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[VIC] Ginger $19.50 per kg @ Coles Doncaster Westfield


GET IN QUICK! Used to be $70 per kg awhile back. Now only $19.5 per kg.

Won't last long

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    $12 per kg in Dandenong Market :)

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    I assume those are young ginger

    Old ginger always cost expensive

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      They look more old than new ginger

    • Seems like old ones.

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      Hey, I'm an old ginger and I'm not cheap.

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        This is the only pun I respect. Smooth, snappy, and topical

      • Haha

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        Let's talk pricing, Karen.

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    “ $70 per kg awhile back”……if you shop at Coles or woolies then yes, but if you shop at other groceries, likely not half of that price most of the times.

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    ginger pricing coming down like bitcoin.

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      You are saying people don't care for their family unless they shop where you say!
      That's harsh & untrue!

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        And Colesworth provide a gurantee. If there's an issue, they easily replace/refund.
        Try that at a grower's market when they set up their stand again in a week's time.

        • The guarantee is built into the inflated prices.

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            @Yaals: Having owned my own low cost fruit business, with a money back guarantee - I know few take up that offer.

            Ever seen people queuing at the service counter to return fruit & veggies?

            So an unused offer costs… next to nothing.

            What it does do is increase sales. People will be more sure about their purchase decision.
            That kept my prices very low. In a very small operation - from the back of a couple of trucks I sold up to 5t of fruit a day.

            [Aldi uses this easy return system to save them money on their Special Buys™ lines! It's an important part of their business model.]

            • @Rather be Travelling: An interesting perspective, thank you.

              I think though the same point would apply to warranties generally. They’re seldom used but still come at a cost.

              • @Yaals: Easy returns & warranties both reassure customers at time of making the purchase.

                Fruit & veggies are a low cost item, spoil easily, & quality control is usually difficult (may look perfect, but be rotten inside).
                Whereas warranties are on much higher cost items that were quality checked to function as promised.

                Easy refunds are only voluntary store policy. Warranty is in addition to your statutory right under ACL!
                [The phone I am writing this on, recently went in for free repair - 1 year after the warranty expired. It took a bit of convincing it was a manufacturing fault, & covered by ACL.]

                My refund policy never was taken into account when calculating sale price. Any refund would simply be a loss of profits (my fault).

                Occasionally handing over a couple of dollars for a bad bag of fruit, vs a larger cost & effort in processing for a warranty, is a big difference.

                Once had a bad batch of oranges. The ones I tested before selling were great. Next week sales plummeted. Finally a customer told me why. (Fruit had become rotten over the week.) I needed to apologise! I offered a replacement bag of oranges plus money back. Following week sales returned. My customers remained loyal.

                Knowing the person will likely buy again because of that positive experience - was a good business investment. It built long term trust. They will tell others! Without customers, I didn't have a business.

                That is less likely in the sale of higher priced & rarely bought item. The person may never buy again, with 1 bad experience.

                I've bought bad fruit at a Coles store. I still remember it! I didn't return it. I just stopped shopping there after a few bad experiences with that particular store. Bought at other Coles no worries.

      • colesworth is too pricy, by the end of the year you'd be down $10,000 in food budget…

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          You previously falsely linked shopping at the majors with not caring for our families…

          Your next claim:
          you'd be down $10,000 in food budget…
          almost $200/wk dearer at supermarkets?? Unlikely. (But obviously can be dearer.)

          How much is spent…
          Aussie households spend on average $140 per week on groceries, according to Canstar Blue’s survey
          The average Australian household’s weekly grocery spend $254.96
          And most of that will be spent in supermarkets.

          So you say you can feed a family for almost $200/wk less than those averages at Growers Markets?? They'll be paying some families!!

          So not true according to the stats.

          Not everything required is available at a Growers Market, so a trip to a supermarket will likely be necessary. And may not be convenient for all - limited locations. Will likely require a vehicle - possibly an added expense for some….

          It depends what we buy, buying on special, etc. No matter where we buy, buy fresh food in season to get the best price (& nutrition).

          And as you wrote - ginger is the same price at your Growers Market - so where's the saving?

          Neighbours do go to Farmers Markets - because of the freshness of food, interesting produce, & as an experience. Saving money (given the extra cost & time of getting there), is not their motivation. If there was a good local market - I'd shop there, some times.

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      A lot of people shop at the majors because of the convenience, time saving, points, online shopping & delivery option.
      In this case - saving nothing on ginger by buying at your market.
      Can then spend more time with the family!

  • Thanks OP bought 7 kg

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      That's one way to ensure social distancing

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        I love the smell of ginger! Can I get a little closer😃

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    no need to panic, my missus saw ginger $18.5 at the market this morning. That's about normal price for ginger now because they're in season.

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      True - was mentioned in last Ginger Deal
      As I recommended - try growing it yourself in a warm spot (easier to grow in the warmer North), to harvest fresh ginger.

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        Misread instructions.. growing hydroponic weed

    • thank you for the info, i was going to go and stock up, but no need now.

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        Give a man a ginger and you will ginger him for a day.
        Teach a man to grow ginger in a warm place and he will harvest fresh ginger for a life time

        • Give a man a fire be will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire he will be warm for a lifetime.

  • Definitely not soul food!

  • Haha I don't deserve these gingers

  • Bought it for$15.00 last week

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    Ginger isn't that difficult to grow yourself. At this price, I'd be starting a few pots.

  • They have reduced in price, last time I checked they were around 2x $ a kilo at rocklea.

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    Oh that's ginger? Thought it was onions. Been getting it for 1.50 a kilo all this time 😂

    • Nah they're clearly potatoes.

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    one of the best investment opportunity on ozb

    • scalping for ginger here

  • This is how much it should be at the very most everyday.

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    only in australia a $19.5per kg ginger is called a bargain!!!

  • For Sydney siders, Macquarie Centre Fruit and veg store (Panetta) usually has it for $19.99. Was that price when I was there on Friday.

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      *For Sydneysiders who live within 10km of Macquarie Centre

    • That fruit and veg store is so depressing. They're rarely ever fresh.

  • $14.98/kg @ The Fresh Fruit World, Epping Plaza VIC. Northern suburbs.

    • Best fruit shop in the northern suburbs.

  • OP, is it difficult to grow ginger?

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      Pretty easy but just takes a lot of time and you need good ginger to start.

      It's a good way to store ginger though. Buy a heap of ginger and put it in a large pot with dirt. It'll keep for months and will eventually sprout stalks and expand. Just make sure the soil isn't too moist or it'll rot.

  • Freezes well if you don't use a lot of it. I grate on the microplane straight from the freezer, no peeling necessary.

    • Can you grate it on a regular sized plane?

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        Sure, you just have to quarantine for 14 days first

  • Quick! Hainan Chicken rice!

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    Seen it for $10/kg at my local grocer. Not really a deal

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    I'm here for all the ginger jokes

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    Someone I know always accidently scans / scams them in the potatoes for $2 a kilo .

  • Just remember that only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger.

  • How long can you store ginger in the freezer?

  • How much could I resell for on gumtree?

  • there's a bit of price gauging with gingers at the moment. Someone calls ACCC.

  • "Won't last long"?

    No thanks, I'd like ginger that lasts a while.

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    Ginger's always on special when you go through self check-out and put it through as brown onions.

  • From what I've seen and from the comments, it's $15 or less across Melbourne, unless you only have Colesworth near you.

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    A deal's a deal. You guys need to treat OP more gingerly.

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    This is a pretty good deal especially if you own a horse, or if you have other more specialised proclivities.



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