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Belkin F9J1102 AU N600 Wireless Dual-Band ADSL Modem-Router $19.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Device Deal


I personally haven't used this router before but I think the price might be good for whoever needs it.

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  • Plus $11.99 shipping to Sydney.

  • can this replace existing nbn router/ modem

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      No, it won't work.

    • Only if you have fttp or adsl

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    ADSL, that'll be useful, for noone really.

  • Could this be a wireless repeater?

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    Terrible piece of HW, drops settings, drops WiFi, roll of the dice when setting up as to if the settings will save.

    Always died a little inside when doing ISP tech support and a customer had one of these

    • Cheap price = cheap performance, colour me surprised.

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    guys.. just get Telstra Smart modem gen 2 off from ebay which only costs around $30 inc postage.
    Its AC3200 and works great as your wifi AP.

  • I use Vodafone NBN and using their modem. The problem I have is it has only 2 LAN outputs. Does anyone else using Vodafone NBN but using another modem brand which have more LAN outputs?

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      2 options:

      5 or 8 port ethernet switches are cheap

      Buy a better router and only use the modem function of the Voda box

      • Thank you. I will see what's the best choice.

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    Obsolete by a long long shot, not FTTN NBN capable, did someone rescule a pallet of these from the garbage dump?
    Unless someone has an interest in old low quality networking gear there is no bargain here.
    Can appreciate some people might have minimal requirements, but even this is aiming too low.

    • I vaguely recall this not being a good product even back then.

      Agree with you, though won't neg as some people are still stuck on ADSL.

      • Even if someone were stuck on ADSL you could still do a lot better than a wireless N device.
        Any modern modem - even FTTN modems can do ADSL, and would be a better choice incase NBN became available.

    • Only worth a buy as a nostalgia item… hahaha

      • You might be able to use it in router only mode if you've got FTTP. However it wouldn't be the best.

  • This might as well be a 56k dial up modem…

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    I had one of those terrible things back around 2007. Shockingly outdated, how is it still for sale? I wouldn’t want it even if they gave me $20 with it.

  • Terrible Router

  • I won't touch it in 2021 even if its free. I had this around 2008 and it was terrible back then.

  • Just a personal anecdote, but the only router that has ever failed on me was a Belkin

  • The latest WiFi generation is Gen6 (AX) with the max speed around 2400mbps (on ax3000)

    while Gen5(AC) still going strong and are good enough for general NBN usage, with a general max speed around 1300mbps(AC1750 or AC1900), or 867Mbps(AC1200)

    you shouldn't buy a Wireless-N (gen4) router in 2021, n600 means max speed of 300mbps in best case scenario. Also ADSL is deprecated in most area using NBN.

    You'd need a VDSL modem router for FTTN, router only for anything else.

  • Yeah i passed on this. I bought a Netgear D6400 AC1600 modem for $35 from Officeworks on clearance. Much better modem and VDSL2.

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