/

      • I have just tried, and it is stackable after pricing match. All you need to do is don’t ask the sale if it can or cannot, just grab the paper(normal sales will give you a payment paper for the price matching price), then go to the counter and just ask for the 5% extra. All done!!

  • ty op. ordered resident evil 4k (6 movies), a lot cheaper than getting the box set. thank you.

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    While I was playing around with the code I noticed it works for the Purple iPhone 12 128GB but no others besides the XR.

  • Can you use multiple gift cards while purchasing online? I can see on the New Zealand JB page that up to 5 can be used online so assume the same rule applies.

    • How many do you have??

    • Thought there might have been a post here this week saying they got rid of the limit?

    • FYI for you or anyone else reading this I just used 6 egift cards online.

      I just ordered them 1 at a time (though Shopback which is instant delivery) to be safe, just ensured the field where you enter the card was still available before purchasing the subsequent egift card.

  • Will Officeworks price match with the jb further 5% off?

    • That's a no.

    • Negatron.

    • Negative Ghost rider

  • Bought one from price match OW so end up with 5% off anyways Thanks Op

  • +3

    FITBIT bought, now to get rid of the beer belly

    • I like your comment LOL 😆

  • damn wanted to get the mx keys keyboard but so freaking exxy

  • NSW shoppers only can also take advantage of the free shipping for orders over $100. Good for those in lockdown.

    Take advantage of the 30% off DVD, Blu-ray and 4K, other deals + Extra 5% online.

  • great. I just spent $200 at jb today.

  • Thanks OP. Got Fitbit Charge 4 for $74.55.

    • How did u get it for 74 mate

      • +1

        Probably used his $10 coupon from last month

      • +1

        Westpac MasterCard $10 cash back.

        • Thanks for the reminder! I have $10 cashback with $60 spend, I'll pick one up tomorrow!

        • Do you have to receive an email for that offer?

          • @htc: You can see the offer in Westpac App.

            • @buddysayshi: So if I don't see the offer on my internet banking, so only available on Westpac app or I am not eligible?

              • @htc: Their targeted offers I believe. If it's not on your app, you don't have the offer.

  • What’s the appeal of the Fitbit compared to a colour screen Miband ?

    • probably GPS

    • GPS, more thinner and comfortable to wear. Although monochrome display compared to Mi Band.

  • +2

    Fitbit Charge 4 are now $89 at Amazon AU as well.

    • If run out of stock at jb, this will be a good alternative and also can be used to price match ow.

  • Can anyone confirm does Fitbit charge 4 allows raise wrist to brighten screen?

    • +1

      Turning/raising your wrist wakes the screen so you can see clock, counter, etc if that is what you mean

  • Can anybody comment on charge 4 durability compared to charge 2?

    Think I would pull the trigger if durabulity is equal or greater than charge 2

  • I have a versa1 should i upgrade to fitbit 4 ? Is it worth it.. versa charger is almost end of life now

  • thanks for the post! just got mine for $84.55, super HAPPY now

  • Just bought, used jbhifi gift for some cashback

  • Damn, bought a TV late last night and didn't check for such a coupon.

    What's the likelihood of JB refunding the difference if I contact them?

    • Worth a try since the coupon was available since yesterday, let us know how you go.

    • Please hand in your Ozbargain membership.

    • Couldn't find a phone number other than their sales phone number, who said I have to send an email as it's a separate company. So sent email via their contact form on the weekend, haven't got a reply.

  • Same price at officeworks too. Sorry didn't realise it was pre 5%.

    • I somehow predicted ow lower the price to cut further 5% discount cost. It will immediately raise the price once jb finish the promotional period. It has happened before on other heavily discounted product in the past.

  • No stock in perth :/

  • Amazon still have the blue & rosewood pink band ones for $89.

    Officeworks have all 3 colours for $89 . I think their prices will increase today when they see JB has sold out of Black.

    Edit: Officeworks site is currently down for maintenance.

  • Never seen JB's website get hammered before. The checkout process is sluggish and runs around in circles. Been trying for over 15 minutes.

    EDIT: The order finally went through after many self-refreshes and I was overcharged on every single item because the 5% off coupon expired and three of the items in my cart started reverting back to their original prices (which were way overpriced to begin with). Looks like I have a telephone call to make in the morning :/

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